King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, June 28,2015

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King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, June 28,2015

Postby Andrasta » Sun Jul 12, 2015 12:06 pm

You see: Lady Minax
You see: Joye
You see: Crawworth
You see: Clainin
You see: Ansella Gryen
You see: Kingsguard Dragoon
You see: A Ribbit
You see: Barton, Groom of the Stool
You see: Khaleesi [BLAK]
You see: Lord Akera [*DP*]
You see: Barton, Groom of the Stool
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Minister Farthington
You see: Sherry the Mouse
You see: Queen Arya [Toad]
You see: Summer [BooB]
You see: Lord Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
You see: Khaleesi [BLAK]
You see: Tomalas Gabriel of Atlantic
You see: Lord Dupre
You see: Lady Echo [ODE]
You see: Wilhelm Brandt [BLAK]
You see: Lord Alward [*DP*]
You see: Death Angel [LE@F]
You see: Lady Grace [BLAK]
You see: Hendall [FwV]
You see: Samul [LE@F]
Cauchemar: err stool
Andrasta: Evening everyone *smiles*
You see: Governor of Minoc
Queen Arya: hiya
Welcome back, Governor Andrasta
Tatiana Thorn: greetings
Quacklebush: g'evenin lady andra
Cauchemar: Gov'na s all
Akera: greatings
Tatiana Thorn: i brought Ribbit with me
Cauchemar: hallu
Echo: Good evening
Summer: Evening all
Andrasta: My sweetie
Summer: Governor Arya had a great idea
Quacklebush: *hic*
Khaleesi: Evening Andrasta!
Cauchemar: ??????
Summer: Since the King is not here
Summer: I think we should go to everyone cities like a field trip
Akera: lets have a party
Summer: and have a little walk
A Ribbit: *wiggles nose and looks cute*
Summer: it was queen Aryas idea
Cauchemar: my city is vast
Queen Arya: talk about our goals an such
Quacklebush: *hic*
Echo: the crown will not be joining us this evening?
Summer: no
Quacklebush: apears not
Andrasta: where is the King?
Queen Arya: he didnt say why'
Akera: with the Qween
Queen Arya: just we should hold meeting ourselves
Akera: i bet
Quacklebush: *hic*
Andrasta: how did you hear that?
Cauchemar: i fear it may be this new tale i have heard
Queen Arya: hope its no to serious
Akera: there in bed last i heard together
A Ribbit: *looks to be petted*
Summer: So what shall it be governors
Queen Arya: Minax and the King?
Andrasta: *pets Ribbit*
Cauchemar: about lost kings and such i fear for our Sovereign
Khaleesi: He has mentioned it at the last meeting he wasnt sure he could be here but wished we still meet
A Ribbit: *point to his carrot cage*
Khaleesi: Why don't we go down the line
Andrasta: what if he was kidnapped
Khaleesi: and introduce ourselves if new and such
Andrasta: he's never missed a Meeting
You see: Death Angel [LE@F]
You see: Samul [LE@F]
Summer: we do have some New Governors
Queen Arya: he said he wouldnt be here tho
Cauchemar: aye
Cauchemar: new kid here
Summer: Governor Echo
Summer: you wanna start
Quacklebush: zz.. Zzz...
Quacklebush: Zzzzzzzzz....
Echo: of course
Quacklebush: Zzzzzzzzz....
Quacklebush: arr lets hear from echo
Cauchemar: aye
Echo: Yew is doing well, nothing out of the ordinary to report
Echo: we are busy coordinating
Echo: several events to come in the next two months
You see: Wild Orchid Countess of New Magincia
Echo: beginning with an archery contest hopefully within the next week
Tatiana Thorn: oh my word
Quacklebush: whoa got breezy
Echo: depending on schedules of those involved
Quacklebush: *hic*
Cauchemar: Nice Dirk
Quacklebush: i really liked the sound of that archery contest
Quacklebush: *looks excited*
Akera: hes un-armed hit him now
Echo: all are welcome, we hope to see you there
A Ribbit: *thinks quacllebush is being bad*
Quacklebush: *hic*
Echo: the event will be posted once all times are agreed upon
Cauchemar: Nice Dirk Q
Quacklebush: sounds like a great time echo
Echo: that is all I have other than concern for the crown's absence
Tatiana Thorn: aye
Quacklebush: I shall be there fer sure
Echo: I look forward to seeing you Governor Quacklebush
Quacklebush: *grins*
Summer: awesome
Summer: we will all be there to support yew
Cauchemar: aye
Summer: and Governor Echo
Quacklebush: Khaleesi ye nest
Echo: *smiles*
Echo: thank you all
Quacklebush: *hic*
You see: The Crown
Khaleesi: *grins*
Summer: Khalessi our New governor
Quacklebush: *cheers*
Summer: of vesper
Tatiana Thorn: well new returning
Grace: *claps*
Summer: *stands*
Khaleesi: *laughs* the old new governor..
Summer: *claps*
Akera: Claps
Summer: *claps*
Tatiana Thorn: *giggles*
Echo: welcome governor
Quacklebush: *claps*
Khaleesi: Its good to be back ..
Tatiana Thorn: did he put his clothes back on?
Wilhelm Brandt: *smirks*
Quacklebush: *hic*
Summer: please tell us about yourself
Wilhelm Brandt: Aye Lady Tati.
Summer: and your plans of vesper
Wilhelm Brandt: He is dressed.
A Ribbit: *looks to be petted*
Khaleesi: Sure.
Tatiana Thorn: whew
Andrasta: *pets Ribbit*
Khaleesi: We plan on doing much of the same..
Khaleesi: Working with Sir Wilhelm in restoring order in Cove
Wilhelm Brandt: *nods*
Summer: thats great
Khaleesi: We plan on some of the events of old
Summer: myself and Quack and the Army took down cove long ago
Khaleesi: we did in the early terms..
Khaleesi: Perhaps a run of the Carnival again
Quacklebush: yahaarr
Khaleesi: We do have a new face in town
Khaleesi: Fire Kitten
Khaleesi: She plans on bringing some gambling into play
Summer: very good
Khaleesi: at our Arena
Summer: Very Nice
Echo: *smiles*
Summer: good to have you
Summer: here
Khaleesi: Also
Khaleesi: the Baroness Sophia approached me
Cauchemar: *serious look*
Khaleesi: regarding something of a 'Treasury Council for Charlotte
Summer: did she seem worried?
Summer: or upset
Khaleesi: She was asking if there has been a meeting yet..
Khaleesi: *shrugs*
Quacklebush: harrr that do be alot of treasure
Andrasta: is it still there?
Summer: indeed
Quacklebush: *shrugs*
Khaleesi: That might be something to look into
Khaleesi: I have not seen as yet
Andrasta: missing King
Andrasta: missing Treasure
Echo: very impressive hoarde
Queen Arya: I believe Quack, Solus and myself were placed in that capacity by the king
Andrasta: *shrugs*
Summer: something to tell the king
Summer: next time
Queen Arya: an I know o no meeting
Summer: Solus should be removed he is no longer a Governor
Summer: he is a thief
Khaleesi: it was not just governor's though
Andrasta: Baroness Sophia was appointed too
Khaleesi: Baroness Sophia is but a citizen
Echo: I second the reemoval of Solus since he decided not to run for his city
Queen Arya: I was not a governor at the time -true
Akera: right the King picked them
Summer: its something we ned to bring up to the King
Andrasta: only the King can remove him I would think
Echo: this should be addressed to the crown
Khaleesi: Being that the king appointed him perhaps we wait
Khaleesi: agreed
Akera: yes
Cauchemar: aye
Echo: *nods*
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
Queen Arya: nods*
Khaleesi: That is all I have for now
Summer: I think we have enough votes to request him to be removed
Summer: dont need an introduction
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes*
Andrasta: its the King's dilema
Cauchemar: thats for sure
Summer: you run a great city and you are a great person we all love
Cauchemar: 2nd that
Summer: Governor tatiana Thorn
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes even more*
Quacklebush: *nods*
Tatiana Thorn: thank you
Tatiana Thorn: i do try hard
Cauchemar: tis nothing for a stepped
Tatiana Thorn: Skara Brae continues to thrive
Cauchemar: stepper
Tatiana Thorn: i continue with the tavern nights
Tatiana Thorn: and have decided that maybe just hold them in New haven
Tatiana Thorn: to draw new folks
You see: stone table
Tatiana Thorn: since those are more in need
Tatiana Thorn: and the chance to meet others
Quacklebush: them do be your biggest nights
Tatiana Thorn: woud benefit them most
Quacklebush: *hic*
Cauchemar: *thoughtful smile*
Tatiana Thorn: trades continue
Quacklebush: *hic*
Quacklebush: I will say trinsic last monday was most impressive
Summer: I love tavern nights
Tatiana Thorn: that is about all i have
Tatiana Thorn: and of course
Tatiana Thorn: i am always willing to help others
Summer: awesome
Summer: thats why we love you tatiana
Quacklebush: *claps*
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes again*
Cauchemar: aye
Quacklebush: *hic*
Summer: she goes to fel every week and drops off deeds of repair....
Summer: and no one will bother her
Summer: the only person i know that is invernable when in FEL
Tatiana Thorn: umm thats daily
Quacklebush: *hic*
Quacklebush: *hic*
Summer: Well i guess its my turn
Summer: hello everyone
Cauchemar: hail
Summer: New and old Governors
Quacklebush: *hic*
Tatiana Thorn: Hail
Echo: hello
Cauchemar: *bliushes*
Quacklebush: ahoy! guv'na
Summer: This is my 4th consecutive term as the Governor of Moonglow
Cauchemar: *cauchism*
Quacklebush: *hic*
Summer: when I took over Moonglow had about 35m gold in the bank
Summer: it now has close to 300m
Quacklebush: *hic*
Summer: My goal this term is to have 500m gold
Cauchemar: i was thinking of a personal loan
Quacklebush: *hic*
Cauchemar: *smiles*
Quacklebush: *nods*
Echo: impressive
Summer: Moonglows trade deals are rising on a daily basis
Quacklebush: *hic*
Summer: and it makes me happy too see my home town flurish
Quacklebush: Me armada could be using a loan as well
Quacklebush: harrr
Summer: I will be hosting some events comming up
Summer: Pirates never pay back!!!!
Summer: lol
Quacklebush: ...I'm not wasted...
Akera: lol
Quacklebush: haha
Echo: *smiles*
Summer: Im glad this term we all got along
Quacklebush: *looks around*
Quacklebush: wheres a pirate?
Summer: and the elections went good
Quacklebush: haharr
Quacklebush: *hic*
Quacklebush: ...I'm not wasted...
Summer: looking foward to working with you all
Summer: thats all that i have
Akera: claps
Cauchemar: *stands*
Summer: *nudges governor of trinny*
Quacklebush: *claps*
Quacklebush: *hic*
Wilhelm Brandt: *sneezes*
Cauchemar: I am the new kid here
Summer: bless you
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Akera: claps
Wilhelm Brandt: Thanks
Wilhelm Brandt: *smiles*
Cauchemar: Trinsic well all goes well
Cauchemar: i donot think i could stand on my head to tell ya a better tALE
A Ribbit: *looks for a pet*
Tatiana Thorn: *pats ribbit*
Khaleesi: *pets ribbit*
Quacklebush: harrr
Quacklebush: *hic*
Cauchemar: so i think i will just sit down here to rest me back
Cauchemar: i am workin
Quacklebush: *hic*
Andrasta: how is the fortifying of Trinsic going?
Cauchemar: to make Trinsic a better city
Tatiana Thorn: welcome
Quacklebush: old fingers and old back harrr
Cauchemar: guards gettin better wall getting stronger
Cauchemar: been wiggling my fingers to conjure up some new events
Cauchemar: wantin to get Trinsic back on map
Cauchemar: can i help any of you fellow Gov'nas??
Cauchemar: help
A Ribbit: *whispers do a carrot hunt*
Wild Orchid: let us know when next Trinsic meeting is
Cauchemar: *cauchism*
Wild Orchid: Governor Cauchemar
Wild Orchid: Briar went yesterday but no one there
Cauchemar: watch the bullitn board clearly stated on
Alward: put up street signs
Wild Orchid: k, didn't know to look
Wild Orchid: ty
Cauchemar: go to the 2 story bank
Cauchemar: also i will be passin out books with all contact info
Wild Orchid: thank you
Quacklebush: *hic*
Cauchemar: no well like my fingers i am OLD
Cauchemar: heheheheh
Hendall: You had enough sir
Queen Arya: heh
Akera: lol
Quacklebush: arrrr
Queen Arya: isnt that ole hendall
Cauchemar: takes a bit but willin
Quacklebush: bring me a drink lad ill tip ya
Queen Arya: havent seen him in a while
Cauchemar: thats about all there is M'Lord
Cauchemar: s
Cauchemar: for got the s
Summer: awesome Governor
Summer: nice to have you here
Quacklebush: trinsic is in good hands
Alward: he ain't fell of the planet yet. he's only tipsy
Summer: we have another new Governor amoungs us
Quacklebush: harr
Tomalas Gabriel: hello every one
Tatiana Thorn: Welcome aboard
Summer: Governor Tomalas
Akera: Hail
Queen Arya: hail
Tomalas Gabriel: my name is tomalas
Echo: hail
Andrasta: Hello
Tomalas Gabriel: id like to run some events for the people
Tomalas Gabriel: currently we are doing a biggest fish contest
Tomalas Gabriel: and next sunday i will be helping
Tomalas Gabriel: with the free shoe giveaway agian
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
Tomalas Gabriel: in conjunction with magincias 3rd fleet again
Tomalas Gabriel: hope to se eu all there
Tomalas Gabriel: noon again
Tatiana Thorn: *raises hand*
Tomalas Gabriel: then net toss,s at magincia
Tomalas Gabriel: thats all i have
Cauchemar: ': whispers excuse me i must right a wrong
Tatiana Thorn: sir?
Cauchemar: whispers sorry bout the "son" M'Lady
Andrasta: *smiles*
Tatiana Thorn: mr tomalas?
Tomalas Gabriel: yes?
Tatiana Thorn: i had spoken to mr solus
Wild Orchid: its quite allright, Governor Cauchemar
Tatiana Thorn: but i have been dropping repairs in britain
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Tatiana Thorn: mostly because it is very lively and easy to reach those in need
Tatiana Thorn: i just wanted to make sure you did not have an objection
Tomalas Gabriel: please continue its a great help
Tomalas Gabriel: and we all apreciate ur hard work
Tomalas Gabriel: thank you
Quacklebush: *hic*
Tomalas Gabriel: i beleive itsgovernor andrasta's turn
Quacklebush: *hic*
Quacklebush: Andrasta what of Magincia?
Summer: indeed it is
Andrasta: Good Evening
Quacklebush: we have heard you have a new council
Andrasta: most of you know me
Summer: What a victory for her i congradulate her on her win
Andrasta: *smiles*
Andrasta: thank you
Quacklebush: *nods*
Echo: *smiles*
Andrasta: I am pleased to be able to join you once again
Andrasta: For those of you who do not know me
Quacklebush: *hic*
Akera: Smiles once agian
Andrasta: I am the Caretaker of Goodman's Rune Library
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles and nods*
Andrasta: we had an interesting run during the election
Andrasta: to that end I have submitted some recommendations to the Crown
Summer: well we are glad you won
Andrasta: for next election
Summer: we need the boards to be disabled like the titles are
Andrasta: for more fairness and openess
Andrasta: that is indeed one recommendation
Summer: not the stratics boards
Summer: the boards we use in town
Quacklebush: *hic*
Queen Arya: bulitins
Summer: yes
Andrasta: but also to mend some relations
Andrasta: I have appointed a new Council in New Magincia
Andrasta: My Lt. Governor is the very capable Wild Orchid Countess of New Magincia
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Wild Orchid: Hello everyone
Tatiana Thorn: hello
Echo: *claps*
Wild Orchid: I'm honored to serve
Tomalas Gabriel: hi
Andrasta: *smiles*
Wild Orchid: the city of New Magincia
Akera: hi
Wild Orchid: and Governor Andrasta
Wild Orchid: thank you for the welcome
Andrasta: Our Financial Minister will be the Esteemed Nail Warstein
Cauchemar: A pleasure M'lady
Echo: *clpas*
Akera: :_)
Echo: *claps*
Tatiana Thorn: *claps*
Summer: very nice
Quacklebush: *claps*
Khaleesi: *claps*
Summer: *claps*
Quacklebush: yeaahar
Andrasta: and our High Admiral of the 3rd Fleet is the former Governor Ma Nerva
Quacklebush: *hic*
Tatiana Thorn: very nice
Wild Orchid: *claps*
Cauchemar: very nice
Summer: wooo hoooo
Echo: *claps*
Quacklebush: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
Quacklebush begins to sing New Magincia
Andrasta: who will continue to hold her net tosses on Saturday at New Magincia Docks
Summer: *claps*
Quacklebush: I could always use another admiral to drink with... arrr
Andrasta: It is my hope that some hard feelings will be set aside
Cauchemar: i see alot of Cauchisms about
Andrasta: and all will work for the Glory of New Magincia
Tomalas Gabriel: here here
Cauchemar: *smiles*
Summer: indeed
Tatiana Thorn: excellent
Andrasta: Our Treasury surpassed 500 million quite some time ago
Tatiana Thorn: the town growth is what matters most
Summer: very Nice
Quacklebush: most commendable of ye
Quacklebush: *claps*
Cauchemar: again i was thinking of a personal loan
Echo: *applauds*
Echo: well done
Quacklebush: haharr
Andrasta: so our focus will be on Hunting nights, Net Tosses and Commerce
Quacklebush: *hic*
Cauchemar: aye
Andrasta: we serve the King wherever he may be
Andrasta: i think we should investigate this disappearance
Cauchemar: aye my concern as well
Andrasta: with Minax about
Andrasta: i think this is concerning
Summer: well
Quacklebush: *scratches beard*
Cauchemar: i have heard tales of Lost Kings and such
Summer: we have to meet tomorrow at the castle
Andrasta: i believe we should start preparing for wr
Andrasta: and maybe an A' Team style rescue
Quacklebush: hahahaharrr
Summer: moonglow is ready
Summer: so is minoc
Cauchemar: *stands slams fist on table*
Andrasta: can we agree on this ?
Tatiana Thorn: aye
Quacklebush: *hic*
Cauchemar: aye
Echo: aye
Queen Arya: aye
Echo: *nods*
Summer: aye
Tatiana Thorn: *jumps startled*
Tomalas Gabriel: we stand united
Andrasta: We must find out what happened to the King
Cauchemar: *wiggles fingers in preparation*
Andrasta: I will convene a meeting in New Magincia this week
Andrasta: and gather our resources
Andrasta: that is all
Andrasta: Thank you
Cauchemar: aye 11 July mine
Quacklebush: claps
Summer: Andrasta
Wild Orchid: at 8 PM?
Summer: we can find out tomorrow
Andrasta: aye
Echo: *claps*
Cauchemar: aye est
Andrasta: we can?
Wild Orchid: thank you
Cauchemar: aye est
Summer: yes we have to meet
Wild Orchid: I will let Briar Rose know
Summer: at the castle
Wild Orchid: thank you kindly
Summer: we can get answers then
Andrasta: alright
Cauchemar: please be patient
Wild Orchid: Of course
Summer: if we dont get answers
Andrasta: We will be here
Summer: we will activate the A team
Wild Orchid: she just didn't know to check the bulletin board
Andrasta: Thank you Governor Summer for that information
Summer: and look for the King
Wild Orchid: she came to give support
Wild Orchid: and I'll let her know
Quacklebush: and what of jhelm queen arya?
Wild Orchid: to come on july 11
Wild Orchid: if she is able
Cauchemar: new kid here but retired and willin to put in as much as needed rl time
Wild Orchid: Thank you kindly
Summer: The mages in Moonglow are very good and can find anyone anywhere with there magic
Queen Arya: Aye Jhelom and the Royal Crux are always ready
Cauchemar: acct is 206
Cauchemar: months been around
Wild Orchid: good for you
Cauchemar: time to give back
Cauchemar: this is the community
Cauchemar: waiting for
Queen Arya: other than then Minax being on our doorstep
Cauchemar: so will be much better
Queen Arya: jhelom fairs well
Summer: Governor Arya
Cauchemar: thank you..... for support gonna need all ideas
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Queen Arya: there is word of some underground being linked to Jhelom is being reserched by our crew
Queen Arya: all is fair
Queen Arya: suffering heat waves
Quacklebush: arrr pirates in jhelm?
Queen Arya: that is all
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Cauchemar: hands cushon
Cauchemar: Tati
Tatiana Thorn: so the primary concern
Tatiana Thorn: we all share
Tatiana Thorn: is where is the king
Echo: aye
Tatiana Thorn: is he merely delayed
Tatiana Thorn: or... worse
Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
Queen Arya: we will find out more tomorrow night I am told
Cauchemar: I fear for our Sovereign
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
Andrasta: I think something may be wrong
Tatiana Thorn: let us hope for peace
Tatiana Thorn: and prepare for war
Quacklebush: last me heard he was missin
A Ribbit: *cries his carrot cage is gone*
Andrasta: there there Ribbit
Quacklebush: *lights barrel over head*
Tatiana Thorn: i guess questions will be answered tomorrow
Queen Arya: is there anything more?
Summer: I dont have nothing
Tatiana Thorn: i have nothing else
Quacklebush: arrr me be out of booze
Echo: nothing here
Queen Arya: heh
Andrasta: no booze
Queen Arya: lol
Khaleesi: We took up an hour .. good job
Summer: i guess this meeting is adjurned
Queen Arya: night all
Quacklebush: do we go to jhelm now to drink with the pirates?
Summer: good job governors
Andrasta: Well done Governors
Queen Arya: fare thee well
Quacklebush: yarrr
Summer: *hugs*
Andrasta: Goodnight
Echo: good night everyone, travel safe
Tatiana Thorn: it was good to see everyone
Summer: night all
Tomalas Gabriel: g night
You see: Lady Echo [ODE]
You see: Queen Arya [Toad]
Khaleesi: *pets ribbit*
A Ribbit: *wiggle nose*
You see: Lord Alward [*DP*]
Andrasta: *smiles*
A Ribbit: thought he was going to trap the king
Andrasta: sadly maybe someone else has
Andrasta: we must be prepared for tomorrow
You see: apple tree
A Ribbit: *looks at the flag*
You see: Lord Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Lady Grace [BLAK]
You see: Non-Sosarian
You see: Wild Orchid Countess of New Magincia
You see: Minister Farthington
You see: Sherry the Mouse
You see: Barton, Groom of the Stool
You see: Kingsguard Lieutenant
You see: Kingsguard Dragoon
A Ribbit: *wiggles nose and looks cute*
Andrasta: Vas Rel Por

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