Election Night Hoopla, Atlantic Shard, June 14th, 2015

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Election Night Hoopla, Atlantic Shard, June 14th, 2015

Postby Andrasta » Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:18 am

Tahani: *smiles*
Cauchemar: i am Cauchemar the Large
Tahani: Evening
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Tahani: i am here for interviews
Quacklebush: ahh ye be a candidate
Ozog Giantfart: OZOG WINZ
Tahani: no i be the interviewer
Queen Arya: heh
Ozog Giantfart: *hands ice creems cone*
Quacklebush: ahh
Tahani: *smiles* thank you
Tahani: who would like to be first?
Ozog Giantfart: NEBZIE
Cauchemar: *wonders if blew first impression*
Tahani: Sir
Summer: hello
Tahani: would you like to go first?
Summer: sure
Tahani: let us sit down and make ourselves comfortable
Summer: ok
Tahani: So Governor Summer
Tahani: any big plans for your fourth term?
Summer: Indeed
Tahani: pray tell
Summer: I am currently working on getting our governor houses upgraded
Summer: for all towns
Tahani: you feel the current ones are not adequate?
(Summer suggests plaques in Governor's houses recording each Governor's name and Term)
Summer: i feel the goverors houses should have this inside
Summer: them
Tahani: that is a very good idea
Summer: also
Tahani: our shards history is very important
Summer: the old counselors guild decorated with some furniture for a nice cozy spot to hang out
Tahani: what a thoughtful suggestion
Tahani: for the people?
Summer: yes for everyone who visits glow
Tahani: very nice
Tahani: anything that you wish to tell your citizens tonight?
Summer: I want to tell them thank you very much for my 4th term
Summer: i started as the governor with 4m in the treasury
Summer: and we now have
Summer: 290m
Tahani: very impressive
Summer: i want to reach 500m this term
Tahani: very ambitious
Summer: 500m is my goal
Summer: with the alliance we have we can do it
Tahani: very good
Tahani: i wish you Good Luck tonight Governor Summer
Summer: TY
Tahani: thank you for speaking with me
Summer: it was my pleasure

Tahani: *smiles*
Tatiana Thorn: i can make a seat for you if you need one
Tahani: who would like to go next?
Tahani: Lord Cauchemar
Cauchemar: I am not elected yet M
Tahani: you look like my next guest
Cauchemar: 'lady
Tahani: please sit
Queen Arya: pokes cauch
Ozog Giantfart: NOS BEES SKERRED
Tahani: all the more reason to talk
Tahani: please sit
Cauchemar: *nervous*
Tahani: *smiles* you are a first time candidate
Cauchemar: aye
Tahani: what is your impression so far?
Rand Stonehands: which race is Cauchemar running for?
Cauchemar: i well i am very anxious to know i have great plans for Trinsic
Tahani: oh?
(At this point all the chairs and decoration decay)
Quacklebush: move the interview to the stage
Tahani: ok stage
Quacklebush: the chairs are locked down up there
Tahani: my apologies
Ozog Giantfart: LAUFS
Quacklebush: haha
Cauchemar: *sighs*
Ozog Giantfart: YAY
Cauchemar: always my fate
Quacklebush: and he was just giving the most epic speach of all time
Akera: its the Dong show
Tahani: again my apologies
Cauchemar: *smiles*
Tahani: tell us of your impressions of the government so far
Khaleesi: *claps*
Cauchemar: where was i?
Cauchemar: well with new dangers afoot
Cauchemar: would like to get guards trained better
Cauchemar: fix the wall of our great city
Tahani: oh very excellent idea
Cauchemar: *stops*
Tahani: make the citizens feel safe
Cauchemar: too much so little time
Cauchemar: i fear we will not be ready
Cauchemar: with out my skills
Cauchemar: and leadership
Tahani: oh i feel scared now
Tahani: will it be that bad?
Quacklebush: fear mongering
Quacklebush: good move
Tahani: what do we face?
Queen Arya: lol
Quacklebush: arrr
Cauchemar: do not fear if i will fight by myself to protect my citizens
Cauchemar: *looks firm*
Tahani: oh i feel safer now
Cauchemar: Gov'na or not aye
Quacklebush: *claps*
Tahani: you will work with the citizens then?
Alward: strength and honor, and a good fleet helps
Tahani: win or lose?
Quacklebush: Caucho the Firm
Cauchemar: the peoples trust i will not fail
Cauchemar: aye
Cauchemar: *wiggles fingers*
Tahani: you seem like a fine young man Lord Cauchemar
Cauchemar: old they be
Tahani: i wish you luck Sire
Tahani: thank you for speaking with me
Cauchemar: I thank thee
Akera: CLAPS
Tahani: it was nice to have you
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Grace: *claps*
Akera: Claps
Quacklebush: *claps*
Alward: claps
Cauchemar: Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat with a Flourish !!
BiLL GaTeS: *puts lighter in air*

Tahani: *smile*
Tahani: who would go next?
Ozog Giantfart: *pees ona da fire stick*
Tahani: Lady Echo?
Tahani: please join us
Echo: good evening Tahni
Tahani: please come up and make yourself comfortable
Echo: thank you
Tahani: *smiles*
Tahani: How are you Milady? How goes your vote?
Echo: I am well, as for the votes
Echo: well, my opponents have withdrawn
Echo: thank you for asking
Tahani: Oh really
Echo: aye
Tahani: you must be a fine Governor
Echo: all three of them
Tahani: your opponents fled
Echo: I try
Echo: *smiles*
Tahani: *grins*
Echo: I am here for the people
Tahani: You are an incumbant Governor
Echo: that is correct
Tahani: what will you do this term?
Echo: this will be my third term
Echo: serving Yew
Echo: I have been working with Lady Mirkwood
Echo: Ambassador to Heartwood
Tahani: a lovely Lady
Echo: and hopefully Governor Sunwolf,
Khaleesi: *claps for Lady Mirkwood
Echo: this August will be the ten year anniversary
Echo: since the elves helped to cleanse Yew
Tahani: ah yes
Tahani: an important anniversary
Tahani: will you have celebrations?
Echo: we hope to have a festival for a weeks time or so
Tahani: that would be so good for the community
Echo: small events and fund raisers to help the people of Yew as well as Heartwod
Tahani: we look forward to it
Tahani: please make sure we all know so we may attend
Tahani: is there anything you would like to tell your citizens tonight?
Echo: I would like to thank all the citizens for thier continued support, we are making Yew stronger every
Echo: things will continue to grow and prosper
Echo: we have a very strong support system
Echo: I cannot take all the credit, many of this was in place upon my arrival
Rand Stonehands: perhaps you can get a stable in Yew? Unless I have just missed seeing it.
Echo: Governor sunwolf should take a bow for his continued efforts
Tahani: Yew is a very old established town isnt it
Echo: they are much appreciated
Ozog Giantfart: *claps*
Echo: it is
Tahani: *claps*
Quacklebush: *claps*
SunWolf: It is in the sheep pen
SunWolf: south of the abbey
Khaleesi: *claps*
SunWolf: just a stablemaster, no stable
Cauchemar: *cheers and claops*
Echo: *smiles*
Summer: TAT ECHO!!!!!
Rand Stonehands: *glances back* thank you
Summer: YAY
SunWolf: Welcome
Tahani: well I guess I can say Congratulations Lady Echo
SunWolf: Would be nice to make it more noticable
Tahani: we all look forward to the great things to come in Yew
Echo: Thank you very much
Rand Stonehands: a sign or something...*nods*
Echo: enjoy your evening m'lady
Tahani: thank you for joining me
Tahani: *smiles*
Echo: anytime
Cauchemar: *cheers and claops*
Akera: claps
Queen Arya: woot

Ozog Giantfart: *climbs up into herz lap*
Khaleesi: *cheers for Echo*
Cauchemar: claps
Tahani: hehe
Ozog Giantfart: der meees comfy nows
Echo: *blushes*
Tahani: i guess Ozog is next
Tahani: *cuddles with Ozog*
Akera: hes in the hot seat lol
Ozog Giantfart: yooos got nicey lap
Tahani: Tell us how you are tonight Sire
Ozog Giantfart: meees goos
Ozog Giantfart: alla yoos goos?
Ozog Giantfart: meees wanna know when gubnor ob brit
Queen Arya: oo warm
Cauchemar: *UH OH*
Ozog Giantfart: gunna fix dda roads
Tahani: hehe
Ozog Giantfart: meees always stubbin meees toesies
Tahani: are you having fun tonight?
Ozog Giantfart: yerg
Ozog Giantfart: *hops down*
Ozog Giantfart: *hands ice creems cone*
Tahani: hehe
Tatiana Thorn: EEPP
Summer: Ozog
Summer: Ozog
Summer: Ozog
Queen Arya: claps for ozog
Alward: *hic*
Summer: *chants*
Cauchemar: LIL rascal
Quacklebush: *claps*
Grace: *hic*
Tahani: Thank you for speaking with me Ozog
Echo: *smiles* very amusing
Ozog Giantfart: nebzie
Grace: *hic*
Rand Stonehands: *listens carefully*
Alward: *hic*

Tahani: Can i have Miss Khaleesi please?
Cauchemar: WHOA
Ozog Giantfart: claps
SunWolf: would you like a chair tati?
Tahani: Please make yourself comfortable Governor Khaleesi
Khaleesi: Evening, milady!
Tahani: *smiles*
Cauchemar: lil Rascal but we love IT??
Tahani: You've been away awhile Lady Khaleesi
Tahani: we have missed you
Quacklebush: aye
Tahani: What have you been up to?
Alward: aye
Akera: stands and claps
Khaleesi: *nods* Yes I have, milady.. I have been abroad.. but happy to be home
Tahani: And your race?
Tahani: is it won ?
Khaleesi: Aye.. Quacklebush had done a fine job
Summer: indeed
Cauchemar: *listens*
Quacklebush: *flex*
Ozog Giantfart: *hugs*
Tahani: please tell us
Alward: who could challenge our Khaleesi?
Khaleesi: but I told him when he wished a break I'd return..
Khaleesi: We are a team
Khaleesi: I am happy to say
Khaleesi: From Day one..
Quacklebush: yarrr
Alward: Lord Quacklebush did a fine job
Tahani: You both make a great team
Tahani: Vesper has prospered
Khaleesi: We love Vesper
Ozog Giantfart: *raises hand*
Grace: viva la vesper!
Tahani: You are known as one of the best Governors
Khaleesi: That is the important aspect..
Alward: our venice of the south
Tahani: that Atlantic has had
Ozog Giantfart: *raises hand*
Tahani: im sure everyone is excited to have you return
Tahani: what will you do this term?
Alward: claps
Echo: *claps*
Khaleesi: One way or other.. I am here.. giggles
Khaleesi: We have some fun things
Khaleesi: a little different
Khaleesi: ready to entertain
Ozog Giantfart: *claps*
Ozog Giantfart: FUNZ
Khaleesi: A new face will emerge
Khaleesi: Fire Kitten
Ozog Giantfart: herz hot?
Khaleesi: who would like to bring the sport of Chicken Fighting to the arenas of Vesper
Khaleesi: will be a monthly event
Alward: here here
Quacklebush: yaaharr
Khaleesi: Stay tuned
Tahani: oh sounds exciting!
Echo: interesting
Tahani: will there be gambling and drinking?
Khaleesi: as well as other fun things.. I am happy to be back @!
Akera: i worked my turkey up Quacklebush, so ill win thows
Khaleesi: alot of gambling
Akera: lol
Tahani: oo gambling
Khaleesi: and drinking
Tahani: and handsome men?
Tahani: oh sorry
Cauchemar: aye
Tahani: nm
Quacklebush: i will be there so of course
Khaleesi: and I look forward to interacting with all the people in Vesper
Wild Orchid: I'l go for the handsome men
Tahani: i forget myself
Khaleesi: as always
Khaleesi: Of course
Akera: yah booze be there and women Q
Tahani: it is so very nice to see you come home Lady Khaleesi
Khaleesi: I am sure the people will bring more entertainment.. as they always do
Khaleesi: Thank you Tahani
Tahani: thank you for speaking with me
Khaleesi: Its nice to be back..
Akera: claps
Cauchemar: *Claps and whistles*
Akera: claps
Akera: claps
Akera: claps
Cauchemar: *Claps and whistles*
Tahani: *smiles*
Echo: *claps*
Grace: Claps
Ozog Giantfart: yay
Queen Arya: claps*
Cauchemar: *Claps and whistles*
Quacklebush: *claps*
Alward: stamps feet and claps
BiLL GaTeS: *pulls on cloak*
Khaleesi: *smiles brightly to the audience*
Quacklebush: hurray
Quacklebush: *cheers*
Ozog Giantfart: YAY
Ozog Giantfart: WABES TO ALL
Ozog Giantfart: MEEES TIRED
Khaleesi: *hugs Ozog*
Echo: g'night Ozog
Ozog Giantfart: GIRKLE
Quacklebush: nite lil goblin
Quacklebush: was good to see ya
Ozog Giantfart: WABES
Khaleesi: miss you my fav goblim
Akera: night goblin
Quacklebush: dont be a stranger to atlantic
Khaleesi: please come visit often
Ozog Giantfart: YERG

Tahani: *peers out in the crowd*
Tahani: Queen Arya
Tahani: please join me
Tahani: come get comfy
Queen Arya: hey
Tahani: Welcome
Queen Arya: thanx
Tahani: very nice to see you running again
Queen Arya: aw
Queen Arya: my pleasure
Queen Arya: ty
Tahani: how is your race this evening?
Queen Arya: only name on the stone also
Queen Arya: seems
Queen Arya: quit a few
Queen Arya: races
Tahani: so Congratulations is in order
Queen Arya: went in that direction
Tahani: Governor
Queen Arya: heh
Tahani: what will you do this term for your citizens?
Queen Arya: seems theres talk of some underground gang
Tahani: oh really!
Queen Arya: we think theres a link to fel Bucs den
Queen Arya: one of our first events
Queen Arya: will be held there
Tahani: its a pirates den though
Queen Arya: aye it is
Queen Arya: an jhelom also has a fel side
Queen Arya: an anxious swordsman
Tahani: well exciting times i suppose
Tahani: leave your purse at home?
Queen Arya: haha
Tahani: you are known for glorious events
Tahani: we look forward to more
Queen Arya: aw
Queen Arya: thanx
Tahani: would you like to tell your citizens anything tonight?
Queen Arya: Jhelom & Atlantic will have tons of fun this term
Queen Arya: and to warn bennu
Queen Arya: Im back
Tahani: He will be glad to see you im sure
Tahani: as will the King
Queen Arya: with Minax at our doorstep
Queen Arya: the king will need us all as a team
Tahani: what will you do to build us up as a team?
Queen Arya: support everyones ideas
Queen Arya: an just be there
Queen Arya: as a helper
Queen Arya: a freind
Queen Arya: or just an ear to listen
Tahani: hopefully we can interest new people in the government
Queen Arya: that is certainly a goal for all governors
Tahani: do you see many new people in Jhelom these days?
Queen Arya: seems spoartic to me
Queen Arya: I imagine weather plays a role
Tahani: Jhelom is very stormy?
Queen Arya: seasons
Queen Arya: weather
Queen Arya: harvest
Queen Arya: training
Tahani: ah
Queen Arya: etc
Tahani: well we look forward to see you in action again Queen Arya
Queen Arya: thank you
Queen Arya: and Good luck to all in tonights race
Summer: ty
Queen Arya: hoping for a great term with all of you
Quacklebush: *claps*
Echo: *claps*
Tahani: thank you for speaking with me
Raina Cold Eyes: yay
Alward: claps
Tahani: *smiles*
Akera: claps
Grace: Bravo!
Queen Arya: ty for holding the interviews
Cauchemar: *Claps*

Tahani: i see a Lady that hasnt been up here yet
Cauchemar: noooo
Tahani: Miss Tatiana
Wild Orchid: *claps*
Queen Arya: claps*
Summer: *stands up*
Cauchemar: TATI !!!
SunWolf: have a chair
Echo: *claps*
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes beet red*
Summer: *claps*
Summer: *claps*
Summer: *claps*
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Khaleesi: Yay Miss Tati
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
Summer: *standing ovation*
Tatiana Thorn: thank you sir
Rand Stonehands: *watches*
Quacklebush: woot woot
Tahani: please come up and make yourself at home
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Akera: claps
Summer: *standing ovation*
Tatiana Thorn: thank you
Alward: huzzah
Quacklebush: haha
Quacklebush: and of course she brought her stool!!!
Summer: hahahah
Cauchemar: LOL
Akera: hehe
Khaleesi: of course
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes again*
Tahani: You are a very special Lady as well
Summer: tthat stool is a dam RARE
Tahani: You ran unopposed
Tatiana Thorn: i am just me
Summer: 150m!!!
Quacklebush: are rare wood for rare arse
Summer: lol
Tahani: your citizens love you
Summer: LOL
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes*
Tatiana Thorn: i have always loved skara brae
Tahani: what will you do this term for them? with them?
Tatiana Thorn: the same as always, offer repairs, hold events to draw folks to not only skara brae
Tatiana Thorn: but to all the towns
Tatiana Thorn: i still hold a tavern night every monday
Tatiana Thorn: and post it under skara brae
Tatiana Thorn: i just change the city about
Tatiana Thorn: get folks talking to one another
Quacklebush: its a gud place ta meet wenches
Quacklebush: arrr
Tahani: i was at your last night
Tahani: in Trinsic
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Tahani: it was wonderful
Tatiana Thorn: i fear i need to go help a friend
Tatiana Thorn: i will be back shortly
Tahani: a friend in need is a friend indeed
Tahani: Congrats Milady
You see: Really A Toad
Tahani: *eyes the room*
Cauchemar: Thank you Tahani
Quacklebush: well thats just like tati to run off to help someone
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Echo: indeed

Tahani: Master Quacklebush
Grace: aye
Echo: thank you Tahani
Tahani: please join me
Quacklebush: *looks around*
Quacklebush: me?
Tahani: you
Quacklebush: arrrr
Tahani: *grins*
Quacklebush: and here i was thinkin i got off the hook tnite
You see: Really A Toad
Akera: haha
Tahani: not now
Cauchemar: no way
Quacklebush: gahh
Khaleesi: *laughs*
Tahani: You are happy this evening?
Quacklebush: arrr i do be
Tahani: please tell us why?
Quacklebush: good freinds all under the same roof
Quacklebush: and of course i khaleesi has returned
Akera: and hes got a bottle with him
Tahani: *laughs*
Khaleesi: *laughs*
Tahani: you are happy she has returned
Quacklebush: i couldnt be more happy that my sweets is back and here to take the reigns
Alward: we all are
Tahani: You did a good Job yourself Sir
Khaleesi: *blushs*
Quacklebush: why thank ye fer sayin so
Khaleesi: *nods*
Tahani: what would you like to tell the Citizens of Vesper tonight?
Akera: yuppers
Quacklebush: that khaleesi has much planned fer us
Quacklebush: as she mention earlier
Quacklebush: her chicken fights
Quacklebush: which if youv not been to one before its a must see
Tahani: and gambling?
Alward: Khaleesi and Q 2 old times again
Khaleesi: *giggles*
Quacklebush: arrr yer damn right!
Tahani: any pirates?
Khaleesi: Well I am the pirate queen
Quacklebush: haha well ye will be seein this guy
Quacklebush: so yea
Khaleesi: *mumbles*
Tahani: we look forward to it
Quacklebush: yeaaharr
Tahani: your not going to hurt anyone right?
Quacklebush: *shakes head*
Tahani: good good
Quacklebush: i keep me cutlass dull
Alward: yard arm decorations
Quacklebush: havnt sharpend her in years
Tahani: cant bring the children to a pirates den
Akera: its realy plastic made
Akera: lol
SunWolf: he sure can't sneek up on people with that beard
Khaleesi: *chuckles*
Quacklebush: *nods*
Tahani: it is rather bright
Tahani: but well trimmed
Quacklebush: it takes 20 wenches 2 hours to trim it gud
SunWolf: and dye the grey out
Khaleesi: *lol* and i don't do it
Tahani: thank you for speaking with me Governor Quackle
Quacklebush: hah
Akera: hehe
Tahani: *smiles*
Quacklebush: and thank ye me dear
Quacklebush: ye scallywags
Akera: claps
Queen Arya: claps*
Echo: *claps*
Cauchemar: *cheers*
Grace: *claps*
Cauchemar: *cheers*

Tahani: okay at this point
Tahani: is there anyone that would like to come up and ask a Governor or Candidate a question?
Akera: any give out gifts like a new truck
Queen Arya: lol
Summer: were not oprah
Tahani: any gifts for the citizens?
Akera: maybe a new ship then
Khaleesi: *laughs at Akera*
Tahani: Akera would like a new ship
Quacklebush: arrrr
Tahani: what town are you in Akera?
Cauchemar: we be a small but potent group lady Tahani
Quacklebush: khaleesi order akera to build a ship for akera
Akera: Vesper

Rand Stonehands: I have a question for the Trinsic condidate
Tahani: please come up
Quacklebush: uh oh
Cauchemar: aye
Rand Stonehands: thank you ma'am
Tahani: ask away
Rand Stonehands: Lord Cauchemar, yes?
Cauchemar: aye my lord
Rand Stonehands: Do you plan grand events for the fine city of Trinsic also to draw new faces?
Cauchemar: as much as i can
Rand Stonehands: do you have specifics as of yet?
Cauchemar: Trinsic is in need of activity
Cauchemar: i will be asking you the citizens
Rand Stonehands: and if you are elected I will do my best to support you, just so you know.
Cauchemar: for guidance
Quacklebush: *nods*
Tahani: very nice *claps*
Rand Stonehands: hmm, ok. Leadership is needed though also in these times.
Cauchemar: i will not fail thee
Cauchemar: or your trust
Rand Stonehands: Thank you for answering candidly.
Cauchemar: seek me in trinsic
SunWolf: Hi Norrington
Captn Norrington: Hiya
Rand Stonehands: *nods to Tahani*
Tahani: thank you Gentlemen
Cauchemar: i will hear your requests
Cauchemar: extends hand

Tahani: would anyone else like to ask a Governor or a Candidate a question?
Rand Stonehands: *takes hand in a friendly shake*
Cauchemar: *shakes*
Tahani: ok on that note
Cauchemar: aye thats what i talking about
Tahani: i would like to thank you all for coming
Tahani: On behalf of all the Govenors elected and Candidates
Tahani: I would personally like to thank all the citizens that came out in all the towns
Tahani: and made it a very interesting and exciting race for us all
Tahani: your interest keep the government strong
Tahani: and our lands prosperous
Cauchemar: *Bows Deeply Sweeps Hat* M'Lady
Tahani: Good Luck to You All
Queen Arya: woot
Cauchemar: thank you
Akera: woot
Tahani: thank you for taking the time to vote for your candidates
Akera: and thnk you as well
Tahani: we appreciate every effort
Tahani: Thank you for coming Everyone
Tahani: please mingle and enjoy the rest of the evening
Akera: and thank you
Tahani: the books are being kept up
Echo: Thank you Tahani
Tahani: and please drink and be merry
Tahani: *claps*
Tahani: Thank you!

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