King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, March 29, 2015

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King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, March 29, 2015

Postby Andrasta » Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:34 pm

You see: Fand [GRL.]
You see: Tahani the Medium
You see: Skully the Shade
You see: Fossergrim the parrot
Ironmalice: where is the em thing?
Alric: inside Blackthorns Castle
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
You see: Lady Echo [ODE]
You see: Beldin Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Akera [*DP*]
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Ancient Britannian Warhorse
You see: tater [LE@F]
Alric: have to walk in, no mounts
Tatiana Thorn: good evening sir
You see: AlricsHorse
You see: Burmir Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Ironmalice [TWT]
Quacklebush: long time no see dwarf
You see: Chupacabra
You see: Non-Sosarian
Beldin Brightaxe: *nods*
You see: Alric [TWT]
Beldin Brightaxe: Ah've been here an' thee
Beldin Brightaxe: there
You see: Solus the Defender of the Living
You see: Borik Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Minister Farthington
You see: Sherry the Mouse
You see: Kingsguard Dragoon
You see: Summer [BooB]
You see: Lord Dupre
You see: Queen Arya [Toad]
You see: Lord A Mongbat Earl of Trinsic
You see: Death Angel [LE@F]
You see: Lady Draena [BooB]
You see: Quinton
You see: Burmir Brightaxe [Dwrf]
A Mongbat: Greeting Gov Echo.
Echo: Greetings
Ironmalice: see better this way
Alric: ive never done one of these
Death Angel: *waves*
You see: Burmir Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Borik Brightaxe [Dwrf]
Alric: yeah
tater: *Waves*
Ironmalice: me either, in years anyway
You see: Summer [BooB]
You see: Fand [GRL.]
You see: Tahani the Medium
You see: Lord A Mongbat Earl of Trinsic
You see: Lady Draena [BooB]
You see: Quinton
Alric: if i could remember how to do a screenshot,
Alric: id get some lol
This seat is reserved for the Crown!
Tatiana Thorn: good evening all
Queen Arya: should prolly stand til the king is seated
A Mongbat: Good Eve Gov.
tater: Hi
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes*
Alric: true
Tatiana Thorn: tatiana is fine
You see: Brokki Brightaxe [Dwrf]
Queen Arya: just a thought
You see: Brokki Brightaxe [Dwrf]
Draena: evening Tatiana
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Draena: was sad that I had to miss the past two Tavern nights
Tatiana Thorn: its okay
Tatiana Thorn: there will always be another
Alric: any others coming, Malice and I rea behind the throne
Draena: I look forward to it
tater: me to
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
Tatiana Thorn: i am glad
tater: *Smiles*
Piper: just logged in, where are y'all going
You see: Deouz
Tatiana Thorn: i was thinking maybe brit tomorrow night
You see: Solus the Defender of the Living
Alric: no idea, they start in about 10 min
A Mongbat: Woot grats Death
Piper: and who all uses uocartographer i need a good mapping utility
Tatiana Thorn: but it seems like we just did it
tater: ooo
Tatiana Thorn: *laughs*
You see: Julie [Efr]
Tatiana Thorn: but then i think that about all the towns
You see: Erebus [BooB]
Draena: Long as Quacky stays a little sober... should be fun
Ironmalice: seeing what the EM has in store tonight. i use enhanced client, no need for that junk with enhanced lol
Deouz: Lord Dupre long time no see!
Erebus: Miss tatiana
You see: Haidon
Erebus: hello
Erebus: Governess Summer
Tatiana Thorn: aye
Tatiana Thorn: i think Britain
Tatiana Thorn: and them maybe moonglow
You see: Braera Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Grace [BLAK]
Summer: n why hello
You see: Deathangel Earl of Britain
A Mongbat: Eve gov Summer
Summer: ello
You see: Akera [*DP*]
You see: Daphene [Efr]
You see: Lady Kiss
You see: Deathangel Earl of Britain
You see: A L O C E R [fpd!]
You see: Indica Sunflower [TWT]
You see: Lady Kiss
A Mongbat: Eve Gov Quack
Quacklebush: g'evenin
Queen Arya: excuse us
You see: Daphene [Efr]
Queen Arya: we r standing til the king is seated
Queen Arya: ur in my seat
Queen Arya: ty
You see: Daphene [Efr]
Quacklebush: there do be more dwarfs then i even seen
You see: Thanatos [BooB]
You see: Andromalius [BooB]
You see: Mr Pwn [BooB]
You see: Hoblabakabalana [@!@]
Queen Arya: sighs
You see: Draug
Queen Arya: we r standing til the king is seated
Queen Arya: ur in his seat
Queen Arya: thanatos
You see: Fand [GRL.]
Indica Sunflower: lol thanks
Andromalius: Speed hacker chicken!
Indica Sunflower: :)
Alric: no problem :)
Andromalius: *holds hand*
Queen Arya: we r standing til the king is seated
Queen Arya: ur in my seat
Queen Arya: ty
You see: Cady [BooB]
You see: Della [BooB]
Andromalius: BUt mooommm they arent standing over there
Cady: everyone's satnding
You see: Smashing Cheeks [BooB]
Queen Arya: they r ignorant?
You see: Sykotik
Alric: yeah
Cady: :)
Andromalius: they smell bad over there
Della: :)
You see: Grimyst
You see: Lord Mr Gundam
You see: stone table
You see: Sykotik
Andromalius: Dont you owe me your soul?
You see: Lady Aviendha [OCC]
You see: Ma Nerva Baroness of New Magincia
You see: Lord Mr Gundam
You see: Grimyst
Quacklebush: yarrr i guess i'll be fillin in fer the king tnite
Akera: hehe
Erebus: Ma Nerva
Erebus: Hello
Ma Nerva: hail
You see: Sega Noren [BooB]
Ironmalice: my nudity made him uncomfortable...he isnt coming
Summer: Whats this
Alric: lol
Summer: why are all these goblins here
You see: King Blackthorn
Summer: Dwarves
Quacklebush: them be dwarfs but they smell the same
Summer: O mean
You see: Baroness Sophia
Andromalius: ooo damn
Erebus: Hail King
Echo: Hail King Blackthorn
King Blackthorn: Rel Por
You see: Sega Noren [BooB]
Summer: HAIL King
Grace: hail
Deathangel: Hail
Akera: Hail Lord Blackthorn
Tatiana Thorn: good evening sire
Andromalius: All Hail King Blackthorn!
A Mongbat: Hail
Ma Nerva: all hail
King Blackthorn: *takes his seat*
Draena: Hail King
Quacklebush: ahoy king
King Blackthorn: Good evening everyone.
Queen Arya: hail
You see: Lady Aviendha [OCC]
tater: hi
Echo: Evening
King Blackthorn: Nice to see so many people here this evening.
A Mongbat: psst king sir
A Mongbat: :)
King Blackthorn: *smirks*
Erebus: Extra arm rests for us Ma Nerva
Echo: :)
Akera: :_)
Ironmalice: good to see our leige is well
Summer: I see the jhelm gov is absent once again
King Blackthorn: So.
Erebus: Aye
You see: QuickSilver
Quacklebush: iv always got an extra arm rest over here
King Blackthorn: Let's see.
Echo: *nods*
You see: QuickSilver
Mr Pwn: lol
King Blackthorn: Who is the Governor of Jhelom, anyone remember?
King Blackthorn: *smiles slightly*
Erebus: Nope
Queen Arya: heh
Quacklebush: *scratches head*
Summer: its a name we forget
tater: lol
Queen Arya: kraxel
Summer: because we rarly see him
Queen Arya: LNR
Quacklebush: ferget
Queen Arya: hes a slacker
Erebus: Was it Fred Jhelom?
Erebus: no thats not right
Mr Pwn: mmm kraxal
Mr Pwn: aye slacker
King Blackthorn: Well.
Quacklebush: chuch?
Quacklebush: chuck*
Akera: we need a Gov name jernal lol
Summer: *checks logs*
King Blackthorn: My first order of business, requires more than words.
Summer: he has attended 1 meeting
Akera: lol
Andromalius: oo
King Blackthorn: So.
King Blackthorn: Follow me everyone, field trip!
You see: Brussel Sprouts
Andromalius: yay!
Only the Governor of Britain may sit here!
Mr Gundam: What's this I saw about a meteor?
Quacklebush: special occasion
You see: Grimyst
Tatiana Thorn: oh my
You see: Sega Noren [BooB]
Grimyst: Kal Vas Xen Corp Ylem
You see: Lydia the wandering healer
Cady: In Mani
Quacklebush: yarrr me luvs field trips
Thanatos: In Lor
Haidon: Rel Sanct
Cady: Rel Sanct
Quacklebush: *fills pockets*
You see: Baroness Sophia
You see: Lady Aviendha [OCC]
You see: A L O C E R [fpd!]
You see: Death Angel [LE@F]
You see: Sega Noren [BooB]
You see: King Blackthorn
Queen Arya: drools over mushrooms
Erebus: Kal Por Ylem
A L O C E R: share the wealth man!
Smashing Cheeks: In Lor
Grimyst: Kal Vas Xen Corp Ylem
Mr Pwn: lol
Sega Noren: Kal Por Ylem
You see: treasure
Cady: *loots*
Andromalius: Get off my gold
Andromalius: you fools!
Cady: *loots*
Solus: You all keep your hands off!
King Blackthorn: So, it seems that our Ward, Charlotte Wellings... is more wealthy than her King.
Cady: *loots*
Tatiana Thorn: okay so not dangerous
You see: treasure
Quacklebush: *rubs eyes*
King Blackthorn: *laughs slightly*
Quacklebush: yaaaharrr
Erebus: HAH
Smashing Cheeks: Rel Sanct
Erebus: This is where i left my stuff
You see: QuickSilver
Quacklebush: *rolls around*

Snap103.jpg (315.68 KiB) Viewed 26171 times

Cady: this is someone's tomb
Solus: You might end up being mistaken
Tatiana Thorn: *giggles*
You see: treasure
Erebus: *smiles*
Quacklebush: *fills pockets*
Erebus: Quack
You see: QuickSilver
Thanatos: all the treasure
Erebus: I know the pirate in u wants to loot this
Quacklebush: me thinks me dreamin
Erebus: Just so u know
Andromalius: So Why Have you taken us here
Erebus: I will help u
King Blackthorn: This is the combined wealth of generations of her family back to before the founding of Britannia
Tatiana Thorn: i keep waiting for the dragons to appear
Mr Gundam: And it's ours?
Akera: grabs the biggist jem
Echo: impressive to say the least
Mr Pwn: nice
Thanatos: psst quack
Queen Arya: aw I am so happy for her
Thanatos: the shield is solid gold
King Blackthorn: It is a lot of gold for an 8 year old... I thought it should be talked about.
tater: well they stole this Mystial ball form me
Solus: It belongs to Britain! Everyone keep your hands off!
Quacklebush: me thinks me dreamin
King Blackthorn: It belongs to Charlotte.
Summer: yea right solus you greedy SWINE
Thanatos: i dont think so
King Blackthorn: *glares at Solus*
Solus: I object
Erebus: Stolen enough havent yee
A L O C E R: your such a loser
tater: YEA
Summer: this should be divided fro all towns
Death Angel: *sigh*
Solus: Britain has long had laws concerning abandonment of property.
Ma Nerva: treasure bath
Solus: Due to the circumstances and long period the treasure trove has been abandoned
Deathangel: hmmm
Andromalius: most to minoc
Solus: within city limits, the Wellings family has voluntarily relinquished all right, title, claim and possession
Tatiana Thorn: but
Tatiana Thorn: she is just a child
Solus: Ownership has by law, transferred to the city of Britain.
Tatiana Thorn: she has not abandoned anything
Grimyst: I'm pretty sure Jhelom deserves the lion's share.
Quacklebush: harrr
Queen Arya: it needs to be properly displayed for all to see
Tatiana Thorn: WAIT
Solus: Britain law demands it!
Erebus: This money is for the kingdom, Blackthorns treasurey until futher notice
Tatiana Thorn: IT IS HERS
Summer: well Moonglow law states over powers the laws of britian
Beldin Brightaxe: *drools*
Summer: because if you can make up laws so can we
Solus: *laughs*
King Blackthorn: While the monitary value is quite astonishing, I see this place as more of a museium.
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs*
Solus: It is cute when children talk
Echo: agreed
Solus: Again, I object
Mr Pwn: it is very nice indeed
Queen Arya: aye
Queen Arya: agree
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs*
You see: Retribution
Solus: All these objects now belong to Britain
Tatiana Thorn: am i the only one
Summer: i love when morons talk
Solus: And any who took away carts of treasure
Tatiana Thorn: who sees it as her gold?
Quacklebush: arrr i do object aswell
Solus: Britain demands they be returned
Baroness Sophia: Perhaps there might be a council of sorts to keep this in tact until Charlotte is of age
You see: Retribution
You see: John daBlade
King Blackthorn: I overrule your objection; the items here all belong to little Charlotte.
Summer: haha
King Blackthorn: Even I will not cross Adamu.
Tatiana Thorn: whew
Erebus: Aye King!
Mr Gundam: Owned
Tatiana Thorn: so someone sees as i do
Solus: Then you will go against the very law of the land?!
Solus: I demand a trial!
King Blackthorn: I am the law of the land.
Tatiana Thorn: but she does need council
Mr Pwn: lol
Andromalius: Served
Sega Noren: ooooh
You see: Lord Kinkade
Solus: And for how long, depends on yourself *mumbles*
Tatiana Thorn: consel on safeguard it
Quacklebush: *scratches beard*
Grimyst: Take off his head, King!
Echo: *nods*
Summer: wow
Queen Arya: Solus even you cannot mess with Adamu
Baroness Sophia: Perhaps there might be a council of sorts to keep this in tact until Charlotte is of age
Andromalius: Off with his head!
Solus: This is an act of tyranny!
Erebus: Solus get some bigger britches, you have out grown those
Della: lol
Summer: Solus you care about nothing BUT YOURSELF
Solus: Blatant disregard for the courts!
Solus: A strike against justice and honor!
King Blackthorn: See, Baroness Sophia has an excellent point.
Summer: you just wanna line your own stinking pockets
Baroness Sophia: *nods*
Solus: I simply wish to uphold the law!
King Blackthorn: While I don't think any of us would question Lady Amandine's Parenting...
King Blackthorn: She is no accountant, or minister of trade.
Beldin Brightaxe: whit law?
Cady: Rel Sanct
Solus: What laws are held sacred when the King can overrule it to be in the favor of friends?!
King Blackthorn: This is quite a fortune, it should be cared for as a national treasure.
You see: John daBlade
Tatiana Thorn: agreed
Queen Arya: historic
Summer: I agree
Solus: His true motive comes out!
King Blackthorn: This isn't a fortune, this is empire sort of money.
Deathangel: Agreed
Solus: He wants it for himself!
Summer: I agree
Baroness Sophia: She is to be our Queen someday, is she not..
John daBlade: hello
King Blackthorn: It is almost scary how much gold is here.
You see: treasure
Quacklebush: I would like to volunteer as an overseer yer majesty
Quacklebush: i would help protect
Mr Gundam: Gold doesn't scare me King.
Solus: I swear, I will count every coin
Mr Gundam: I'll take on as much as my Lord Commands of me.
Tatiana Thorn: *l;aughs*
Queen Arya: lol
Summer: haha start now Solus
King Blackthorn: Hmm.
Death Angel: *giggles*
Summer: see you in 20 years
Quacklebush: *rubs hands togeather*
Solus: This is tyranny!
Fand: You would marry her?
Andromalius: *Looks at bag of sending then to the gold*
Beldin Brightaxe: dwarf folk will count it
Beldin Brightaxe: we're guid at tha'
Tatiana Thorn: she needs counsel, safeguarding
Queen Arya: would take an army of accountants
tater: say waht u might but that Mystical ball was stole form me
You see: King Blackthorn
Queen Arya: heh
You see: Baroness Sophia
You see: Lord A Mongbat Earl of Trinsic
tater: Keep it down here
You see: Lady Persephone
Queen Arya: the artifacts
Queen Arya: are astounding
Mr Gundam: Pour it in the gaping chasm of the abyss and seal it shut once and for all!
Solus: It belongs in Britain's treasury!
King Blackthorn: Antiquities?
Death Angel: luna is not recognized
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs*
Summer: BUll crap
Tatiana Thorn: well yes
Tatiana Thorn: like the ancient gloves
Tatiana Thorn: of the first king?
Summer: your are a greedy weisel
Echo: can we seal this place magicly until she is of age?
Ironmalice: the staff of storms back there was interesting
Solus: I fight for upholding the law
King Blackthorn: Interesting.
King Blackthorn: They look very fragile.
Thanatos: dont touch
Summer: wow
Tatiana Thorn: yes sir
Tatiana Thorn: i agree
Solus: You are no better than Minax at this point
Tatiana Thorn: i am just saying
Cady: I can fortify them
Echo: can this place be magically sealed until she comes of age?

Snap119.jpg (271.33 KiB) Viewed 26171 times

Tatiana Thorn: that i find the times
Grimyst: Those were awesome gloves. In '97...
Baroness Sophia: It is not one township to be reckoned.. It should be all encompassed with each town.. all have
Tatiana Thorn: more interesting than the gold
Erebus: Lord British?
Baroness Sophia: ownership in history.. no one more than the other
King Blackthorn: Prior to our friend Cantabrigain, the land was fractured.
Cady: I'm fairly certain Blackthorn is an elf in disguise
Cady: and I'm going to priove it once and for all!
Baroness Sophia: have a Treasurer council bring Charlotte with them
King Blackthorn: It could be one of the lesser Kings before him.
Beldin Brightaxe: elflings donnae huv beards...
Queen Arya: records do need to made
Baroness Sophia: use it to teach her the value of what she owns not just in gold but in history
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
You see: treasure
King Blackthorn: I agree with Sophia.
Tatiana Thorn: i fear as a crafter
King Blackthorn: But with an addendium.
Tatiana Thorn: i find the items of interest
King Blackthorn: For the sake of the realm, the majority of the wealth here should be made Historical...
Summer: AGREED
Tatiana Thorn: aye
Erebus: agreed
King Blackthorn: Treasures, and not able to affect the economy of Sosaria.
Ironmalice: and what of the rest?
Echo: *nods*
Summer: AGREED
King Blackthorn: Such a thing could, and would be desasterous to trade.
Catastrophe-: im just running around never saw this place before
Tatiana Thorn: yes sire
Solus: I maintain my opposition to these proceedings!
tater: a worthless crown
Quacklebush: harrrrr
Tatiana Thorn: Oh hush
Summer: Solus go count some more
tater: I can mind it
Mr Pwn: what about the blue shroom let me cut off a small piece
Mr Pwn: bet i trip for a week
Solus: *takes some of the coin and puts it into a pouch*
Summer: hey
Summer: put it back now
Solus: Shoo little pest
Summer: KING
Thanatos: theif
Summer: we have a thief
Erebus: My guild will be forced to act
Erebus: Are you ready for that?
Solus: I need to swat these flies away
Tatiana Thorn: oh oh
Erebus: We'll see
Erebus: small one
Summer: Solus put the gold back
King Blackthorn: Solus, put it back, you have no need for such trinkets.
Solus: Unlike yourself, I make sure our laws are upheld!
Mr Pwn: trinket HOLDER !!!
King Blackthorn: You lessen yourself out of spite sir.
Erebus: squash you like the insect you are
Summer: The richest town in Sosaria and he has to steal
Solus: If Minax attacks again, will Britain help defend your castle?
Solus: Or should we break our oath for no reason?!
Summer: NO the council WILL
Solus: Like the laws of my city are being broken!
King Blackthorn: *ponders*
Erebus: Like the law you just broke sir?
Summer: I wanna say
Queen Arya: rolls eyes*
Summer: here we sit
Erebus: Sir being used lightly
Andromalius: aye
Summer: britiannia the richest town
King Blackthorn: Lets head back to the council chambers and regain our organization.
Summer: and the GOVERNOR has to steal
Beldin Brightaxe: Whit laws?
Solus: *takes more coin and puts it in another pouch*
Death Angel: thank you
Cady: HEY Tinythorn! Why you so Small!?!
Andromalius: Children fighting
Akera: what does the King intend to do sir ?
Summer: THEIF
Cady: YOU ELF!
Solus: *straps the pouches out of sight behind his cloak*
Quacklebush: did someone mark a rune
Solus: Shoo
Grace: Kal Por Ylem
Tatiana Thorn: *lightly touches an item here and there*
Quacklebush: we will have to come back later for guard duty of course
Quacklebush: *smirks*
You are now under the protection of the town guards.
Solus: *the pouches full of gold coins make noise as he sits*
Summer: take a seat theif solus
Deathangel: you are in my seat
Solus: This council is a sham!
King Blackthorn: So, if they are willing I would like to appoint a council of 4.
Summer: your a sham
Erebus: You cheapen that throne and this kingdom
Summer: I am in
Quacklebush: haha there we go
Akera: lol
Cady: this is the cool kid section
Andromalius: We all need to act, To control the pet population by getting our pets spayed or nutered
King Blackthorn: To administer the hoard in the best interest of both Lady Charlotte and the Realm.
Death Angel: wow
Cady: that's a good campaign platform
Andromalius: worked for bob barker
Erebus: I will be happy to help at your request sire....
A Mongbat: King sir
Summer: same here sire
Echo: is 4 enough to control that amount of wealth sire?
King Blackthorn: So, Baroness Sophia, Admiral Quacklebush, Lady Arya and...
Fand: Pick non Governors to keep them honest
Solus: I demand a spot on this council!
King Blackthorn: Solus.
Baroness Sophia: *eyes widen*
Summer: WHAT
Queen Arya: ty sire I am honored
Quacklebush: harrrr....
Summer: are you Kidding
Solus: There is some justice after all

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Re: King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, March 29, 2015

Postby Andrasta » Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:42 pm

Queen Arya: bows
Erebus: Solus?
Death Angel: *laughs loudly*
Summer: THis is an outRAGE
Summer: A THIEF
Summer: in control of it
Mr Pwn: lol typical politics
King Blackthorn: A voice of discontent will be welcome, and with 4 equal votes.
Summer: have you lost your CROWN
King Blackthorn: A tie means nothing is done.
Tatiana Thorn: sire?
King Blackthorn: which sometimes is the best outcome.

Snap132.jpg (205.33 KiB) Viewed 26170 times

Erebus: Because I respect the King and love my city and it's people I will no longer speak of it....
Solus: I still oppose this outcome, but the treasure is safe in my hands!
Solus: I mean, the councils hands!
A Mongbat: Sire you chair looks a bit more comfy rather then brits
Catastrophe-: l
Summer: putting a thief on the council
King Blackthorn: All major decisions must be mentioned to the crown.
Andromalius: Its more safe in my hands
Baroness Sophia: *eyes Solus*
Mr Gundam: The fox is guarding the chickens..
Tatiana Thorn: *sire?*
King Blackthorn: And while Solus may be having a temper tantrum this evening...
Queen Arya: heh
King Blackthorn: I trust the other three to keep him in line.
Summer: hahaha
Baroness Sophia: *smirks*
Solus: *mumbles*
King Blackthorn: I assume Solus accepts.
Baroness Sophia: Lady Charlotte shall be protected.... no worries
King Blackthorn: Ayra?
Tatiana Thorn: Sire?
Queen Arya: aye
King Blackthorn: Admiral?
Quacklebush: arrr ye can count on me yer majesty
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Lady Sophia?
Baroness Sophia: Aye, milord
You see: Kiser
King Blackthorn: Very well, it is done.
Baroness Sophia: Charlotte is of my upmost priority..
Tatiana Thorn: Sire?
Summer: i bet i know where solus campain money will come from
King Blackthorn: Yes Lady Thorn?
Solus: I will ensure the treasure is kept safe
Tatiana Thorn: would it be possible
Solus: Britain Guards will guard it night and day!
Tatiana Thorn: to catalogue the anitquities in the place
Erebus: It's fine, Minoc will help replace the stolen gold Solus takes...
Tatiana Thorn: such old items should be relished
Queen Arya: I would rather have Crux Knights to guard it sire
King Blackthorn: Absolutely, the entrance is at the Chamber of Virtue.
King Blackthorn: Speak the Mantra of Honesty...
John daBlade: *poke*
King Blackthorn: "Ahm Ahm Ahm" at the tile of Honor.
King Blackthorn: And the path opens to you.
King Blackthorn: And anyone else.
King Blackthorn: If you wish to return later.
Quacklebush: *trys to remember*
King Blackthorn: Now, before we squander all our time...
King Blackthorn: Lady Echo.
King Blackthorn: Have you anything from Yew?
Andromalius: *cricket*
Echo: Yew is doing fantastic
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Echo: trade has been flowing since the creation of our docks
tater: Oh yes
King Blackthorn: I was hoping they would get put to good use.
Echo: Things could not be going better at this time
King Blackthorn: Is there trade between Minoc and Yew over water now?
Erebus: Aye Sire
King Blackthorn: Excellent!
Echo: trade has become much more fruitful
Echo: and safe
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Echo: as well as quicker
King Blackthorn: Admiral Quacklebush, how is Vesper and Cove?
Quacklebush: arrr we be well yer majesty
Akera: Cove is doing good Sir :_)
Quacklebush: our street market went great
King Blackthorn: *nods to Akera*
Quacklebush: and we will be movin it to dif cities
You see: Halley Cravie [DRED]
King Blackthorn: Excellent.
Quacklebush: we will be settin up in new haven this next sunday
Mr Pwn: nice
King Blackthorn: New Haven is an excellent choice.
Erebus: aka BooBtown
Quacklebush: thanks much to tati and skara they be a big help
King Blackthorn: *ponders why we dont have a New Haven Governor...*
Queen Arya: Eastertide this Sunday
Erebus: You do Sire
Andromalius: *Boob fist*
Retribution: Tati Rulz (:
Quacklebush: haha yes
Erebus: Right here...
Summer: boob controls new haven Sire
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes*
King Blackthorn: I see.
Quacklebush: i would say erebus holds haven aswell
Summer: we mantain it
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Erebus: And Keep it safe sire...
King Blackthorn: Excellent.
Quacklebush: thats all we have yer majesty
Quacklebush: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Lady Thorn, how is Skara, and could you also mention the Tavern Nights?
Mr Gundam: that's my face you're on..
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Death Angel: *laughs*
Tatiana Thorn: the tavern nights continue across the land
Tatiana Thorn: and skara brae is doing great
Tatiana Thorn: trade thrives
King Blackthorn: We have a good crowd, it is a good time to mention it.
Tatiana Thorn: the treasury is good
Tatiana Thorn: i scatter the tavern night across the land at different towns
Tatiana Thorn: each monday
Tatiana Thorn: at 9 eastern time
Quacklebush: aye she be the best tavern host
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Summer: indeed
Tatiana Thorn: just a chance to sit and chat
Tatiana Thorn: maybe meet new people
Tatiana Thorn: greet new comers
Tatiana Thorn: i had planned on britain on monday
King Blackthorn: I highly suggest going, at least once.
Summer: pfff
Summer: they will steal ur chairs
Summer: like they steal gold
Andromalius: 4 second
Tatiana Thorn: i will make more
Quacklebush: haharr
Solus: The Governor of Moonglow should watch their tongue
Erebus: Don't let the Governor destroy the good peoples word.....
Tatiana Thorn: if they are in desperate need of chairs
Summer: pfffff
Tatiana Thorn: who ma i to deny them one or two
King Blackthorn: Mongbat, wish you to speak for Trinsic?
Andromalius: Yea Moonglow needs to shhh
Erebus: I am sure the People of britain have higher morals than Solus
A Mongbat: Trinsic is fairing well sire.
Andromalius: (Whats going on)
Summer: did i just get skipped
A Mongbat: Yes i belive Gov Summer was next.
Erebus: *laughs*
Quacklebush: i do be wakin up in the sheep pens after these tavern nights so i wont talk bout morals
King Blackthorn: you did Summer!
A Mongbat: :)
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Quacklebush: harrr
Summer: i am not wearing my invisible dress
King Blackthorn: Invisible Dress?
Erebus: Thank god....
Summer: yea you skillped me
King Blackthorn: You should model that for us some time.
Draug: lmao
King Blackthorn: *coughs*
King Blackthorn: I mean uh...
Summer: I would but solus might steal it its worth alot
Erebus: She is in BooB sire
King Blackthorn: How is Moonglow?
Summer: Moonglow is great sire
Summer: We took care of the Mongbat infestation
Summer: it was a mama and papa mongbat
King Blackthorn: Excellent, I heard it was quite a battle!
Summer: there were Mongbats everywhere
Summer: we dealth with it and moonglow is Mongbat free
A Mongbat: Hard to go anywhere, and not have one lurking about
A Mongbat: *wink*
King Blackthorn: *smirks*
Summer: no pun intended Lord mongbat
King Blackthorn: That is good to hear.
A Mongbat: None taken.
King Blackthorn: Shall we move on to Britain?
King Blackthorn: Lord Solus, the floor is yours.
King Blackthorn: If you can contain yourself.
Solus: Why thank you
Summer: watch out he might steal that too
Solus: *clears throat*
Erebus: coin in there?
Summer: haha
Solus: Britain has nothing further tonight
Tatiana Thorn: *giggles*
Solus: Thank you
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Lord Erebus.
King Blackthorn: How is Minoc?
Erebus: Well Sire
Summer: *sneakily throws a coin at solus*
Erebus: Let me tell you....
Erebus: The Docks are great
Erebus: However the undead pirates
Tatiana Thorn: EEPPP
Erebus: and Obsidian
Erebus: were not happy
Jazon Knight: Know the BOOB power fist and you will become a true warrior.
Erebus: with the new docking
King Blackthorn: Keep your fighting outside, or you will end up in the moat.
Erebus: We had quite the invasion
Queen Arya: heh
Retribution: Damn PVPers always ruining stuff
Erebus: However
Akera: lol
Erebus: With the invasion
Deathangel: i second that
Andromalius: *boob power fist*
Erebus: and the large scale
Erebus: I will say
Erebus: All of the governors well almost
Erebus: and their people showed up to help
Erebus: We defeated teh Pirates
Erebus: and Trade began again
Quacklebush: aye
Erebus: The city is better than ever
King Blackthorn: Pardon me a moment.
Death Angel: Moat
Mr Pwn: lol
Akera: in the mswamps
Summer: lol
Deathangel: Moat
Summer: moat
Andromalius: Who would alow this in the kings present
A Mongbat: Jail!
Death Angel: cant rez in here
Andromalius: presence
Mr Gundam: That's a good look for you.
Mr Pwn: scum
Erebus: Sire?
Summer: solus
A Mongbat: he left for a moment
Summer: im m ising some gold
Summer: you steal it
A Mongbat: for maot duty
Erebus: Oh he was under his chair
Erebus: couldnt see him
You see: King Blackthorn
Summer: lock the doors
King Blackthorn: Now, where were we?
Erebus: Minoc sire
A Mongbat: :)
Tatiana Thorn: they were fighting
King Blackthorn: Minoc, of course.
Erebus: The docking system, caused an invasion of sorts
Erebus: were not pleased
Erebus: All of the fellow cities and governors
Quacklebush: arrrr it did
Erebus: almost all of them
Erebus: *caughs*
Erebus: Showed up
Big Harry: I OBJECT
Erebus: and we ran them off
Big Harry: *wipes off juices*
Erebus: Now
Big Harry: I OBJECT
Erebus: Trade is back
Andromalius: Har such a jokester
Erebus: and the city
Erebus: is doing better than ever
Erebus: sire
King Blackthorn: Excellent.
Erebus: I want to thank
Erebus: My fellow
Erebus: Governors
Erebus: The honest ones....
John daBlade: axe = grind
Quacklebush: troll polution??
Tolliver: stop attacking alloger
Summer: what the hec
Erebus: Stop making a mochery of this meeting!
Big Harry: save the dolphins
tater: why u call him a name like that not nice
Tolliver: stop attacking in here alocer
Erebus: Disrespect.....
Andromalius: *Boob Power Fist*
King Blackthorn: Ma Nerva.
Ma Nerva: m lord
King Blackthorn: Have you anything for us this evening?
Ma Nerva: fellow governors
Ma Nerva: trade is excedingly well
tater: *claps*
Summer: indeed it is
Ma Nerva: there has been a problem of late
Istari: they must have Sentry Guards around here right?
Ma Nerva: seems deep sea monsters like magincia docks
Grim Reaper: ALLAH AKBAR
Ma Nerva: mainly noon sundays
Andromalius: Har
tater: lol
Ma Nerva: we have fought them well m lord
Mr Gundam: I attest to this. I've seen it with mine own eyes.
Ma Nerva: may need help in future
Mr Gundam: Monsters as big as buildings they are.
Ma Nerva: onthis
Erebus: Minoc will help
You see: King Blackthorn
Andromalius: Aye
Ma Nerva: that is all from magincia m lord
Mr Pwn: what a joke
Summer: haha
Andromalius: The Brotherhood will defend magnica!
Echo: My King if I may?
Mr Gundam: I want to hear about this Meteor Landing..
King Blackthorn: Yes Echo?
Echo: at the last meeting you requested nominations for the seat of Trinsic
tater: if u will send then to Yew fel gate im sure they get took care of my king
Echo: With the backing of Governor Andrasta and myself
Draug: i think im at wrong event
Echo: I would like to nominate Lord Mongbat for that seat
Andromalius: Har
Ma Nerva: i second that
Deathangel: Can we have order in here
Summer: Ii second that Lord Mongbat
A Mongbat: Thank you Gov Echo.
Echo: and for what appears to be a opening in Jhelom
A Mongbat: Thank Gov Summer
Erebus: Ah yes sire, I have a nomination for Jhelom if it were to open.....
Summer: i second Lord Mongbat
Echo: I'd like to nominate Governor Andrasta
King Blackthorn: Lord Mongbat for Trinsic will be fine, unless there is an objection?
Echo: *nods at Mongbat*
Summer: none
Tatiana Thorn: no sire
tater: WOOT *claps*
Quacklebush: arrr i could run both yer majesty
Quacklebush: hahaha
You see: Tolliver
Echo: Thank you M'lord
A Mongbat: Thank Govs, and ty sire.
Summer: yay
Erebus: I have a man ready for Jhelom if it were....
Echo: that is all I had on the matter
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Summer: *wipes off sweat*
You see: Retribution
King Blackthorn: We have nominations for Jhelom?
Summer: YES
A Mongbat: *winks at summer*
Erebus: Red Beard
Erebus: Sire
Tahani: Andrasta would be honored
Summer: Red beard
A Mongbat: Gov Andrasta for jholme sire
Echo: Governor Andrasta my liege
Quacklebush: aye i would third red beard
Erebus: He was at the last meeting sire
Ma Nerva: i abstain
King Blackthorn: Andrasta and Red Beard, step forward.
Summer: Red beard
Tolliver: i vote big harry into leadership
Tatiana Thorn: griefer could always run jhelom
Erebus: Red Beard is absent
Quacklebush: haha sadly red beard could not make it tnite
King Blackthorn: Hmm.
Erebus: I can speak for him
Erebus: He is my second in command
Erebus: Sire
Tahani: i am Andrasta's sister
Erebus: And already respected by the people of Jhelom
Tahani: i speak for her
King Blackthorn: *ponders*
Mr Pwn: lol
Ironmalice: sounds like the "good ol boys club" is running this show..
Tolliver: black thorn
Queen Arya: hmm
Tolliver: step down from the throne
Beldin Brightaxe: dude, really?
Big Harry: SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!
Big Harry: SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!
Big Harry: SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!
Quacklebush: arrrr
Erebus: I can guarantee Red Beards allegance to the crown....
John daBlade: shortest meeting ever
Echo: I spoke with Governor Andrasta in the past few days my King
Echo: I do believe she would be interested in serving the people as well as the crown
King Blackthorn: *looks across the Table.*
A Mongbat: As have i she has shown intrest in the town.
Summer: So would red beard
King Blackthorn: Big Harry.
Solus: I vote for Andrasta
Erebus: I think BooB's reputation and our alliances with the cities and my word for Red Beard speaks far
King Blackthorn: Your information has been given to the Guards.
A Mongbat: Second that
Draug: for having to work lots in rl and then finally attending an event this sis some weird stuff
Echo: I do not disagree Governor Summer
King Blackthorn: !I hope you enjoy your vacation.
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Lets go down the line, governor to governor and vote for either Andrasta or Red Beard.
King Blackthorn: Echo, you first.
Echo: Governor Andrasta
King Blackthorn: Admiral?
King Blackthorn: Admiral Quacklebush, your vote?
Quacklebush: *nods*
Quacklebush: red beard
Quacklebush: year majesty
King Blackthorn: Lady Thorn?
Tatiana Thorn: i say....
Tatiana Thorn: lady andrasta
Cheaters Inc: say zora
King Blackthorn: Summer?
Summer: *ponders*
Death Angel: *sigh*'
Summer: Red beard
King Blackthorn: Governor Mongbat?
A Mongbat: Andrasta sire.
King Blackthorn: Your selection?
A Mongbat: Andrasta sire.
King Blackthorn: 3 Andrasta, 2 redbeard?
King Blackthorn: Solus, your vote?
Solus: Andrasta
Summer: pfff
King Blackthorn: Governor Erebus?
Erebus: Red Beard Sire
Quacklebush: yaaaharrr
King Blackthorn: 4 Andrasta, 3 Red Beard?
Erebus: aye
Erebus: sire
Catastrophe-: My last word:
A Mongbat: Aye
King Blackthorn: Ma Nerva, I cant have you abstain.
Ma Nerva: red beard m lord
Summer: indeed
Ma Nerva: u decide the tie
Summer: !!
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: A Tie then.
QuickSilver: Seems red beard, has a biased vote
Death Angel: does l get a vote?
A Mongbat: Bring LT Gov of Brit in for vote sire?
Solus: Uh....I mean Britain already voted
King Blackthorn: Have an idea...
Solus: The tiebreaker belongs to the King
King Blackthorn: *looks across the table.*
A Mongbat: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Governor Beldin, old friend.
King Blackthorn: Who would you vote for?
Retribution: you will never be my son, go away Children behave or i will put you all in Time Out
Beldin Brightaxe: Aye?
Ironmalice: maybe someone that is actually here....
QuickSilver: I agree
King Blackthorn: Red Beard, or Andrasta to Govern Jhelom?
Beldin Brightaxe: Ah connae know Red Beard, boot he sounds like a fine lad
Andromalius: Beard!
Beldin Brightaxe: boot Ah dae know Andrastra
Beldin Brightaxe: an' she'd dae a fine job
John daBlade: Red Beard sounds cooler next order of Business
King Blackthorn: You must pick one, I needed a tie breaker, and you are a fair sort.
Beldin Brightaxe: Then Ah'll toss me coin fer Andrasta
Cheaters Inc: red beard
Summer: BAH
Tahani: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Andrasta it is then.
Death Angel: *claps*
Tahani: thank you Beldin
Retribution: I vote Tati, Tati for pres (:
QuickSilver: Red Beard had guildies biased vote anyways.
Ma Nerva: here here
Summer: hmmm
Solus: Then it sounds like our business is finished tonight
Solus: Ill make my leave
Quacklebush: harrrr
Echo: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Red Beard will have to best her in Election.
Quacklebush: *hangs head*
King Blackthorn: Not yet Solus.
Tahani: my sister thanks you as well
King Blackthorn: *frowns*
Summer: bah
Foo Drizzle: My last word:
Andromalius: Oh Oh ill take solus
Andromalius: haha
King Blackthorn: Beldin, you hav ewaited patiently.
Beldin Brightaxe: He hus tae bank his ill gotten coins
King Blackthorn: What can we do for you?

Snap159.jpg (182.15 KiB) Viewed 26170 times

Summer: *throws meteor paper away from her spot*
Beldin Brightaxe: Aye !
Tahani: *bows*
Beldin Brightaxe: Thae Dwarf folk ae Kraggen Cor huv opened oop our gates
Andromalius: Gov'na
Tatiana Thorn: oh very nice
King Blackthorn: That, That I am very glad to hear.
King Blackthorn: I didn't like being estranged... our two groups.
Echo: *smiles*
Ironmalice: ok never to attend another boring EM night...thx and all im out.
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
QuickSilver: is he Jamacian?
Andromalius: HAHAH
Andromalius: nope your not
A Mongbat: Dwarven
Ironmalice: lol
King Blackthorn: I wonder if dwarves could make a hot air balloon.
King Blackthorn: *ponders*
Death Angel: lol
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: on that note dear ones...
King Blackthorn: Long Live Britannia!
King Blackthorn: Thank you all for coming.
Ma Nerva: allhail
Erebus: King
Echo: Long Live the King
Akera: :-)
Fand: Long Live the King!
Ironmalice: blah never again man
Andromalius: Long live the king!
Queen Arya: Could we get several Crux Knights as guards for charlottes treasure plz
Summer: ty ma
Summer: nerva
Ma Nerva: yea?
Summer: ty
Summer: for the vote
Ma Nerva: yw
Erebus: ya nerva
Erebus: u need us
Erebus: just ask
Ma Nerva: will do
Summer: erebus
John daBlade: that was the event?
A Mongbat: Thank you Summer for keeping your word.
You see: King Blackthorn
Quacklebush: woops nodded off there
Akera: lol
Quacklebush: these meetins get a lil long winded
Quacklebush: yaharrr
Summer: o well
Tatiana Thorn: i voted
A Mongbat: :)
Tatiana Thorn: how i felt
Beldin Brightaxe: sorry lad
Summer: boob will have to win the elcetion
Beldin Brightaxe: err lass
Summer: no problem
You see: Cauchemar [BLAK]
A Mongbat: bah
You see: Tahani the Medium
Quacklebush: u can head out if u need to akera
Quacklebush: tell alward to give u triple points for being only guard
Akera: fair well Gov
A Mongbat: nice ride copy cat!
You see: Kingsguard Lieutenant
Akera: waves
King Blackthorn: Governor Mongbat, can you meet me at the Trinsic Stone?
King Blackthorn: Get you set up.
A Mongbat: Yes sir
Foo Drizzle: Kal Vas An Flam
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Summer: lets all join him
Catastrophe-: In Vas Mani
King Blackthorn: Lady Tahani, when Andrasta is ready have her contact me.
King Blackthorn: And Ill add her to the Jhelom stone.
Tahani: i will thank you Sire

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