Endless Journey Issues

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Endless Journey Issues

Postby raefer63 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:19 pm

I started playing UO when it first came out. Seems like a hundred years now but then quit playing until recently. I opted for the endless journey when I rebuilt my account. Maybe that's the issue right there. I bought a ship in Trinsic, a Medium Dragon ship, and tried to use it, I double clicked on the deed and it told me that I could use that in the Endless Journey, So, stupidly thinking that it was the type of ship that couldn't be used I went back and bought a small ship. Guess what same issue. Why if I can't use ships with Endless Journey, which is a game changer if I decide to stay after the 6 months or not, would it allow me to purchase the ships and not tell me that I couldn't do that. It's tells me every other time that I can't do something. To get to some areas you really need to have a ship and that cuts into the story line. Anyone else having the same issue or know what is to be done?

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