Mystic PvP mage temp and gear help

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Mystic PvP mage temp and gear help

Postby ouloofatlantic » Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:39 pm

I'm a returning player and I want to get back into UO and get started again. I have the new expansion and now i'm just confused as to what is good for gear. These new "legendary" items and stuff look to be the new thing but somewhat leave me confused. What it boils down to now is the question of what does a good mystic PVP mage suit consist of. What artifacts? Is there a new type of armor i should be getting for PVP besides the normal reforged armor? I would also just add now that I do think i'd like some sort of casting focus suit.
Secondly, my current skills are:
Focus 110
Evalint 100
Magery 100
Med 120
Mystic 102
Resisting spells 100
I do plan on training higher but would rather have some advice on what to alter in my template first.
Lastly, what should my base stats be and what bonus's should I look for on gear for this template as well.
Any advice is taken and appreciated, thank you.

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Re: Mystic PvP mage temp and gear help

Postby JC the Builder » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:35 pm

It may be better to ask your question on Stratics. Perhaps in the new player forum.

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