New Magincia Meeting Text

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New Magincia Meeting Text

Postby Andrasta » Sun Nov 02, 2014 8:21 pm

You see: Hendall [FwV]
You see: Andrasta [GRL.]
<21582264>Hendall: new mag town meeting if anyone is interested
Andrasta: testing one two three
You see: marble column
You see: Andrasta [GRL.]
You see: Hendall [FwV]
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
Andrasta: *smiles*
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Andrasta: welcome
Tatiana Thorn: good to see you as always
Andrasta: thank you for coming
Andrasta: well its meeting time
Andrasta: so i'll just practise my oratory on you two
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
Tatiana Thorn: oh others are likely on the way
Andrasta: i'll be brief
Tatiana Thorn: just may be running a bit late
Andrasta: Welcome to the New Magincia Governor's meeting
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Andrasta: as some of you already know I was appointed at the last meeting
Andrasta: to replace the AWOL Governor Ma Nerva
You see: Cauchemar [BLAK]
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Erebus [BooB]
Andrasta: *smiles*
Cauchemar: *Bow's Deeply Sweeps Hat* M' Lady
Andrasta: Welcome
Andrasta: thank you for coming
Erebus: Hello...
Tatiana Thorn: there
Andrasta: please come in
Cauchemar: Ahhh me Gov Na
Quacklebush: good evening
Tatiana Thorn: good evening
Andrasta: I was just telling everyone that there is about 30 days until the next cycle of elections
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
Andrasta: so my term maybe short
Andrasta: but I hope to make a small impact
Tatiana Thorn: i wonder if they will reconsider the half year election
Tatiana Thorn: after all the MIAs
Andrasta: perhaps
Tatiana Thorn: of the last one
Andrasta: i always thought 4 months was a good number
Andrasta: 6 is very long
Tatiana Thorn: aye
Andrasta: My administrators from The Blue Crane City
Andrasta: have come with me to New Magincia to see about how things are after 5 months
Andrasta: of mostly absentee administration
Andrasta: they have uncovered some nefarious dealings
Andrasta: seems the wealth of the island has been slowly draining away
Andrasta: to line someone's pocketbook
You see: Nyx [BooB]
Andrasta: and not been returned to the people of New Magincia
Andrasta: This is a serious situation for our Island
Andrasta: there are also hints that the corruption was at the very highest levels of Government
Tatiana Thorn: oh my
Andrasta: they will scour out more proof before any warrants are issued
Andrasta: they do name the ex Governor Ma Nerva as a person of interest
Andrasta: during my short term
Andrasta: i will restore New Magincia's reputation
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles warmly*
Andrasta: and take up former Governor Nails Warstein's banner of promoting Commerce
Andrasta: for the City
Andrasta: We have craftsmen long dead in the wars that have not been replaced
Andrasta: and no promotion of our greatest assets
Andrasta: Also a bit of fun perhaps to break up the work
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
Andrasta: will be in the form of 2 events
Tatiana Thorn: it does make the work go easier
Andrasta: and lighter *smiles*
Quacklebush: speaking of comerse gunva we would like to offer your fine city an alliance
Andrasta: we would attempt the Pet Show here with a small Trade Fair
Andrasta: ah Governors
Andrasta: you honor me with your request
Quacklebush: strength in number do be the best way in these frightful times
Andrasta: however
Andrasta: i have not been Governor long enough
Andrasta: to discern where our loyalties lie
Quacklebush: *steps forward*
Erebus: hmm
Andrasta: with much respect i must decline your offer
Quacklebush: vesper and magincia has had problems before
Andrasta: yes they have
Quacklebush: i would advise you to except the alliance
Tatiana Thorn: umm
Tatiana Thorn: mr quackie?
Andrasta: as it was last time
Erebus: Minoc supports Vesper
Andrasta: New Magincia will not be pushed into waters she does not wish to tread
Quacklebush: we will no longer recognize ur terrif and will impose one our selfs
Tatiana Thorn: *looks worried*
Quacklebush: if u do not join us
Andrasta: you have no right to invade or threaten Quacklebush
Andrasta: New Magincia is a territory of the King's
Andrasta: not yours
Tatiana Thorn: oh oh
Andrasta: or your "friends"
Quacklebush: we operate within the kingdom
Erebus: Choose your words wisely
Andrasta: you are also a person of interest in our investigation
Quacklebush: we do not opose our king
Quacklebush: but u do pose us if ye do not join us
Andrasta: some one is helping themselves to the wealth of New Magincia without permission
Andrasta: i sincerely hope no Governor would sully their reputation thus
Tatiana Thorn: *watches anxiously*
Andrasta: please sit so we may continue
Andrasta: New Magincia will not join your Alliance
Quacklebush: we will give u 24hours to change ur mind guvna
Andrasta: we are no more afraid of you than last time
Quacklebush: i hope ye do reconsider
Andrasta: and this time you do not have the Fearless Lady Khaleesi at your side
Andrasta: please sit Governor Erebus
Erebus: The lack of togetherness in britannia sickens me
Erebus: I will not sit
Quacklebush: *shakes head*
Andrasta: suit yourself
Andrasta: stand
Andrasta: enjoy the rest of the meeting
Tatiana Thorn: *frets*
Erebus: I can't hear anymore of this dribble
Erebus: Quacklebush
Quacklebush: aye vi heard enuf of this as well
Andrasta: as I was saying
Erebus: Aye
Quacklebush: saddens me
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs*
Andrasta: in our short term
Andrasta: we will work for the benefit of New Magincia citizens
Andrasta: and not for Greed
Andrasta: nor Dishonesty
Andrasta: and add Power to that list
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Andrasta: i suppose i will need a home guard now
Cauchemar: I will temper my opinion He is my sworn Gov'na.... I will listen my Lady Andrasta
Cauchemar: *Bow's Deeply Sweeps Hat* M' Lady
Andrasta: i appreciate your honesty
Andrasta: i have a short time
Andrasta: and must focus on the important things
Tatiana Thorn: drawing good honest folk to the town
Andrasta: yes exactly
Andrasta: are there any suggestions for the 2nd event?
Tatiana Thorn: i have been holding tavern nights
Tatiana Thorn: at assorted towns
Tatiana Thorn: this monday will be yew
Cauchemar: no but i will support Thee and this city
Tatiana Thorn: near the abbey
Tatiana Thorn: so perhaps the following monday
Tatiana Thorn: we can hold one here?
Andrasta: we would be pleased to be included
Andrasta: *smiles at Cauchemar*
Andrasta: certainly that will give me time to prepare
Andrasta: we have the stuffy tavern at the dock
Andrasta: or we could do it here
Tatiana Thorn: i was thinking
Tatiana Thorn: out here
Andrasta: i love open air things
Andrasta: that sounds nice
Tatiana Thorn: i want in the open
Andrasta: i will promote it
Tatiana Thorn: where folks will see us
Tatiana Thorn: hard to attract folks
Andrasta: its much nicer
Tatiana Thorn: if they cant find you
Andrasta: we badly need a meeting area
Andrasta: i had asked for one during my first term
Andrasta: i will be asking again
Andrasta: i hope to focus on positive things
Andrasta: regardless of the politics of this term
Andrasta: i dont know whats been going on
Andrasta: so better just to stick to hard work and hope
Andrasta: does anyone wish to speak?
Cauchemar: I will Champion your actions in my city
Andrasta: i thank you
Andrasta: i will need a few kind words
Andrasta: there are many good people in Vesper
Cauchemar: aye
Andrasta: we spent many happy days there with Lady Khaleesi
Andrasta: so if there is nothing more
Andrasta: i will say that i appreciate your attendance this evening
Cauchemar: I thank thee for having me
Cauchemar: *Bow's Deeply Sweeps Hat* M' Lady
Andrasta: i look forward to working with the people of Britannia
Andrasta: *smiles*
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Cauchemar: "wiggles fingers"
Cauchemar: Kal Ort Por
Andrasta: *waves*

Tatiana Thorn: i will plan on a nice setting here
Tatiana Thorn: in a week then
Andrasta: yes
Tatiana Thorn: i always bring tables and chairs
Andrasta: 10th
Tatiana Thorn: tyes
Andrasta: i have lots of supplies
Andrasta: Hendall has inspired me to clean
Tatiana Thorn: *grins*
Andrasta: if you go in there
Andrasta: no one can see what your saying
Andrasta: its a great meeting place
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Andrasta: pretty but disfunctional
Tatiana Thorn: that is what i like about setting up outside
Tatiana Thorn: sometimes hard to work with existing settings
Andrasta: i like that too
Andrasta: im going to need some ships
Andrasta: first thing Quackle will do is surround me with boats
Tatiana Thorn: *laughs*
Andrasta: i'll need cheap boats cause i'll forget to rehire them *laughs*
Andrasta: i'll need some tavern night rules and tips
Andrasta: ive never had one
Andrasta: pub crawls yes
Andrasta: at the old OSD tavern
Andrasta: the Frosty Hook
Andrasta: but not the community one
Tatiana Thorn: well this is more of a chance to get random passerbys involved
Andrasta: ok
Tatiana Thorn: folks tend to wander over
Andrasta: i'll make up a missive and post it on every door
Tatiana Thorn: if they see a gathering
Tatiana Thorn: well let me get going
Tatiana Thorn: chores call my name
Andrasta: thanks for coming Lady Tatiana
Tatiana Thorn: *Curtsies*
Andrasta: i really appreciate it
Andrasta: *hugs*
Tatiana Thorn: *hugs*

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