I, Andrasta, humbly ask for your Vote in New Magincia..

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I, Andrasta, humbly ask for your Vote in New Magincia..

Postby Andrasta » Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:44 pm

Dear Citizens of New Magincia,

As you all know a new Election cycle is happening right now. The Nominees are declared and the Voting has begun. I write to you today to humbly ask for your vote based on the involvement and care that I have had for the Atlantic Community.

This Fall I will have been a member of the Atlantic Community for 17 years, all on Atlantic. Many of you know me as the Caretaker of Goodman's Rune Library. I take that responsibility very seriously and try to be respectful to his memory and ideals. Many wonderful people have helped me keep the promise that I made to him with their support & caring for 9 years now.

I have been involved in many Community Building activities over this time including helping build two Player Run Communities. The Kingdom of Dalriada was an active Island City in the old days where many events and occasions were enjoyed by citizens of the Realm. The City of the Blue Crane currently resides in Zento, Makuto and includes Goodman's Rune Library, Goodman's Atlantic Portal and the Grand Britannian Repertory, the largest Library of Player written books on any Shard amongst other fine and outstanding buildings & players who contribute to the Culture of our Great Shard.

I hold a very large Soulstone Repository for the returning citizens of Britannia in the Goodman Portal and Goodman's Rune Library has donated gold, support and time to many Player Run Events on the Shard.
I have been involved for many years with Citizens of the Realm who together work for the preservation of Atlantic's grand old buildings including Leiah's Rune Library, Serpent's Cross Tavern & The Mage Tower in Felucca. Goodman's Portal has many of these old sites attached for those who appreciate our past. I also am a great believer in promoting those establishments that stand the test of time like The Red & Purple Mini Mall or The BookStore as well as many new and upcoming buildings & establishments.

These connections are important to me because I believe that all playstyles have an important part in the story of our world. For several years off and on I had volunteered for Stratics and filled several roles. During my time as News Administrator I encouraged themed reporters to cover all aspects of the spectrum of playstyles. Feluccian, RolePlay, Decor, Rares, Merchant, all have important stories to tell.

I hope that more of you with different playstyles will join and participate in the Governors' elections & meetings because I believe that it is not just RolePlayers that can have fun with this government.
If you are a veteran of the Atlantic Shard or a new arrival, the Government of King Blackthorn is open to everyone and will be what we make it. The Governor's, whomever they be this time, will need your support and participation so please consider helping out and volunteering in your towns. You will meet many fine people that may become long time friends. You will help revive our cities & bring new life to our worlds.

During my first term as Governor of New Magincia, I had some challenges but thanks to the support of my friends & citizens, we worked hard together to bring some fun activity to the cities. During my term, I submitted municipal requests to His Royal Highness for the following:

1. Protection for the Citizens of New Haven from murderers, scammers and thieves.
2. A Stablemaster near the New Magincia Stalls.
3. To be able to hire the other missing Merchants since the wars. ie Mage shops etc.
4. A Dock for the North side of the Island
5. A Cultural Center/Meeting Place.

I will continue to lobby for these ideas and any other constructive ideas that the Citizens of New Magincia bring forward. During my terms, New Magincia survived the Blockade of the Privateers of Vesper and Commerce flourishes again and I kept the City Trade Deal active for my citizens.

I proudly served three terms as New Magincia Governor last year but stepped back to focus on Goodman's Rune Library. My successor Governor Nails Warstein promoted the Island as an important Center of Commerce and Trade and the Island prospered under a long continuation of good governance. Unfortunately someone pulled out a bag of dirty tricks last election and Governor Nails was robbed of another term to bring his vision to completion.

Thus began the decline of New Magincia whose Treasury and a large cache of Trade Goods have been embezzled and the profits not returned to the people of New Magincia but now line the pockets of the person or organization who stole the gold and goods. My predecessor Ma Nerva was removed from office by the King for failure to fulfill the duties expected of a Governor and I was asked to take her place until this election. I have launched an investigation into the theft and hope to present our findings to the King in the near future. I find myself the target of an Council Alliance who have threatened me should I not join them and I wonder what will happen should the Nominee Red Beard of BOOB who is of the Alliance that threatens me or the FAKE Nails Warstein or the former AWOL Governor Ma Nerva. I suspect something rotten wants control of New Magincia again. I have decided to run again for these reasons.

Under my short tenure, the Treasury of New Magincia has recovered and our industrious citizens work to refill the warehouses for the coming Trade Shows. We have had a successful Town Meeting and I hope you will join us for the Pet Show on December the 9th on Magincia Beach, Trammel.

Should I be reelected this term, I would welcome the ideas and participation of every citizen whether it be for New Magincia or for the betterment of the entire Realm. I will remain dedicated to the Community of Atlantic as I have for all these years whether I am elected or not because it is my home.

Thank you very much for your support.

Best Regards,

Goodman's Rune Library
The Society of the Blue Crane
Goodman's Atlantic Portal
Winterbreeze Library & Village
Leiah's Rune Library
Founding Governor of New Magincia

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Re: I, Andrasta, humbly ask for your Vote in New Magincia..

Postby JC the Builder » Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:51 pm

I would vote for you. Although I don't know how.

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