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infobox update

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2022 5:59 pm
by Jynxx
Hey JC, can we get |shardbound| added to the infobox? With all of the new items released from the various 'Treasures' events over the last few years, it's become quite common among many items.

Also, Shard Bound needs to be added to the 'Item Properties' list.

Re: infobox update

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2022 12:21 am
by Kirthag
I'm scheduling many edits and additions to the guide in my weekends. I'll look at the item templates (unless someone is already doing so).

Thanks Jynx for the heads-up on this. I'm not much of an event participant myself, but I am a collector so that shard-bound property is important.

Re: infobox update

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2022 9:30 pm
by Jynxx
Thanks - and glad to hear it Kirth!

Re: infobox update

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2022 12:38 pm
by JC the Builder
I never done anything with the infoboxes. I imagine it isn't too difficult to see what is there and add another entry.

I have given you both Sysop permissions so you can edit any protected pages.

Re: infobox update

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2023 2:05 am
by Kirthag
*an corp*
@Jynxx - I be around
*waves at everyone*
Shard Bound added to Item Properties template
Tested your addition for shardbound is in the Infobox item template and it works ;) good job

Code: Select all

{{Infobox item
| shardbound=yes}}