King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, February 28th, 2016

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King's Meeting, Atlantic Shard, February 28th, 2016

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You see: Kingsguard Dragoon
You see: Barton, Groom of the Stool
You see: Borik Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Braera Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Baern Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Minister Farthington
You see: Barik Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Sherry the Mouse
You see: Kingsguard Dragoon
You see: Beldin Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Lord Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Lady Ma Nerva Duchess of New Magincia
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
You see: Lady Zynia [BLAK]
You see: Lord Dupre
You see: Lavendar [Yew]
You see: Lady Tiffany Moon [BLAK]
You see: Benjamin Church Citizen of Jhelom
You see: Mr.Black [BLAK]
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Link [H0T]
You see: Parfu Citizen of Britain
You see: Lord Alward the Huntmaster's Champion
You see: Batz
Cauchemar: Dwarves
Cauchemar: err
Cauchemar: would you guys stand up so we can see you??
Benjamin Church: I want one as a pet
Cauchemar: uh oh
Cauchemar: not PC
Mr.Black: now ya did it
Benjamin Church: I heard they make great fish bait
Cauchemar: i gues they wanted to make a "small" impression
Tatiana Thorn: *shakes head*
Parfu: that not nice
Mr.Black: you do know how to step in it
Quacklebush: arrrrg
Benjamin Church: Hello M'Lady
Benjamin Church: oh wait you got a beard
Benjamin Church: sorry sir
Quacklebush: It be lookin like time fer QuackleKing to step up
Mr.Black: yea tell us whats up with the short people
Quacklebush: *looks over*
Link: *writes down King Blackthorn is late*
Cauchemar: did we ever fine Summer
Mr.Black: we havin trouble in the mines
Quacklebush: *shakes head*
Alward: smells like jinson weed to me
Quacklebush: Summer still be missin as far as I be knowin
Cauchemar: its the best
Ma Nerva: my feet hurt
Ma Nerva: lets start
ANGELICA: Have a seat
Alward: yeah, loco weed
Quacklebush: aye
Quacklebush: lets start without the king
Ma Nerva: tatiana is eldest and has the chair
Quacklebush: do not believe he will be showin t'nite
Benjamin Church: someone needs to wake up the King
Cauchemar: excuse me???
Alward: he best be carefull
Alward: people may decide we don't need him
ANGELICA: he appeared last month so it covers this month
Quacklebush: aye start us off tati
Mr.Black: aye
Tatiana Thorn: oh um me?
Cauchemar: lets leave itr up to Dupree
Cauchemar: what ??? you said i should start meeting
Tatiana Thorn: shouldnt we start on the end?
Lavendar: Yes, you have been nominated
Lavendar: Tatiana
ANGELICA: sit down Cauchemar
Link: *notes council is in disarray*
Quacklebush: what do skara be havin to say t'nite
Lavendar: or we could start in the middle
Lavendar: or draw straws
Quacklebush: arrrgg
Tatiana Thorn: i will start if no one else wishes to
Lavendar: Please do
Cauchemar: thank you Lady Angelica
Quacklebush: *claps*
Mr.Black: start with A end with Z
Tatiana Thorn: skara brae continues to thrive
Parfu: *taps foot*
Tatiana Thorn: coffers are doing excellent
Tatiana Thorn: citizens continue to join
Tatiana Thorn: i have swtiched to holding tavern night
Tatiana Thorn: in new haven
Alward: ah happy hour
Tatiana Thorn: to help out the new needing help connecting to others
Tatiana Thorn: that is about all i have
Lavendar: Is your tavern night still Monday?
Tatiana Thorn: yes
Lavendar: thank you
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Tatiana Thorn: lady zynia
Tatiana Thorn: why dont you go next
Cauchemar: Ladies first Lady Angelicia Lady MaNerva Lady Lavendar < Lady Zynia ????
Quacklebush: arrrg
Zynia: hello all
Tatiana Thorn: i was just goign to my immediate left
Tatiana Thorn: figured get the two ladies there
Tatiana Thorn: then move over to miss angelica
Tatiana Thorn: that way the men
You must wait to perform another action.
Tatiana Thorn: *looks at couchemar*
Tatiana Thorn: go last
Cauchemar: Parfu??
Parfu: yub
Link: *murmers in the audience*
Zynia: on sunday
Parfu: my go now?
You see: Ronnie Van Zant [CBA]
Zynia: we are having a fashion contest in vesper, with some awesome prizes
Quacklebush: arrrg
Zynia: we will post more info on stratics this week
Zynia: in other news, there have been some plans to build a lighthouse
Quacklebush: *nods*
Beldin Brightaxe: Aye, orcling.
Zynia: that is all.
Beldin Brightaxe: yer kin git oot.
Quacklebush: We be lookin to be build a new Lighthouse fer Cove
Lavendar: As Tatiana asked me to speak next
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles and blushes a bit*
Lavendar: I would like to say that Yew
Lavendar: is doing very well.
Lavendar: We had visitors for Valentine's Day
Lavendar: who gave out gifts to all who came
Lavendar: and a wonderful tavern was
Lavendar: held by Governor Tatiana
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes lightly*
Lavendar: which garnered a lot of enthusiasm
Lavendar: and a little bit of inebriation.
Lavendar: I believe there were a number of proposals
Tatiana Thorn: *giggles*
Lavendar: of marriage
Lavendar: possibly inspired either by
Lavendar: Tatiana's drinks
Quacklebush: haharrr
Lavendar: or the love potion cupid
Lavendar: put in people's gift bags
Lavendar: not to mention the laced chocolates.
Lavendar: We have invited the Easter Bunny to visit
Lavendar: on March 21
Lavendar: and of course have invited Tatiana and her marvellous tavern
Lavendar: to be with us.
Lavendar: I hope some of you can come say hello.
Lavendar: Our events are at the Winterbreeze Center
Lavendar: near Empath Abby.
Lavendar: Thank you.
Cauchemar: Lady Angelica
Lavendar: Lady Angelica, I pass the baton to you.
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
ANGELICA: the event I tried to have for this land had gotten interrupted
Cauchemar: What?
ANGELICA: but for those who was able to finish it, found it great
Lavendar: It was very fun.
ANGELICA: but let me just say, I will whoop up on those ppl arse that come against me
Quacklebush: arrrrgh
ANGELICA: I found it very distasteful
Cauchemar: *listens*
ANGELICA: now I am needing some help with my towns trade quest
ANGELICA: I ask for help for my city
Cauchemar: I will help thee
Beldin Brightaxe: *looks confused*
Tatiana Thorn: i will always gladly pitch in
ANGELICA: problem with trade quest from Jhelom is if you have to have mage items
ANGELICA: you would need to get those in the destination city
ANGELICA: or take boat to lower island
Tatiana Thorn: how about
Tatiana Thorn: rune books
ANGELICA: but yes my city needs help
Tatiana Thorn: with lots of charges?
ANGELICA: dont think you can travel that way holding trade quest
Tatiana Thorn: oh
Cauchemar: aye ship is needed
ANGELICA: aye what i use
ANGELICA: so maybe a night I will host trade event
Cauchemar: I will do my best to help
ANGELICA: thank thee
ANGELICA: thats all I have
Lavendar: Lady Ma Nerva?
Ma Nerva: yes thank you
Ma Nerva: lords ladies
Ma Nerva: magincia fairs above average
Ma Nerva: and spirits is hi
Ma Nerva: im more at odds with no king
Ma Nerva: perhapsw we must guard him better
Ma Nerva: as such im concerned
Tatiana Thorn: *nods a bit concerned as well*
Ma Nerva: im sure hes fine
Ma Nerva: i have one other item
Quacklebush: *shrugs*
Ma Nerva: the permanaent monument
Ma Nerva: to our first award winner
Ma Nerva: has not been errected
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes beet red*
Ma Nerva: as you recall tatiana
Ma Nerva: got the award
Ma Nerva: our first unanaomys
Ma Nerva: and as such i want all to remeber and lets push forward to the goal
Ma Nerva: that is all i have
Ma Nerva: thank you
Lavendar: Governor Parfu?
Quacklebush: arrrg
Lavendar: I believe your chair is next
Parfu: thinking of awards shows off his for cove arrow shooting
Quacklebush: Does the smelly orc not fit in his chair?
Parfu: on
Cauchemar: he has the floor let him speak
Alward: must be somin he et
Parfu: march 19 britain will be holding
Parfu: a spring frestival
Quacklebush: *shrugs*
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Parfu: with food
Parfu: cider
Quacklebush: maybe he do not be speakin human
Ma Nerva: nice at the farms? or town square?
Parfu: games of skill
Parfu: it will be on the farms
Ma Nerva: nice thks
Parfu: there will be a bonet toss
Parfu: and
Lavendar: what time?
Parfu: a bunny hunt sorry ribbit
Tatiana Thorn: oh oh
Parfu: it willl be 8 eastern
Ma Nerva: no cheese rage?
Alward: Do I be gettin over time for this Q
Ma Nerva: race
ANGELICA: post it on town boards Parfu
Parfu: me dont like cheese
Ma Nerva: u dont eat it hehe
Parfu: mabe jelly beens
Parfu: let look at my award again
Lavendar: Nice award!
Alward: Is he alive aint moved
Lavendar: he's been speaking
Lavendar: perhaps you are too far away
Sulla: *claps*
Parfu: i think that all i have to say maybe ill sit at table again some day
ANGELICA: should sat here tonight, Summer not around
Lavendar: Right, come sit
ANGELICA: Summer that is
Lavendar: if you wish
Lavendar: We are happy to have you here
Parfu: me not going to sit till people dont want to kill me
Lavendar: I don't want to kill you
Tatiana Thorn: i dont want to kill you
Ma Nerva: i dont really want a thing
Ma Nerva: either
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Beldin Brightaxe: Donnae matter if yer sittin' or not
Parfu: : looks at the empty chair
Parfu: that all i have to say
ANGELICA: ok Tati take it to the only Lord of the table
Tatiana Thorn: mr cauchemar
Tatiana Thorn: that leaves you
Ma Nerva: cauchemar
Cauchemar: *paces*
Cauchemar: *paces*
Quacklebush: *claps*
Quacklebush: Cauchoman
Cauchemar: well the walls are finished
Cauchemar: *paces*
Cauchemar: the prisioners rounded up
Cauchemar: *paces*
Cauchemar: we are getting ready for the Prisioner excahange
Cauchemar: *paces*
Tatiana Thorn: *shivers a bit*
Quacklebush: arrgg I hope ye flogged em good
Cauchemar: Non sosarian s are fighting in Our town
Cauchemar: *paces*
Quacklebush: *shrugs*
Cauchemar: losing hair
Cauchemar: *paces*
Cauchemar: but all is well
Cauchemar: *paces*
ANGELICA: who are you exchanging those prisoners for
Cauchemar: Thank you
Cauchemar: well we get 1000 gp per head
ANGELICA: I thought it was move to another prison
Cauchemar: to dump them in Yews prison
Beldin Brightaxe: Folks fighting in yer town an' all be well?
Cauchemar: just kiddin
Cauchemar: *paces*
Parfu: Me think he foing to put a hole in his shoe
Cauchemar: watch our Boards we will need much help
Quacklebush: don't be fergettin to flogg em!
Cauchemar: long journey it is
Cauchemar: much
Cauchemar: help
Alward: 40 less one be the code
Cauchemar: *paces*
Tiffany Moon: you are making me dizzy
Cauchemar: thank you all any questions

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Cauchemar: ???
Tiffany Moon: pacing
Cauchemar: *skips*
Tatiana Thorn: nothing i can thik of right now sir
Ma Nerva: ok is any othe present with a concern?
Ma Nerva: dwarves?
Cauchemar: just really nervious sorry
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Quacklebush: harrrr
Link: *raises hand*
Tiffany Moon: where do you take them?
Parfu: me think it not nice to have prisoners maybe they should not be bad
Ma Nerva: speak freely
Alward: a toxic waste dump
Cauchemar: the jail in Trinsic is full
Alward: then the deep six
Cauchemar: a lot of how you say Scallywaggs
Cauchemar: Tati
Parfu: Me think they might be space in ork mine
Tatiana Thorn: yes sir
Parfu: but only if they bad
Tatiana Thorn: mr beldin
Tatiana Thorn: did you need to speak to the assembly?
Beldin Brightaxe: Aye lass...
Beldin Brightaxe: Nae
Tatiana Thorn: *Curtsies*
Tatiana Thorn: very good
Link: *waits to be recognized*
Tatiana Thorn: did anyone else need to speak?
Quacklebush: speak lad
Ma Nerva: i said speak freely
Quacklebush: link speak away
Ma Nerva: you are among friends
Link: Dear Sirs and Madams
Link: I bring a missive from Lord JC the Builder
Link: *unrolls scroll*
Link: Hear Ye Hear Ye, the famous Museum of Wintermoor will be reopening during the next 30 days.
Link: Please look forward to it.
Link: *closes scroll*
Link: Thank ye
Tatiana Thorn: oh very nice
Ma Nerva: excellent
Ma Nerva: thank you
Sulla: *claps*
ANGELICA: *nice*
You see: stone table
Alward: does Tiffany need a word?
Quacklebush: nay I dont think she be
Tiffany Moon: all well in Cove, no news
Ma Nerva: anyone else?
Quacklebush: meeting adjourned
Parfu: *raise hand*
Ma Nerva: tatiana
Tatiana Thorn: thank you all for coming
Ma Nerva: does that
Parfu: *raise hand*
Parfu: *raise hand*
Parfu: *raise hand*
Alward: ah steak and suds
Tatiana Thorn: yes sir?
Ma Nerva: please speak
Quacklebush: arrrrg
Quacklebush: *pats belly*
You see: decorative carpet
Ma Nerva: we ar enot formal
Parfu: Me just want to show of throphy again
Tatiana Thorn: *hides a smile*
Ma Nerva: nice
Cauchemar: Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat with a Flourish !!
Tatiana Thorn: yes sir
Cauchemar: thank you
Tatiana Thorn: meeting adjoouned
Cauchemar: you ladies
Quacklebush: lead the way ma dear
Tatiana Thorn: unles there is another
Cauchemar: Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat with a Flourish !!
Lavendar: Thanks everyone
Cauchemar: Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat with a Flourish !!
Cauchemar: Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat with a Flourish !!
Tatiana Thorn: thank you all for coming
Link: *notes Parfu was ignored*
Alward: tiffany
ANGELICA: so I vote to conclude this meeting
Ma Nerva: tati called it
Cauchemar: thank you Parfu
Ma Nerva: hehe
ANGELICA: ty Dwrf for comming
Cauchemar: Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat with a Flourish !!
Tatiana Thorn: how goes your valley?
Cauchemar: thank you
Link: Govenor Cauchemar!
Tatiana Thorn: it was a wonderful place last time i was there
Cauchemar: i have been to your Valley
Link: Govenor Cauchemar!
Cauchemar: WELL done!
Link: A word if I may?
Tatiana Thorn: *Curtsies*
Link: Govenor Cauchemar!
Cauchemar: glad to see your intrest in affairs of the realm
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
Cauchemar: *speaking my best Dwarvish*
Cauchemar: thank you
Beldin Brightaxe: Aye !
Beldin Brightaxe: sorry....
Beldin Brightaxe: dreamin' aboot ale
Beldin Brightaxe: Things are guid in oor valley
Link: *waves to Lord Cauchemar*
Beldin Brightaxe: huvne't seen any orclings aroon
You see: Parfu Citizen of Britain
Cauchemar: aye as well a man with a keen taste for ale is always welcom
Cauchemar: ewell met
Cauchemar: Faire Thee well good folk of the Valley
Cauchemar: Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat with a Flourish !!
You see: Lord Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Link [H0T]
You see: Ronnie Van Zant [CBA]
You see: Braera Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Beldin Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Barik Brightaxe [Dwrf]
You see: Kingsguard Dragoon
You see: Batz
You see: Non-Sosarian
You see: Kingsguard Dragoon
You see: Lord Cauchemar [BLAK]

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