BCS 2nd Annual Pet Show - Rescheduled to Dec 9

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BCS 2nd Annual Pet Show - Rescheduled to Dec 9

Postby Andrasta » Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:25 pm

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This event has been rescheduled to December 9th Same Place Same Time. (OOC - The Animal Rescue that I support is losing their home Dec 4th so I must be on call to help move 100 cats in -20 weather this week. My apologies for the reschedule.)

The Blue Crane Society will hold its Second Annual Pet Show in at the New Magincia Beach, Goodman's Library Branch at 8:00 pm EST Tuesday, December 9th. Please come 10 minutes early to register yourself and your pet.

The Pet Show will be comprised of three events which will score individually and be added up at the end of the show for the Best in Show Prize.

1. First Scoring opportunity will be the New Magincia Parade around the streets of New Magincia. Judges will be looking for various control and general obedience of you & your pet. How you walk together, your form etc.

2. Second Event will be the Pet/Owner Look-A-Like portion of the Show. Pet owners are encouraged to dress creatively to be as similar as possible to their pets. Bringing a Magical pet like the Imprisoned Dog isn't going to be considered very creative.

3. Third and Final Scoring opportunities will be the Stupid Pet Tricks portion of the evening. Show off your Pet's Special Talents and amaze the Judges & Spectators. Location New Magincia Beach.

Top 3 Pets & Owners will be awarded Best in Show, 1st, 2nd Places.

Summoned Pets will not be considered a viable entry.

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