Hit chances

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Hit chances

Postby Kipitel » Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:10 pm

I was on here before talking about hit chance and I've learned some stuff. Before 120 vs 120 45 hci 45 dci i hit 50% give or take how well percentages work. Now I've added 60 SSI and it looks like I hit a lot more than 50% and have silver to prove it hehe. And I checked with a second account on the test server. Could there be or is there a page on this?

Also I've come across armor refinement and hit 1% once again lol. Is there anything that counters this? I know I'll probably figure it out eventually but sooner is better than later. =) And I'm thinkin about raiding the quest lists and publishes.... but that's not done in a minute lol.

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