King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, January 31st, 2016

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King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, January 31st, 2016

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Hannah: Some of the latest news!
Hannah: The Fossilized Bones of Zog, stolen from Britain after grave mistake by Lady Charlotte!!
You see: Kingsguard Dragoon
You see: Kingsguard Lieutenant
You see: Ronnie Van Zant [CBA]
You see: Lord Chimay
You see: Lady Ma Nerva Duchess of New Magincia
You see: Molly Kaldhel [H+G]
You see: Non-Sosarian
You see: Barton, Groom of the Stool
You see: Minister Farthington
You see: Sherry the Mouse
You see: Lord Dupre
You see: ANGELICA [S*K]
You see: Link [H0T]
ANGELICA: I have to sit next to you
ANGELICA: im asking the king for another chair
ANGELICA: Hail Molly
Kaemis: Hail
You see: Lavendar [Yew]
Link: hi
Lavendar: Good evening folks!
Molly Kaldhel: Evening
ANGELICA: hugs gov'nor
Lavendar: *hugs*
ANGELICA: Hail Ronnie
ANGELICA: HOT been very busy lately Ronnie
ANGELICA: Thous't guild out in the wilds tearing it up
ANGELICA: hope thee has had good prosperity
Ma Nerva: hail
ANGELICA: see im not late
Molly Kaldhel: Greetings
Lavendar: Hail Lady Ma Nerva
Ma Nerva: hail
You see: Candy [BLAK]
You see: Lord Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Lord Alward the Huntmaster's Champion
Molly Kaldhel: I am Molly Kaldhel, Guild leader for House Gauntlet
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Lord Tayshar [BLAK]
You see: Lord Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Lady Narunyan
You see: Lady Tiffany Moon [BLAK]
You see: Lady Grace [BLAK]
You see: Jase [H0T]
Molly Kaldhel: Very nice to make your acquaintance.
You see: Woody
You see: Charlotte
Cauchemar: sweet Hay sus
You see: aulbrey [Yew]
You see: Cat Lyxen [Yew]
Tayshar: Hail Friend Alward
Alward: hail
Lavendar: Greetings everyone.
Tayshar: *cheers*
Lavendar: Good to see so many here .
Quacklebush: do there people hiding under chairs?
Alward: I protest ! Cove has no seat!
Candy: *nods*
Cauchemar: Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat with a Flourish !!
Tayshar: Best of the Best, You All Arrr
You see: Lavendar [Yew]
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
You see: Parfu Citizen of Britain
You see: Lady Tiffany Moon [BLAK]
You see: Cat Lyxen [Yew]
You see: aulbrey [Yew]
Quacklebush: oh there ye be Lavender
You see: Lavendar [Yew]
You see: Tyrael
You see: Jase [H0T]
You see: Kaemis [BooB]
You see: Candy [BLAK]
You see: Link [H0T]
You see: Ronnie Van Zant [CBA]
You see: Lady Grace [BLAK]
You see: Lord Tayshar [BLAK]
Quacklebush: g'evenin everyone
Tyrael: *farts*
Cat Lyxen: Tati!
Tatiana Thorn: good evening sir
ANGELICA: *pokes Quacklebush*
Quacklebush: ello sweet tati
Quacklebush: arg
Alward: winks at tati
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Quacklebush: watch where ye be pokin that thing
You see: Lord Akera [*DP*]
Tayshar: Good evening Friends, Very good to see you !!
Quacklebush: haharr
Akera: Hail
Akera: All
Alward: seems a good house ternight
Tayshar: Hail Friend
Tayshar: *cheers*
ANGELICA: don't do that on my chair
Akera: hi Grace
You see: Erebus [BooB]
Candy: *kicks back of chair*
Tyrael: oo humy femi
Molly Kaldhel: Evening Tati
Molly Kaldhel: *smiles*
You see: King Blackthorn
Tyrael: hubba hubba
Tatiana Thorn: good evening
Akera: Hail to all Gov
Ma Nerva: all hail the king
Tatiana Thorn: Good evening Sire
Tyrael: *farts*
Kaemis: Hail
Cauchemar: hail
Akera: Hail Lord Blackthorn
Tayshar: Greetings Sire
Lavendar: Hail Your Highness
Alward: hail
King Blackthorn: Good evening everyone, glad to see you all.
You see: Awl'Breh
Quacklebush: ahoy
Tayshar: *bows*
Cauchemar: same My Lord
Cat Lyxen: Hiyas yer highnesses
Tayshar: Honored,,, M`Lord
King Blackthorn: Quite a few new faces, and some old friends as well!
Molly Kaldhel: All Hail King Blackthorn
Tayshar: *cheers*
King Blackthorn: We haven't met in quite a while, what, with the holidays and what not.
Molly Kaldhel: *smiles*
Alward: huzzah
Cauchemar: this is true
Cauchemar: *nudges King*
Cauchemar: glad to see ya
King Blackthorn: hopefully with the start of the new year with so many new faces we can adopt a more civil tone.
King Blackthorn: And work together this year.
Tayshar: Indeed
Cauchemar: aye
King Blackthorn: last year saw much conflict at this table.
Quacklebush: haharr
King Blackthorn: Last year, too.
King Blackthorn: I have a few things, before we begin with the Governors.
King Blackthorn: *opens his notes*
Molly Kaldhel: *listens*
Cauchemar: *all ears*
Crack Kills: i think the table is too big
King Blackthorn: As many of you know, my ward. Lady Charlotte Wellings...
Cauchemar: aye
King Blackthorn: Had a bit of a tantrum recently.
aulbrey: *quickly sips from her flask*
Tayshar: *nods*
King Blackthorn: While her goal was nobel, I cannot condone her actions.
King Blackthorn: Nor her methods.
King Blackthorn: And certainly...
King Blackthorn: Not the result.
Molly Kaldhel: *raises a brow*
King Blackthorn: Which was the negligent loss of the Fossilized Remains of Zog.
Quacklebush: arrrr
Molly Kaldhel: Hmm
King Blackthorn: While the Lady is well liked at court, I still must censure her as a matter of protocol.
King Blackthorn: The loss of such a dangerous and ancient artifact cannot be taken lightly.
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: So, I urge each of you, in your towns, in your private and personal dealings...
King Blackthorn: To be on the lookout for the artifact, and report any thing you mayu hear, even casually.
King Blackthorn: The fossil must be returned to it's resting place for the safety of not only Britannia.
Cauchemar: will do My Lord
King Blackthorn: But of all of Sosaria.
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
Quacklebush: harr do there be a reward?
Alward: argh a Bone us
Tayshar: indeed, as You will M`Lord
King Blackthorn: The reward would be, not having our world deleted into another dimension by the Xorinite?
King Blackthorn: I would think that would be a boon to us all Admiral.
King Blackthorn: *gives him an odd look*
Tatiana Thorn: *shudders*
Summer: *thinks to herself it smells like garbage in here must be the ORCS*
Cauchemar: Whoa
Erebus: Yeah Quack.....jeez
Tyrael: *farts*
King Blackthorn: With that, lets move into the Governor's portion.
King Blackthorn: Governor Lavendar, excellent to have you here this evening.
King Blackthorn: How fares Yew?
Quacklebush: arrrr
Lavendar: Thank you, Your Highness.
Cauchemar: heheheheheh
Awl'Breh: pfft toopid oomies
Cauchemar: *polite laughter*
Lavendar: Yew is doing very well, thank you.
Lavendar: Santa Claus came to visit Yew over the holidays
Lavendar: and a great many people came to see Santa by the Yew sheep pens.
King Blackthorn: I heard of a visitation, I am sorry I missed it.
Lavendar: We would have been honored to see you.
Lavendar: I have word that
Lavendar: we are about to have another visit
Lavendar: for the occasion of Valentine's Day
Molly Kaldhel: *smiles*
Lavendar: The visit is planned for February 10
Lavendar: and all are welcome to come meet Cupid and Venus
Lavendar: who will have gifts and love for those who visit.
King Blackthorn: Excellent!
Cat Lyxen: *claps her paws for Governor Lavendar*
Lavendar: Our coffers brim
King Blackthorn: *whispers*
Cauchemar: i shall hold my staff high for that
King Blackthorn: Cupid won't be Aulbrey will it?
King Blackthorn: *whispers*
Lavendar: Nay
aulbrey: hey i resemble that remark
Tatiana Thorn: *chuckles*
Parfu: *thinks he can set up a kissing booth*
Quacklebush: arrrg ye want people to go dont ye?
King Blackthorn: *nods confidiently*
Lavendar: though Aulbrey might like to meet Cupid and Venus
aulbrey: yesss
aulbrey: im in
Lavendar: perhaps cupid could strike someone with an arrow
Lavendar: we will also be serving
Lavendar: Love Potion #9
Lavendar: and chocolate kisses
Molly Kaldhel: *giggles*
aulbrey: *thinks she might finally get a husband*
Lavendar: Yew is doing very well, I thank your Majesty
Lavendar: for the honor to be here
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Admiral, may I assume you speak for Minoc this evening?
Erebus: Minoc?
Kaemis: lol
Quacklebush: ye be meanin Vesper
King Blackthorn: Pardon.
Erebus: I can handle minoc sire
King Blackthorn: Vesper.
Quacklebush: aye yer majesty
ANGELICA: *harr harr*
King Blackthorn: *laughs*
Erebus: hah
King Blackthorn: Keeping you on your toes Erebus.
Quacklebush: our Lady Zynia sends her regards she could not make it
King Blackthorn: *laughs*
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
Erebus: Someone needs too!
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Very well.
Quacklebush: she do be on urgent business
Quacklebush: Our newly elected Cove mayor do be here
Cauchemar: YA!!!
Summer: its ben almost a year since we took cove
Quacklebush: Tiffany please take the seat
Cauchemar: shock
Erebus: *claps*
King Blackthorn: It is good to see Cove return with Vesper backed representation.
Quacklebush: *nods*
King Blackthorn: A pleasure to meet you Miss.
Tayshar: *cheers*
Tiffany Moon: thank you your majesty
Candy: *claps*
Tiffany Moon: honored to serve you in Cove
Tayshar: *whispers* She is Awesome !
King Blackthorn: Do Vesper and Cove have anything for us?
Alward: ar fishing sir
Tiffany Moon: cove is doing well your majesty, but we are concerned aobut an orc invasion, so we will have an
Tiffany Moon: archery contest
Summer: the orcs are not thay stupid
King Blackthorn: Cove has long learned to live in close proximity to the Orc race.
Summer: they will all die
King Blackthorn: It is an example to us all.
Tatiana Thorn: oh my goodness
Tayshar: nods*
Tiffany Moon: thank you
Erebus: *eyeballs the orc*
Summer: I say wipe them all out so we can live peacfully
Alward: cove needs a lighthouse
Tatiana Thorn: oh oh
Parfu: *frowns*
Nyx: *nods*
Summer: starting with the brit Governor
Nyx: Cove could use a lighthouse.
Tatiana Thorn: oh my goodness
Tatiana Thorn: please
Tatiana Thorn: peace at the table?
Tiffany Moon: that would be very helpful
Molly Kaldhel: *clears her throat* You can not judge all by the color of their skin but by their character.
King Blackthorn: *frowns slightly*
Tiffany Moon: we had a lot of shipwrecks
Summer: not with a killer at the table
ANGELICA: *stand down Summer stand down*
King Blackthorn: Elections have consequences, I would think we have all learned this by now.
Erebus: Aye
Tiffany Moon: that is all from cove and vesper you majesty
ANGELICA: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Lady Thorn, please restore sanity.
King Blackthorn: How is Skara?
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes*
Tatiana Thorn: skara brae continues to thrive
Tatiana Thorn: many flock for the hunting
Tatiana Thorn: the coffers grow
Tayshar: indeed your Majesty,
Tatiana Thorn: as always it is a wonderful town
Tatiana Thorn: Monday nights
Tatiana Thorn: are tavern nights
Tatiana Thorn: and to help the lost
Tatiana Thorn: or newly arrived on our shores
Cat Lyxen: *is lost*
Tatiana Thorn: i have been holding it in new haven
aulbrey: *raises hand*
aulbrey: im lost too
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Tayshar: Best in All the land M`Lady !
Tayshar: *bows*
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes a bit more*
Tatiana Thorn: that is about it sire
Molly Kaldhel: *smiles over at Tati*
Molly Kaldhel: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Governor Summer, a veteran at this table.
King Blackthorn: Good to see you return.
Summer: Thank you King
King Blackthorn: How is Moonglow?
Summer: Moonglow is great!
Summer: we had a huge celebration
Summer: we celebrated
Summer: 2 years of me being Governor
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Summer: we are all happy and doing very well
King Blackthorn: Has it been that long?
Summer: exept for one thing
Tayshar: *cheers*
Summer: yes King
Summer: 2 long years
King Blackthorn: The time does fly.
Summer: very good years
Summer: i know this becouse
Summer: BOOB our Guild
Summer: is also 2 years old in feb
Summer: we have one issue
Summer: that haunts Moonglow
Summer: the attack on us
Awl'Breh: tilts head
Summer: by the Orcs
ANGELICA: *coughs*
Summer: and now I look over
Summer: and see the Orc
Awl'Breh: waat
Summer: that has a bounty on his head
Summer: at this table
Awl'Breh: toopid oomie noes nuttin
Summer: it shames me
Ronnie Van Zant: Why would an orc attack a town on an island, and how would they even get there?
King Blackthorn: The Orcs should be careful they do not inspire zealotry and Humanist rumblings once more.
Tayshar: et them come
Cat Lyxen: I dinna know orcs could swim
King Blackthorn: But, this table is a sanctuary, especially for elected individuals.
Awl'Breh: mez no doo dat
Molly Kaldhel: *nods*
Tayshar: Indeed !
Cat Lyxen: water is bad
Summer: grace i dont know how the got there but you can ask Governor Quack
Summer: he was there that day killing these awful creatures
King Blackthorn: Orcs do construct ships...
King Blackthorn: I have seen it myself.
King Blackthorn: *shrugs*
Quacklebush: *nods*
Summer: and the BAN on orcs is still in effect in Moonglow
Summer: any orc setting foot
Summer: in Moonglow will eb arrested
Awl'Breh: blah blah blah
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs*
Summer: that is all I have
King Blackthorn: As is your right.
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Summer: welcome all New Governors also
Cauchemar: *holds tongue*
Quacklebush: arrrg orcs do be the vile creatures
King Blackthorn: Lord Cauchemar of Trinsic, another familiar face.
Summer: exept Brit he wont be there that long
King Blackthorn: How fares Trinsic?
Cauchemar: hail M'lord
Cauchemar: well we still mourn our lost scouts
Candy: heh
Cauchemar: and i fear we are in a state of Malaise
ANGELICA: *frowns*
Cauchemar: I fear the dreaded L.O>I>
Tatiana Thorn: oh?
Cauchemar: is a foot
Quacklebush: orcs prolly be the ones the got yer scouts
Cauchemar: that be L.O.I.
Erebus: ooo close one Tati
Tatiana Thorn: i stumbled
Erebus: hah
Cauchemar: but i think we shall overcome all our issues
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Summer: I wish to lock this down
Cauchemar: we have spoken with many of the Gov'na's
Cauchemar: and we have a deal going with Yew
Tayshar: Indeed !!!
ANGELICA: *nods*
Cauchemar: to clear or Prisons
Cauchemar: and Jails
Cauchemar: I do not want to think of last time
Cauchemar: when we had Issues with Rocky errr ricky errr Ricardos
Cauchemar: err Recardo
King Blackthorn: *frowns a bit*
Cauchemar: our Jiler Lucy still has some SPLAINING to do
Cauchemar: so that be the long and short of it M'lord
King Blackthorn: Very well.
You see: Moonglow SS
King Blackthorn: Governor Parfu, you have shown grace under attack.
Crack Kills: weres the beer at i was told theres beer
Cauchemar: sorry bout being long winded sire
King Blackthorn: How is Britain, or capitol?
Parfu: yub
King Blackthorn: Our, Capitol, rather.
Parfu: the city is doing wonderfull
Summer: pfff
Parfu: we have hosted out first mining event in to the ork mines
Parfu: we have opened it for every one to use
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
Parfu: we might have a few renagaid orks that do like to keep prisoneser but
Parfu: you also have humie that dont complay with the law too
Summer: whats an ork?
Crack Kills: its a fish
Summer: new bread of dumb creature
Akera: lol
Parfu: we are planing a spring festival in brit
Parfu: towern the 3 week in march
ANGELICA: *dont poke the orc*
King Blackthorn: Governor Parfu, I can tell that you lead by Example, and I am glad to have you with us.
King Blackthorn: I think the people of Britain may have chosen well.
Parfu: nods
aulbrey: im there
aulbrey: i mean ... *shuts up*
Molly Kaldhel: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Heaven forbid, Solus ever join us again.
King Blackthorn: *cringes a bit*
Summer: *bites tounge*
Erebus: *shutters*
Cauchemar: Jailer Lucy
Summer: i rather have Solus
Quacklebush: arrrrg at least Solus smelled a tad bit better..
Summer: i rather have Solus
Quacklebush: arrrrg atleast Solus smelled a tad bit better..
ANGELICA: *locked in the Abyss*
Nyx: *laughs*
King Blackthorn: Governor Erebus, how is Minoc this new year?
Erebus: Ah Sire
Erebus: Great
Parfu: we also have some smaller plans but arnt ready to release the news yet
Erebus: just a few points to touch on here
Erebus: Firstly
Erebus: Minoc is doing great as always
Erebus: Making money hand over fist
Erebus: and bringing in many new citizens
Erebus: Docks are being put to good use
Erebus: and thank youfor that again
Erebus: As to your artifact
Erebus: Minoc will do all it can to keep an eye out
Erebus: and help with its finding
Erebus: however
Erebus: lastly
Erebus: and very very clearly
Erebus: have it be known
Erebus: that if anyone or anything
Erebus: should ever threaten Cove
Erebus: the mighty Fist of Minoc
Erebus: will rise with vesper by its side
Erebus: and put the fear of god into these
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Erebus: wrong doers
Erebus: We will eliminate this threat
Tayshar: *cheers* !!!
Quacklebush: yaaharrrr
Erebus: long before they know its coming sire
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Erebus: the blood will run
Erebus: but its up to them
King Blackthorn: Good to see old alliances die hard.
Quacklebush: and by wrong doers he be meanin ye smelly orcs...
King Blackthorn: *chuckles*
Molly Kaldhel: *raises a brow*
Summer: INDEED
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs*
Erebus: Aye!
Tayshar: Indeed !!!
Erebus: We will not stand for it sire
Summer: *cheers*
Erebus: the choice is theirs
Erebus: ......
Erebus: Thank you sire
Erebus: that is all
Erebus: *drops mic*
Crack Kills: lame
Crack Kills: *drops mic*
Ronnie Van Zant: Is trade good?
King Blackthorn: Governor Ma Nerva.
Tayshar: *nods*Whispers* Good words Sir
King Blackthorn: How is New Magincia?
Ma Nerva: m lord
Ma Nerva: magincia is the best city ever
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
Ma Nerva: lots of citizens, ships to unload and mi nsters to kill.
Ma Nerva: monsters even
Ma Nerva: i beleive our coffers is 2nd only to brit.
King Blackthorn: Does trade continue to flourish?
Ma Nerva: aye m lord
Ma Nerva: and since elections
Ma Nerva: we have been shipping goods to brit thru magincia
Ma Nerva: sorta watchinig the waves as it is
Ma Nerva: no invasion forvces seen
King Blackthorn: *nods*
ANGELICA: *thanks the gods*
Ma Nerva: but vigelence is needed
King Blackthorn: Always.
Ma Nerva: i yeild the rest of my time. unless you have a question m lord?
Cat Lyxen: scuse me pardon me
Tayshar: *smiles*
Molly Kaldhel: *turns to smile at Cat and pets her head*
Cat Lyxen: *purrs*
Crack Kills: did everyone die
Cauchemar: look a married woman
Crack Kills: get to tlkin
King Blackthorn: None.
King Blackthorn: Lady Angelica, Governor of Jhelom.
ANGELICA: Hail M'lord
King Blackthorn: I must say, that is a beautiful dress.
King Blackthorn: How is Jhelom this new year?
ANGELICA: *blushes* thanks thee
Tayshar: *nods*
ANGELICA: Jhelom is doing well, we still have many people to use our bullpen
Molly Kaldhel: *nods at the comment about the dress* Mmhm
ANGELICA: we are gearing up for a Lunar New Year festival
ANGELICA: to honor the Jade Emperor
King Blackthorn: The court of Tokuno visits us so rarely.
ANGELICA: this is time for health wealth and prosperity
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Awl'Breh: toopid oomie
ANGELICA: yes it to honor also our sister land Zento
Tayshar: Aye indeed *bows* Welcome !!!
ANGELICA: we shall be holding this Feb 5th at 9pm est
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Cauchemar: just a few days away
ANGELICA: we continue to server our people of the realm
ANGELICA: so please stop by Jhelom
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
ANGELICA: *thanks thee*
Quacklebush: King ye best send Aulbrey away with out speakin
King Blackthorn: Does anyone else wish to address Court?
aulbrey: *smile looking at the king*
Crack Kills: weres the damn beer
aulbrey: i uhh need to ask a few things
Candy: moves to dismiss
King Blackthorn: What can we do for you Lady Aulbrey?
Summer: agrees
Cat Lyxen: *waves to Aulbrey*
Quacklebush: arrrg a smile only mudder could lub
Crack Kills: govner of minoc saidd theres beer here
aulbrey: umm about yew there are fire thingies that wanna blow me up
Cat Lyxen: yeah we want them to go home
aulbrey: fire elementals outside my home
Candy: burn baby burn
aulbrey: i swear they wanna blow up
aulbrey: but thats not why im here
aulbrey: *gets on one knee*
aulbrey: will you marry me?
Quacklebush: arrrr
Summer: lol
Cat Lyxen: *claps*
Cat Lyxen: yay Aulbrey
Molly Kaldhel: *laughs and claps*
Candy: hoots
King Blackthorn: !: nudges Parfu
Tatiana Thorn: *hides a smile*
Tayshar: *cheers*
King Blackthorn: She asked you a question Governor.
aulbrey: no no no
Quacklebush: who did not see that conin?
Parfu: *smiles*
aulbrey: you king your the rich one
Quacklebush: coming*
Molly Kaldhel: *laughs again*
aulbrey: i mean
aulbrey: the nice one
aulbrey: yes nice not rich
King Blackthorn: I would like to formally announce the engagement of Lady Aulbrey and Governor Parfu!
aulbrey: wait what
Summer: i remember when those gargolyes wanted to marry you sire
Link: *claps*
King Blackthorn: May you two find love, in all the right places.
Molly Kaldhel: *giggles*
Candy: lol
aulbrey: uhh
Cauchemar: *nudges King with left elbow*
Summer: LOL
King Blackthorn: *claps*
Ma Nerva: here here
Cauchemar: she 's wide in the hip
Summer: YA
Link: *claps*
Tatiana Thorn: oh my goodness
aulbrey: ooo booze
Quacklebush: arrrrrg
King Blackthorn: Long Live Britannia!
Molly Kaldhel: *giggles*
Quacklebush: that be an abomination!!
Ma Nerva: all hail
King Blackthorn: Goodnight everyone.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Tayshar: GODspeed !!!
Nyx: Long live the King!
Summer: *pushes orc*
Tayshar: *cheers*
Summer: Move
Link: Govenor Summer
Quacklebush: *shakes head*
ANGELICA: *pats parfu on back*
Link: Govenor Summer
Summer: yes
Link: May I have a moment?
Summer: sure
ANGELICA: hang in there parfu
Tayshar: Indeed M`Lord *smiles*
Parfu: *nods*
Link: I noticed you had several disparing comments about the orcs
Quacklebush: arrrg lets be gettin
Cat Lyxen: *falls in the floor*
Summer: I did
Link: Would you like to elaborate on them?
Cat Lyxen: thanks Ronnie
Ronnie Van Zant: Opps
Akera: Fairwell and good luck to thee
Summer: yes I would
Link: Where is this coming from?
Crack Kills: well that was lame
ANGELICA: I respect you little more
Summer: Moonglow had a celebration
Summer: all kill
Summer: Protect the Governor
Molly Kaldhel: *smiles at Parfu* Evening. Sorry for some short sighted people.
Summer: of our 300m gold
Summer: in our banks
Ma Nerva: hehe
Summer: the Orcs decided to raid my town
Ma Nerva: its not a easy job
Molly Kaldhel: You have made great strides for your people.
Summer: along with an orc
Summer: captain
Link: *jots down notes*
Evil Eve: SUMMER
Parfu: yes
Summer: killed alot of my towns people
Summer: the other governors where there
Link: That is most unfortunate.
Summer: to help KILL them
Evil Eve: HI Summer
Parfu: why are elves and gargles accepted but not orcs
Summer: ever since then
Summer: these 2 came
Summer: he has spread lies
Summer: said i killed his children
Tyrael: you killed my family
Summer: which is not true
Molly Kaldhel: Yes I know. Sadly some minds are limited to what they know. They are afraid of new things.
Tyrael: my little son
Summer: you Killed my towns people
Tyrael: my baby girl
Tyrael: my wif
Parfu: nods
ANGELICA: this too shall pass
Summer: LIES
Summer: they attacked my town
Link: *writes furiously*
Summer: you sent
Summer: an ORCF
Link: This is some good stuff....
Molly Kaldhel: I have known many orcs and some are not so nice but I have had close friends and even guild
Summer: ORC
Tyrael: you kill children
Molly Kaldhel: members who are orcs in the past.
Summer: toto steal gold
ANGELICA: night Ms Lav
Summer: LIES
Parfu: yub
Summer: you kill my towns people
Summer: you filthy animal
Tyrael: we like shinies true
Tyrael: but we no kill
Lavendar: Night
Summer: there is currently
Summer: a 500m reward
Summer: for your head
Summer: Sir
Molly Kaldhel: Take pride in your accomplishments and continue to perserver. You will rise above like the cream.
Summer: i suggest
Summer: you have body guards
Tyrael: ur daze are numbered in Moonglow
Summer: ha
Tyrael: ork will run
Summer: all kill
Summer: you cant even count to 3
Parfu: we will be proving our selves very soon
Summer: what do you know about numbers
Molly Kaldhel: Take care melord.
Summer: you filthy ORC
Link: Tyrael, is this true?
Link: Lets see you count
Parfu: *waves*
Tyrael: 1
Tyrael: 2
Evil Eve: that is not niceto talk to him that way
Cat Lyxen: *waves*
Tyrael: 3
Tyrael: 4
Evil Eve: he is part of our world
Tyrael: 5
Tyrael: 6
Summer: wow
Summer: an aducated ORc
Summer: educated
Parfu: *pokes*
Summer: hmmm
Tyrael: aske the governor how many children he kill
Tatiana Thorn: good evening sir
Summer: in that case
Summer: since you are educated
Parfu: me have plan
Summer: I will raise the Bounty
Summer: for your head
Tatiana Thorn: oh?
Summer: to 1 Billion gold
Tyrael: *rolls eyes*
Cat Lyxen: well this was
Cat Lyxen: no cookies
Summer: im done here
Parfu: we need to talk in privete
Tyrael: you humie buys gold
Tatiana Thorn: *laughs*
Link: Thank you for your comments.
Cat Lyxen: so im goin home to find some
Summer: Lady evil
Tyrael: like you buy your votes
Tatiana Thorn: okay
Ma Nerva: g night all
Summer: you wanted to speak to me?
Tatiana Thorn: good night
Tatiana Thorn: take care
You see: Moonglow SS
Evil Eve: HI
Evil Eve: how r ya
Summer: im good
Evil Eve: can u
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
Evil Eve: give me title
You see: Parfu Citizen of Britain
Summer: yes
Evil Eve: plz
Summer: lets go now
Blue: excuse me friend
Evil Eve: ok meet u there
Blue: Not all of us are that way
Blue: I believe you and would honour you in battle
Evil Eve: how i get out here
Tyrael: Parfu good governor
Blue: if they attacked you in my presents
Tyrael: thank humie
Blue: I thought I'd let you know
Tyrael: my heart is heavy
Blue: we all don't believe in lies
Blue: Good day and safe travels
Tyrael: my life is over without my family
Tyrael: good day
Tyrael: zub zub
Quacklebush: *scratches beard*
Lavendar: ty
Molly Kaldhel: Molly Kaldhel.
Tatiana Thorn: i need to go drop repairs
Quacklebush: the guild title seems familiar
Lavendar: i took them to you
Ma Nerva: thks
Tatiana Thorn: up in town
Lavendar: before but you were super busy
aulbrey: uhh yay
Quacklebush: who do ye be?
Lavendar: so i thought catch you when you weren't so busy
aulbrey: i guess you will make a good husband
Molly Kaldhel: You may know my friend better.
Ma Nerva: thanks ill put um to good use
Link: Lady Aulbrey, when is the wedding date?
Molly Kaldhel: Kandy Kane.
aulbrey: you keep bringing me booze
Lavendar: are you still just doing on Sunday?
You see: Lady Zynia [BLAK]
aulbrey: wait what
Ma Nerva: sat midnight
Lavendar: oh cool
aulbrey: uhhh
You begin to move quietly.
Lavendar: i'll come then
aulbrey: its a secret
Lavendar: i couldnt' come sunday
aulbrey: *nods*
Ma Nerva: yeah church
Lavendar: aye
Link: You plan to elope?
aulbrey: its a secret
Molly Kaldhel: From the gambling house a year or so ago.
Molly Kaldhel: She worked there.
Lavendar: I don't want to keep you
Lavendar: but I'm glad I could give you the box
Ma Nerva: me too
Ma Nerva: it helps lots
Lavendar: i got them
Lavendar: on another shard
Ma Nerva: nice
Zynia: sorry im late was driving
Quacklebush: sorry bout that me nodded off
Ma Nerva: thanks again
Ma Nerva: g night all
Quacklebush: oh ye say ye was a gambler?
Lavendar: Good Night
Molly Kaldhel: *grins and nods*
Tayshar: Welcome Friend !
Ma Nerva: Kal Ort Por
Molly Kaldhel: No actually my friend worked there.
Molly Kaldhel: Kandy Kane
Quacklebush: golden fang?
Molly Kaldhel: Aye
aulbrey: *hic*
Quacklebush: ello zynia
Quacklebush: better late than never
Molly Kaldhel: I came there time or two.
Molly Kaldhel: *smiles*
Molly Kaldhel: Aye
Molly Kaldhel: I was away for a while
Molly Kaldhel: I am glad to be back
Quacklebush: wasnt it candy something?
Molly Kaldhel: Yes Kandy Kane
Quacklebush: ahhh
Quacklebush: that be it!!
aulbrey: *hic*

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