King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, January 25, 2015

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King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, January 25, 2015

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You see: Maximus [BLAK]
You see: Lord Dair [BooB]
You see: Ankara Selene
You see: Eurgrain
You see: Prince Llyr
You see: Mildred Llyr
You see: Mufasa
You see: Slick
You see: A Mongbat Earl of Moonglow
You see: aulbrey [Yew]
You see: Slick
You see: Minister Farthington
You see: Sherry the Mouse
You see: Mufasa
You see: Ankara Selene
You see: Eurgrain
You see: Lord Dair [BooB]
You see: Ma Nerva Countess of New Magincia
You see: Erebus [BooB]
You see: Gwendolyn Dame of Trinsic
You see: Lord Dupre
You see: Salty Pete [BooB]
You see: Lew of Trinsic [T.C]
You see: Death Angel [LE@F]
You see: Mildred Llyr
You see: Lord Dair [BooB]
You see: Death Angel [LE@F]
You see: Lochmor-DemonBow [S-CG]
You see: Maximus [BLAK]
You see: Carric [BLAK]
You see: Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Superbia [BLAK]
You see: Khaleesi [BLAK]
You see: Grace [BLAK]
You see: Lochmor-DemonBow [S-CG]
You see: Maximus [BLAK]
You see: Khaleesi [BLAK]
You see: Lord Tayshar [BLAK]
You see: Grace [BLAK]
You see: Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Lord Tayshar [BLAK]
Lew of Trinsic: It's on me!
Quacklebush: Wow!
You see: Lady Echo [ODE]
Quacklebush: lookin empty
You see: Lady Echo [ODE]
Prince Llyr: be patient daughters
You see: Lady Echo [ODE]
Quacklebush: g'evenin guv'nas
Eurgrain: *giggles and pulls Mildred's Hair*
You see: Kaemis [BooB]
aulbrey: *hic*
Echo: Good evening
aulbrey: *hic*
Quacklebush: where be miss tati tnite
Echo: Sweet!
Lew of Trinsic: Hey baby. It's on me!
Echo: Sweet!
Eurgrain: Daddy
You see: Kaemis [BooB]
Erebus: I spoke to her earlier Quack
Prince Llyr: yes dear
You see: Kaemis [BooB]
Eurgrain: When I'm the Queen
You see: Solus the Defender of the Living
Eurgrain: will Mildred have to bow to me?
You see: Kaemis [BooB]
Quacklebush: what she say?
You see: Solus the Defender of the Living
Prince Llyr: if the King chooses you, I will expect it
Erebus: Oh nothing, just giving her trouble for being so nice
Quacklebush: haha
Eurgrain: he will choose me
Quacklebush: that she do be
Erebus: Indeed
Prince Llyr: these humans have odd customs
Prince Llyr: he may choose both of you
Eurgrain: eww
Charlotte Wellings: The King is coming! The King is coming!
Della: lol
Salty Pete: hehe
Prince Llyr: *nods*
Della: oh yeah
Slick: and?
Love Hammer: so salty
You see: Charlotte Wellings
Salty Pete: Thank you Charlotte!
Death Angel: Solus youre gonna Get in trouble Stand
Red Beard: Oops.
Solus: Pshh
Erebus: no respect
Eurgrain: *giggles*
Echo: Hail King Blackthorn!
Erebus: Hail King!
King Blackthorn: *takes his seat*
Ma Nerva: all hail
Red Beard: Arr Why must we have a Skallywag in charge of new Maginica she cant even sail a boat
King Blackthorn: Please, do sit everyone.
Prince Llyr: *glares at Eurgrain*
Prince Llyr: contain yourself daughter
Eurgrain: yes Father
Red Beard: I'm free!
King Blackthorn: Little Charlotte does your mama know you are down here?
Eurgrain: *pokes Mildred in the ribs*
Charlotte Wellings: Yes, yer majesty.
Charlotte Wellings: She said I could watch, if I was QUIET!
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Very well then.
Jazon Knight: the ultimate warrior has shown up!
King Blackthorn: Welcome Governors, new, old and a few in between.
Red Beard: bah
Quacklebush: hail yer majesty
Erebus: Aye Thank you
King Blackthorn: Ah, Governor MA Nerva, won the election fair and square this time eh?
Erebus: *coughs*
Slick: lol
Red Beard: nay
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Quacklebush: *shakes head*
King Blackthorn: Good to have you Governor.
Red Beard: a cheat is always a cheat M'Lord
Jazon Knight: them reds in haven my lord!
King Blackthorn: So, not much of a full plate tonight.
Erebus: More seat time tonight already than in the past
Slick: that depends mlord
King Blackthorn: I certainly hope that everyone enjoyed the Holiday season.
Slick: aye
King Blackthorn: A bit of a break for all of us I think.
Solus: Meh
aulbrey: *hic*
Quacklebush: bahh humbug
Erebus: aye Quack
King Blackthorn: So, I have only a few things to say, before we turn over to solicitors and the Governors.
King Blackthorn: First, regarding the petitions for action on my part reguarding the issues currently...
King Blackthorn: Plaguing Malas.
King Blackthorn: I have recieved several requests, however, Malas retains it's status as an independant wild land.
King Blackthorn: I have no desire to spread this monarchy into those lands.
Slick: good choice
King Blackthorn: Nor should I think that those of higher status...
King Blackthorn: Such as our... "Friend" Tazar and those like him...
King Blackthorn: Would want me there.
King Blackthorn: So, as of now Malas stands on her own.
King Blackthorn: However, if the issues there become issues of Britannia...
King Blackthorn: Then of course, we will act.
King Blackthorn: That is all I had, the Crown recognizes the Governor from Yew.
King Blackthorn: Governor Echo, you have the floor.
Echo: Hail and well met, your majesty
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Echo: I hope you had a pleasant holiday as well
King Blackthorn: Much fishing in the arctic reaches!
King Blackthorn: Quite the relaxing jaunt.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Echo: Sound both relaxing and frigid, my lord
Red Beard: arr I love me sum fishin
Echo: Yew is quiet as of late. Our harvest season is over and our farmers are making their preparatio
Echo: ns for the spring sowing
King Blackthorn: Best to get the vegitables sprouted before the last frost.
King Blackthorn: We have a Kingdom to feed.
Echo: They did request a status update on the farmer's market that was requested before the last
Echo: harvest, and offered their own support if necessary in its construction
King Blackthorn: I will inquire among my aids, and see where we stand on that.
Echo: if possible before the large planting in the spring
King Blackthorn: *writes it down*
Echo: Thank you, my lord.
Echo: I assured them your builders were quite busy but we were not forgotten
King Blackthorn: Aye, I cannot promise it will be so, but I rather like the idea.
Echo: Understood, my liege
Echo: I would also like to congratulate those present on their recent election or re-election
Echo: may we all serve Brittania proud
King Blackthorn: Here here!
Echo: That is all, my lord.
King Blackthorn: *claps*
King Blackthorn: Very well.
King Blackthorn: Governor Admiral Quacklebush, thou'rt up.
Quacklebush: thank ye yer majesty
Prince Llyr: *stands tall and spreads wings a bit*
Quacklebush: Vesper and her allianced cities be boomin
Quacklebush: trade be good
Erebus: here here!
Quacklebush: so much so we elected a mayor
Quacklebush: I would like to introduce our new mayor
Quacklebush: carric please be steppin up
King Blackthorn: Of Vesper?
Quacklebush: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Well met Lord Carric.
Carric: *Sweeps the feathered hat from his head and bends into a low bow*
Carric: It is an honor to be before you, My king.
King Blackthorn: Are you a seaman as well?
King Blackthorn: You seem to have a flair of the dramatic about you.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
Carric: Dramatic, very much so. Seaman, not so much.
King Blackthorn: Rough on the legs I hear.
Carric: I prefer to keep my feet on dry land as often as possible.
King Blackthorn: Seamanship I mean.
Quacklebush: he do be a land lubber
Carric: Without taking too much of your time, I'd like to ask for your permission to speak on an
upcoming event we have planned for the fair city of Vesper.
Slick: damn u gargs are tall
Prince Llyr: Daugher
King Blackthorn: I know that Vesper being so rich in trade and its current rising sun among the cities...
Eurgrain: *blushes*
King Blackthorn: The Governor can use all the help he can get.
Eurgrain: Humans are so small
Prince Llyr: that one is not who we are here for
Eurgrain: oh okay
King Blackthorn: We are glad to have you in our service.
King Blackthorn: Please, speak as you wish.
King Blackthorn: *nods to Carric*
Quacklebush: iv told ye no already aulbrey
Slick: u need a preacher i can do weddings
Carric: *Smiles and bows his head at the compliments.*
Prince Llyr: *glances down upon the human*
Carric: The city of Vesper is coming together and holding a Street Market.
Carric: We plan to have the even on a monthly basis to cement ourselves as a center of Commerce
within these lands. All are welcome to join us or even register as a vendor should they so choose.
Carric: We will make more details available as they are solidified. and on a personal level, I hope to
see you all there.
Carric: That is all for now, My king. Thank you for the forum in which to speak.
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Carric: *Bows once more as he backs away.*
King Blackthorn: Have you anything further Governor?
Slick: congrats on ur choice to serve the public
Quacklebush: aye i do be
Quacklebush: at our last meeting
Quacklebush: i brought up the matter of magincia
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Erebus: *slams fist on table*
Quacklebush: and that still be standin
King Blackthorn: I remember.
Quacklebush: ye yet again have tyrant of a guvna
King Blackthorn: However, with the new leadership, maybe things will improve?
Erebus: Same leadership, none!
Quacklebush: has Ma Nerva not been guvna already
Ankara Selene: *cough* Cheater
Quacklebush: and shown his ways
Erebus: Fraud!
King Blackthorn: I would call this the first election won in honesty in Magincia in a long time.
King Blackthorn: *chuckles*
Erebus: honesty?
King Blackthorn: *shrugs*
Quacklebush: *scratches head*
Quacklebush: i do not believe that so
Quacklebush: there still be fake names on the stone
King Blackthorn: I haven't heard any complaints.
Solus: Can we put a muzzle on Quacklebush already? *sighs*
Quacklebush: grrr
Erebus: Solus, be careful
Quacklebush: *glares at solus*
Quacklebush: shut yer trap
King Blackthorn: As it is, have you spoke with this Governor about your proposals for assistance?
Quacklebush: i do not offer this guvna assisance
Erebus: Oh i have something to assist him with
Erebus: Her rather
King Blackthorn: *smiles slightly*
King Blackthorn: *nods to Summer*
Summer: so sorry sire
Quacklebush: That'll be all yer majesty im sure ye not heard the end of that subject
King Blackthorn: I am sure not.
King Blackthorn: Are we short a Governor of Skara Brae this evening, or is she hiding under the chair?
Gwendolyn: On her way
King Blackthorn: Then, Lady Summer, you are right on time to say your piece.
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: You have the floor.
Slick: *chuckles * thats no lady
Summer: hehe
Summer: sorry for my lateness
Summer: well king i first like to thank everyone that helped me get elected for my thirs term
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
Summer: third
Slick: you mean uo realtor
Quacklebush: woohoo look who be comin
Summer: Sir Mongbat was an worthy opponent
Summer: Moonglow is doing very well
Tatiana Thorn: my apologies sire
Slick: I disagree
Erebus: Welcome Tatiana
King Blackthorn: Was his name really "Mongbat"?
Summer: Excuse me sir
King Blackthorn: Parents... parents...
Summer: Dont talk when i am talking
King Blackthorn: *shakes his head*
Summer: Slick
Summer: Have some respect
Slick: bah summer
Slick: where have u been
Summer: or you will be removed
Slick: glo suffers
Summer: The economy in glow is tri fold since i took office
Summer: Sir
Slick: its noit about money summer
Summer: anyway King like i said Glows econy is great
Prince Llyr: *whispers to his daughters*
Summer: everyone is happy
Slick: im not happy
Prince Llyr: im sure life in court will be more civil with one of you in it
Summer: again with the interuptions
King Blackthorn: Slick, step forward, for just a moment.
Slick: na dont want office
King Blackthorn: Summer, one moment.
Summer: if you dont like the way i run glow then run against me and lose like the rest
Slick: yes mlord
Slick: yes mlord
King Blackthorn: Something I will remind you both of...
King Blackthorn: *waits*
Summer: there is a reason im Governor for three terms
Slick: summer u cheat u used uo realtor to win
King Blackthorn: Summer....
Solus: They argue like children....
Slick: period
King Blackthorn: May I speak?
King Blackthorn: *looks stern*
Summer: yes
Slick: aye mlord
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your permission.
King Blackthorn: *shakes his head*
King Blackthorn: Political squabbled within a city are none of my business.
King Blackthorn: You may hate each other, argue, and scream at each other in the streets.
King Blackthorn: However, within this room.

JanKing1.jpg (141.72 KiB) Viewed 29298 times

King Blackthorn: speak to me.
King Blackthorn: Not to each other.
King Blackthorn: My role here is the overall health of the Kingdom.
Slick: mlord this is about a corrupt and rude mean govner
Summer: Haha
Slick: i will address my issues if u open the floor
Solus: *mumbles* throw them both out
Quacklebush: yaaharr
King Blackthorn: Regional political struggles interest me very little.
Slick: thank you
King Blackthorn: Slick, step back.
King Blackthorn: And let us finish the Governor portion.
King Blackthorn: Summer, please continue.
Slick: sorry mlord
Summer: Well as I was saying
Summer: the city has been doing great
Summer: the economy is also doing good
Summer: our trade deals are doubling everyday
Summer: out strets are clean
Summer: and our town people are happy
Slick: *snorts*
Summer: BOOB guild and the allience are very strong
Summer: me and ma nerva
Summer: and the diffrences we had with Mag
Summer: are over
Summer: Mag and Moonglow are now trading
Summer: again
Summer: that is all I have
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Love Hammer: *claps*
King Blackthorn: Lady Tatiana of Skara Brae.
Tatiana Thorn: yes sire
King Blackthorn: Your fire warms us as always.
aulbrey: *hic*
King Blackthorn: HAve you anything for us?
Tatiana Thorn: skara brae continues to thrive
Tatiana Thorn: i keep holding tavern across the land
Tatiana Thorn: to draw folks to towns
aulbrey: *hic*
Tatiana Thorn: we continue to be a great town
Tatiana Thorn: not much else to report
King Blackthorn: Skara Brae is a wonderous Jewel in the nation of Britannia. She is lucky to have such...
King Blackthorn: A governor.
Erebus: Aye!
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes*
King Blackthorn: A new face I believe?
King Blackthorn: Or I am old.
King Blackthorn: Lady of Trinsic.
Tatiana Thorn: oh i should mention
King Blackthorn: *looks back to Tatiana*
Tatiana Thorn: the huntmaster has been quite popular
King Blackthorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Governor Gwendolyn, you have the floor.
Gwendolyn: Your, just old, or I am actually
Gwendolyn: It has been awhile since I have been in politics of Trinsic.
Eurgrain: *twirls hair*
Mildred Llyr: *shifts from side to side*
Gwendolyn: I do wish to give credit where it is due.
Gwendolyn: Ma Nerva, you did a real good job on the hunt master books during the elections
Mildred Llyr: *sharpens horns*
Prince Llyr: easy girls, contain yourselves
Ma Nerva: thank you
Slick: aye
Gwendolyn: On explaining, the process and such. Please keep doing things like that
Eurgrain: *picks teeth*
Mildred Llyr: *fluffs skirt*
Quacklebush: *scratches beard*
Gwendolyn: For, Trinsic, no undead, or Lews getting in trouble, paladins have returned to the city.
Gwendolyn: I have also been approached by these gargoyles and they wish to adress you.
King Blackthorn: Alright.
Gwendolyn: i didn't know how to handle this exaclty
Slick: *smiles*
Prince Llyr: *glides across the carpet*
King Blackthorn: Welcome to Britannia, Gargoyle.
Prince Llyr: *looks down at the King*
Eurgrain: *smiles*
Prince Llyr: King Blackthorn, my Sister Queen Zhah has asked me to present my daughters before you
Mildred Llyr: *curtsies*
Slick: rut roh
Prince Llyr: Mildred and Eurgrain
King Blackthorn: Ah! An envoy!
Eurgrain: *toothy grin*
Quacklebush: arrr
Mildred Llyr: *eyes brighten*
aulbrey: wait what
Summer: ?
Quacklebush: me never had the taste fer garg wenches
Death Angel: *stares open mouthed*
Erebus: whoa
Eurgrain: *batts eyelashes*
Mildred Llyr: *sharpens her horn with her nails*
Prince Llyr: We thank you for all the work you humans performed in order to cure our race
Love Hammer: can't cure you of being ugly
Mildred Llyr: *wiggles her wings a bit*
Prince Llyr: and to foster relations yet again between our nations
Love Hammer: sry
Summer: glad im a female......
King Blackthorn: The cure was a difficult time, for both our nations.

JanKing2.jpg (103.89 KiB) Viewed 29298 times

Slick: oh boy
Quacklebush: me guessin they cant give em away
Eurgrain: *digs toenail in carpet*
Prince Llyr: you will now choose one of my twins to rule with you, and heal old wounds
Echo: *looks at Quak*
Summer: lol
Prince Llyr: girls
Slick: ?????????????
Death Angel: Whoa
Superbia: *Eyes grow wide.*
aulbrey: wait wait wait
King Blackthorn: *smiles slightly*
Echo: *looks across table*
Tatiana Thorn: *looks startled*
aulbrey: hold on
Erebus: *coughs*
Quacklebush: uh haarr?
Eurgrain: *giggles*
King Blackthorn: My dear Prince, the Queen is very generous.
Mildred Llyr: *batts her eyelashes*
aulbrey: can i get in on this
King Blackthorn: Both these two Gargoyle Princesses are very beautiful and combly.
Prince Llyr: girls, its your turn, he has to choose but can not do so without proper introductions
Quacklebush: arrr yer majesty
Summer: *snikers*
aulbrey: *starts to cry* Always the Bridesmaid never the Bride!!!!
Slick: lol
Quacklebush: I could use me a concubine
Prince Llyr: *steps back*
Solus: It would be like having relations with an animal...
Superbia: *Giggles at Quack's statement.*
aulbrey: wait you can
Quacklebush: i would gladly be payin ye fer one them wenches
King Blackthorn: I am an old batchelor, and I am afraid I am not yet willing to settle down.
aulbrey: i volunteer
Erebus: pot kettle
Summer: *whispers to the king drink some booze they might look better*
King Blackthorn: I fear that the woman that does manage to tame me...
Eurgrain: *does a twirl*
Slick: mlord i can perform the ceremony if you wish
King Blackthorn: Will find a dried up old man fills her bed.
Summer: do 500 more twirls
Prince Llyr: Sire, this is in no way a request, it is a great honor
aulbrey: oh hell no you dont want giant bats
King Blackthorn: *laughs loudly at his own joke*
Eurgrain: Yer Magertrys

JanKing3.jpg (95.76 KiB) Viewed 29298 times

Prince Llyr: to refuse would be an insult to the entire Gargoyle race
aulbrey: uhh
Summer: lol
Tatiana Thorn: oh my
Eurgrain: *curtesies*
King Blackthorn: With respect dear Prince, I cannot choose between two such beautiful Princesses.
Prince Llyr: *looks up and down the table*
Mildred Llyr: *scowls at her sister*
Echo: *rubs forehead*
King Blackthorn: Alas, in the matter of an heir.
Prince Llyr: then it is settled
Prince Llyr: you shall marry both
King Blackthorn: Our races cannot intermingle.
Quacklebush: yaaharr let me do the choicin fer ya king
Slick: wow
aulbrey: im the better choice clearly
Slick: a two fer
King Blackthorn: So in responcibility to my realm, I must decline.
Quacklebush: I think what the king be sayin is he be wantin them both
Death Angel: oh no
Prince Llyr: it is our custom sire, dual weddings are perfomed all the time
King Blackthorn: *laughs*
Superbia: *laughs*
aulbrey: you might get hurt with them horns
Summer: humands dont date Bats
King Blackthorn: I am afraid dear Prince, again I must decline.
Prince Llyr: My daughters are to be tossed aside like common cattle
aulbrey: so i win
A Mongbat: Excuse me?
Erebus: Horney?
Erebus: sorry
King Blackthorn: Any marriage I take, must be able to produce an heir.
A Mongbat: :)
Eurgrain: *starts to cry*
Erebus: ...
aulbrey: *does happy dance*
Mildred Llyr: *scoffs*
Prince Llyr: for this drunkard before me
aulbrey: wait babies
aulbrey: *hic*
aulbrey: uhh
aulbrey: nevermind
Solus: Can we usher these animals back outside?
Prince Llyr: *glares*
Erebus: again pot kettle
Superbia: Oh my...
Echo: careful
Summer: elfs and humans dont Marry bats
Prince Llyr: I can see there will be no union here
King Blackthorn: Please issue my kind greetings to Queen Zhah.
Eurgrain: Daddy *weeps* he said no
Prince Llyr: come girls
Death Angel: *laughs* changed your mind?
Prince Llyr: we will go speak with your Aunt
Summer: yes lol
Mildred Llyr: He don't know what he missing, Sister
aulbrey: shhhh
King Blackthorn: And take with you my polite apologies for the refusal of her Kind Gift.
aulbrey: *sticks out tongue*
Eurgrain: he is very tiny for a King
Death Angel: *giggles*
Prince Llyr: This is not the end of this Sire
Mildred Llyr: *takes her hand*
Eurgrain: *sobs*
Prince Llyr: I can assure you Queen Zhah will not be happy
Prince Llyr: *turns curtly*
Charlotte Wellings: Wait, they want to marry the King?!
Slick: yes
Mildred Llyr: *tugs Eugrain
Prince Llyr: come girls
aulbrey: where have you been
Quacklebush: arrrr the king do be most picky
aulbrey: oh
Summer: that was akward
King Blackthorn: Goodness.
King Blackthorn: Awkward indeed.
Gwendolyn: That, is all I had in this interesting term so far....
King Blackthorn: *laughs*
Tatiana Thorn: *nods in agreement*
King Blackthorn: Starting from the other end.
King Blackthorn: No seat for Jhelom?
Summer: MIA
Erebus: Don't appear to be
King Blackthorn: You should have mentioned that sooner Friend Lew.
King Blackthorn: I like that idea.
King Blackthorn: *laughs*
King Blackthorn: I could have offered Solus and Quacklebush in my stead!
Summer: haha
Summer: Quack
Quacklebush: yaaharr
Quacklebush: ye could
Solus: Sorry, I dont wish to own pets
Erebus: again pot kettle
King Blackthorn: Governor Ma Nerva, you have the floor.
Quacklebush: i do yer majesty
Ma Nerva: thank you m lord
Ma Nerva: id like to also add the trade deals are going very well
Summer: *eyes slick*
Ma Nerva: the city is well off for it
Red Beard: Bahh Skallywag
Red Beard: has set up nothing
Ma Nerva: were at 130 mil surplus
Red Beard: but time to fill his own bank
Ma Nerva: and growing
Ma Nerva: thank you for the trade deals
Ma Nerva: that is all i have
Summer: *looks at slick with a dirty eye*
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Governor Erebus of Minoc, glad to see you back with us!
Red Beard: Thats all you have
Erebus: Aye Sire
King Blackthorn: The floor is yours sir.
Red Beard: nothing about stealing from my bar
aulbrey: what
Erebus: Well sire
Nyx: Sweet!
Erebus: I will handle the easy business first
Erebus: Minoc is still growing and is stronger and richer than ever
aulbrey: damn wind elemental
Summer: indeed
Erebus: Thanks to our new Treasurer Della
Erebus: We now have sustainable money
Erebus: coming in
Erebus: along with the trade alliance
Erebus: Now moving on
Erebus: As I sit here between a FRAUD and a disrespectful animal!
aulbrey: wait who down there has sustainable money
Erebus: Let me ask, is this the kind of panel we want???
King Blackthorn: Which do you consider which I wonder?
Erebus: Ma Nerva
Erebus: again
King Blackthorn: *nudges Solus*
Erebus: with the fraud
King Blackthorn: *laughs*
Erebus: and the false votes
Erebus: She was a bad governor
Erebus: then
Erebus: and will be again
Erebus: Solus is just disrespectful to u sire
Erebus: BUT ma nerva
aulbrey: uh hi
Erebus: wasnt here for Magincia
Erebus: before
Erebus: and will not be
Erebus: again
aulbrey: are you rich
King Blackthorn: And yet, here she sits. Active and engaged, and as long as she remains so, she will lead her city.
Erebus: this is the same road
Erebus: we went down before
Erebus: Magincia will not be receiving any
Solus: Yet her citizens voted for her...
Maximus: dead broke
Erebus: Trade from our
Quacklebush: grrr
Erebus: Alliance
Erebus: We need a strong
Erebus: leader in
Erebus: magincia
Erebus: like Red Beard
Erebus: !
Erebus: Its a disgrace
Erebus: to sit next to a cheat
Erebus: Sorry to speak like this king
Erebus: But its the truth sire
King Blackthorn: *whispers down the table*
Solus: Its the whining of a petulant child
Quacklebush: we be wantin magincia
Erebus: Silence u animal
Summer: shut up solus
Quacklebush: throw ma nerva in the moat where she belongs
aulbrey: *hic*
Solus: *laughs*
Quacklebush: and throw solus behind her
Solus: What a disgrace...
Erebus: Beard will be a great strong leader
aulbrey: *hic*
Red Beard: you had your chance to speak Solus let Govnah Erebus have the Table
Solus: Oh, have I?
Red Beard: or meet the end of my arrow
Solus: Have you even paid attention to this meeting?
Solus: Now sit down
Erebus: Watch it Solus
Red Beard: I will sit when the King Tells me to sit
King Blackthorn: Speak to me please.
Red Beard: and not before
Summer: Solus watch what you say
King Blackthorn: Not eachother.
Lew of Trinsic: *hands the King some of Lord Galathans Asprin Elixir*
King Blackthorn: *takes it and nods to Lew*
Tatiana Thorn: oh my
Erebus: False names on that ballot
Summer: yea slick is going to end up in a moat
Erebus: we all know it
King Blackthorn: Erebus, have you anything but insults and conjecture this evening?
Erebus: Tis not insults
Erebus: Its just the truth sire
Erebus: They disgrace the kingdom
Erebus: Sickens me
King Blackthorn: Let us move on then, for I have heard you.
Summer: be quit slick there are no threats
Quacklebush: arrrg
Quacklebush: *shakes head*
Tatiana Thorn: oh my goodness
Summer: MY PORTS are now closed to MAgnicia and Britannia
Erebus: Here Here!
Tatiana Thorn: oh my word
Red Beard: Ill move the Fleet to set up the Blockade of New Magincia
Solus: Wake me up when serious threats start being said
Quacklebush: *nods*
Summer: My ships will block the ports ASAP
Quacklebush: i will be doin the same
Summer: NO TRADE
Erebus: As will Minoc!
Summer: this is not a threat is a promise
King Blackthorn: *shakes his head*
Echo: *sigh*
Solus: Can we move on sire?
Solus: Or shall we waste more of our time?
Summer: Gov Quack and Gov Erebus are you with me in the closing
Erebus: Already done
King Blackthorn: Governor Solus, how fares my capitol?
Solus: As everyone on this council surely knows
Solus: Our treasury is the richest in the realm
Lew of Trinsic: *grounds up beans*
Solus: So threats of embargos really do nothing to us
Summer: wont be for long without trade from 3 citis
Solus: Frankly, this whole council has been an embarassment
Solus: Two governors seem obsessed with Ma Nerva
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs softly*
Solus: Another introduced you to animals who wished to mate
Solus: Another is a beast himself
Echo: *glare*

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aulbrey: hey im not a animal damnit
Solus: Our council used to decide on important matters to Britannia
Quacklebush: haha
King Blackthorn: herself...
Solus: Not be a room of gossip
Solus: Herself himself
Solus: Its practically
Solus: a dog
Solus: does it matter?
Solus: I trusted a nonhuman to rule once
Solus: And that orc failed amazingly
Lew of Trinsic: *hands cup of coffee to the King*
King Blackthorn: Now now Solus, let us not be bigotted. Different races and cultures makeup Sosaria.
Lew of Trinsic: here sire, you may need this to mix with the asprin
Echo: watch your tongue, Solus
Solus: And yet, the same race
Summer: he is a rude animal
Solus: Leads our land, time and time again
Quacklebush: Solus talks as if he himself was doin a good job
Solus: Britannia grew due to us, not flying rats
Quacklebush: Solus you have never had citizens behind you
Summer: oooo
Solus: Some of these children on the council tonight, think they have earned something
Solus: With their election
Solus: What they have is merely a title
Solus: When they become adults like myself
Quacklebush: honestly i thought the orc did a better job
Summer: same here
King Blackthorn: The work begins after the election, the new ones will learn that.
Solus: Then Britain will start caring about these other cities
aulbrey: your an adult?
aulbrey: are you rich?
Tatiana Thorn: mr solus?
Summer: i been here 3 terms im doing something right
Solus: Its a shame honestly
aulbrey: damnit
Erebus: Disrespect to our king gets u nothing from me
Solus: I am nothing but loyal to our King
Erebus: Did u stand?
Erebus: No you didnt
Solus: But to you? You are nothing to me
Erebus: You scoffed at it
Solus: A child, playing dress up as a leader
Erebus: as he walked in
King Blackthorn: Which is the only reason his excentricities are tolorated.
Erebus: you fake
Erebus: scum
Quacklebush: Solus is a one man show who has never spoken for more then anyone but himself
King Blackthorn: I have no doubt in his loyalties.
Solus: Go, rule over the grand city of Minoc
Solus: *laughs*
Summer: because Solus is only woried about himself
Solus: And yet
Solus: My people elect me
Solus: Time and time again
Erebus: At least we have honor
Solus: Amazing how that works
King Blackthorn: *crosses his arms*
Quacklebush: where are your people now?
Erebus: and an alliance that will crush u
Erebus: and yours
Solus: I have nothing more for this pitiful excuse of a council
Summer: indeed
Solus: Have a good evening King Blackthorn
Erebus: good go
King Blackthorn: Our tempers and pride have already cost us an embargo this evening...
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs*
King Blackthorn: Shall we advance into civil war now, to settle who's stick is bigger?
Summer: good riddence
Kaemis: adult??
Tatiana Thorn: *mumbles*
Summer: well king my stick is pretty big
Erebus: Honesty and a strong Kingdom is all we want sire
Tatiana Thorn: or drop their pants
Erebus: Not frauds and animals
aulbrey: i get to get undressed now?
aulbrey: without getting yelled at?
King Blackthorn: Erebus, beyond what was already said in regards to your fellow governors...
King Blackthorn: Have you anything to say about your own city?
Erebus: Aye as i stated in the start
Erebus: Minoc has grown
Erebus: and continues
Erebus: The economy
Erebus: is the largest
Erebus: it has ever been
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Erebus: thanks to my new treasurer
Erebus: Della
Erebus: Minoc will continue to grow
Erebus: as she should
King Blackthorn: Minoc has suffered setbacks under waning leadership in the past.
Erebus: Aye sire
King Blackthorn: Hope that she has cured that ailment.
King Blackthorn: However, I do not see this council changing any time soon.
Erebus: Aye Minoc, she be very active
Cauchemar: Damn it Slams fist on table, I have bled for this Kingdom and we squabble over petty issues
King Blackthorn: So I encourage you all to speak, and leave your pride in your pockets
King Blackthorn: For the good of the realm.
King Blackthorn: Im going to take that mans hand off, if he bangs on my table one more time.
King Blackthorn: *frowns*
King Blackthorn: Slick.
King Blackthorn: You have waited patiently.
Tatiana Thorn: *eyes grow wide*
King Blackthorn: The floor is yours.
Summer: *rolls eyes*
Slick: your most holy lord
aulbrey: i can tell im gonna need a drink or two for this one
Slick: you have a problem in glo
Slick: the people of glo
Summer: Maybe your Guild should find another town to inhabit
Slick: are being ignored
Slick: harrased
Slick: and talked to like we are nothings
Slick: case in point
Slick: the current gov cheated to win
Summer: lol
Slick: if not for the votes of UO Realtor
Slick: Mongbat would be gov
Summer: hahaah
King Blackthorn: votes are votes I am afraid, no system is perfect.
Slick: so the processes is broken
Slick: aye mlord
King Blackthorn: I am happy with this council
King Blackthorn: As it stands.
Slick: but ur govs have no right to speak to thier citizens
King Blackthorn: However, if you are not feeling represented in your city....
Slick: like we are second class people
King Blackthorn: Then I encourage you to approach another governor with your problems.
aulbrey: *hic*
Thanatos: .
Slick: well that is not the answer
Summer: indeed
Summer: i will help Leaf pack
Slick: we as in the beggars allaince
Slick: have started a prgram
Slick: to make glo alone
You see: Trinnie of Magincia
Slick: we are asking all people to boycott Moonglow
Summer: hahahaha
Slick: and there trade
Nyx: *giggles*
Slick: and escorts
Slick: etc etc etc
Summer: this is funny
Carric: *Rolls his eyes and looks around.*
Death Angel: OOC Its not about the biggest guild Summer
Slick: Wow!
Slick: summer u are not funny
You see: Khaleesi [BLAK]
Summer: hahaha
Summer: Slick
Quacklebush: i do appear we goin in circles tonite
King Blackthorn: As I stated earlier, intra-city politics are an issue for the city involved.
Summer: you have not the resources or the power to stop Glows trading
Slick: yes ooc summer this is not about mother this was about rping
King Blackthorn: This embargo, however. Is a national issue.
Slick: which u called gay
King Blackthorn: Governor Quacklebush, I hope that you will ensure that during this embargo...
Slick: well i am calling for an embargo
King Blackthorn: The people of Magincia will not go hungry?
Slick: back in character
King Blackthorn: Ill not be having citizen starving.
Quacklebush: we will be keep a close eye yer majesty
Slick: so mlord you perhaps need to check
Tatiana Thorn: me either
Quacklebush: we wish no citizen harm
Slick: on your govs from time time
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Tatiana Thorn: it is always the bottom of the rung that suffer
aulbrey: uh hi
Slick: summer hasnt been in glo since she won
aulbrey: again
aulbrey: damnit
King Blackthorn: The Governors are constantly under my view.
Summer: really?
King Blackthorn: I have many eyes.
Slick: ok
Summer: i been there every day check the board
aulbrey: happy
Slick: the board as of today hadnt changed summer
King Blackthorn: I wish to thank everyone for a meeting well done.
King Blackthorn: This has been one of our better ones in a long time.
Slick: so just to warn u mlord
Summer: Slick for you I will update my board everyday
King Blackthorn: Good evening everyone.
Slick: an embargo is comoing to glo
King Blackthorn: Long Live Britannia!
Erebus: Thank you sire!
Ma Nerva: all hail
Echo: Long Live The King!
Summer: yea yea
Nyx: You have no right to warn the King of anything.
Tatiana Thorn: yes sire
Carric: Long live the king!
Summer: take a walk
aulbrey: It's hot in here...
Quacklebush: YaaaHarr
Summer: I tell you what
You see: Gwendolyn Dame of Trinsic
Summer: My army will be ready
Erebus: U will fall with magincia
Summer: hope yours is too
Erebus: Mark my words
You see: Boo [BooB]
You see: Jazon Knight [BooB]
You see: Maximus [BLAK]
You see: Lord Tayshar [BLAK]
You see: Summer [BooB]
You see: Khaleesi [BLAK]
You see: Salty Pete [BooB]
You see: Lord Dair [BooB]
You see: Nyx [BooB]
You see: Eleanor the fighter
You see: OJ Simpson [BooB]
You see: aulbrey [Yew]
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Grace [BLAK]
You see: Poe [BooB]
You see: Lord Dair [BooB]
You see: Boo [BooB]
You see: toombstones [BooB]
You see: Submarine
You see: DirvTheCut [BLDS] (young)
You see: spender [BLDS]
You see: OJ Simpson [BooB]
You see: Clainin
You see: a pet parrot the parrot
You see: Crawworth
You see: Gakudai the tailor
You see: Joye
You see: Jazon Knight [BooB]
You see: Kiichi the Samurai
You see: Polly the parrot
You see: Howrence the Barkeep
You see: Jazon Knight [BooB]

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