Calling all Citizens & Home Owners of New Magincia!

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Calling all Citizens & Home Owners of New Magincia!

Postby Andrasta » Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:02 pm

New Magincia Town Hall Meeting will be held on New Magincia Beach at the Gazebo on Sunday, November 2nd, 7:00 pm EST

The purpose of this meeting is to hear your ideas and concerns and collaborate on those that you would like the Governor to bring to the attention of the King.

My office has been set up on the porch of Goodman’s Memorial Rune Library where citizens can communicate with a Bulletin Board, Mail Box & Ballot Boxes. Letters can also be sent to There is also the Official Governor's office next to New Maginica Bank & the Governor's Bulletin board but neither have any form of communication that people can send to me so please visit the Magincia Beach house to send concerns and questions.

Some Governors also monitor the Ingame Chat Channel “Governors” where any person of the realm can talk to them in character.

New Magincia will also form a City Council & fill the following positions depending on participation
1. City Councillors
2. Mayor
3. Sheriff
4. Trade Ambassador
5. Event Co-ordinator

All applicants must be at minimum, a citizen of New Magincia. High Loyalty is not required. Please post on the New Magincia Beach Bulletin Board before tomorrow's meeting if you wish to hold any of these positions.

Titles for Regular Citizens

Any citizen of New Magincia can contact me for a unique title as long as the guidelines for titles are met. I am particularly interested in giving titles to Player Establishments, Guilds, Townships and Stall Owners to promote their businesses. This includes Citizens with Establishments that are not on New Magincia soil.

During my short tenure I will be promoting the City of New Magincia as a whole and any interested Establishment owner including stall owners.

New Magincia has a wealth of unique establishments like The Mystical Ancient Ruined Temple of Zeus.

m2.png (988.71 KiB) Viewed 2644 times

We share our shores with the Republic of Magincia whose Town Stone rests on Magincia Beach.

m3.png (652.61 KiB) Viewed 2644 times

Our favorite pile of sticks and rocks, Ug Rankbreath’s Famous Orc Fort also inhabits our land.

m4.png (973.55 KiB) Viewed 2644 times

Our homes are some of the most beautifully decorated as found in any in the Realm. We have unique Market Stalls for merchants selling and buying commodities and our Markets provide magnificent animals of all sorts the Peoples of Britannia.

m5.png (655.47 KiB) Viewed 2644 times

Should you wish your establishment to be promoted please email me at the address above and we’ll collaborate in the coming weeks. In order to be considered your Establishment must be open to the Public and you must be a Citizen of New Magincia.

New Magincia as a city will hold a few public events during my term. My main agenda will be to promote the beauty and uniqueness of our Fair City while bringing back a sense of community to a land ravaged by Greed and Dishonesty.

The Citizens of New Magincia can rest assured that the ways of Virtue and honest hard work have returned to her shores. We welcome everyone to come be a part of the New Magincia Community!

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