Resist Lowering Tool for Cu Sidhes

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Resist Lowering Tool for Cu Sidhes

Postby Ginger » Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:57 am

Today, at the Balhae Meet and Greet, I asked Mesanna about a resist lowering tool for Cu Sidhes that will allow you to lower its resists to the minimum allowed. For example, you can lower your CUs Cold/Energy resist to 70/70 but not below that. Mesanna said that she's not doing this.

In retrospect, I think I should have explained how this feature would be used, why I wanted this feature to be available only for Cu Sidhes and why this feature is needed. I didn't make much of a case in the Meet and Greet, so I'll post it here for future reference.

The resist lowering tool would be similar to a "Whetstone of Enervation"--it would allow for more room to balance resists--and should be used *before* a pet is customized. The reason I wanted this feature to be available only for Cu Sidhes is because it could be used to lower control slots in other pets.

Here's why a resist lowering tool is needed.

If a creature does Cold Damage, its natural Cold Resist is usually high. So with a creature that does Cold Damage, you will usually *not* fight other creatures that also do Cold Damage. Therefore, for a creature does Cold Damage, you want its cold resist to be 70.

For example, you would not use a Cu Sidhe to kill another Cu Sidhe; or a White Wyrm to kill another White Wyrm.

Also, for all pets you want their Poison resist to be 70 so that they are easy to heal!

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