My reason for quitting UO.

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My reason for quitting UO.

Postby Ginger » Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:12 am


Mesanna has done quite a few things that have not been kind to the game: Like pets using human powerscrolls and not changing the Halloween items that took a lot of time and patience to acquired, by begging (this effectively made the previous years' rewards worthless). ATM, I don't know if the Krampus recipe scrolls will be released to all players—I'm assuming Mesanna understands the difference between difficult to get decorative items (like the Halloween items) and recipes. If not, here's my opinion—the game should never be flooded with decorative items that are difficult to acquire; but every player should be able to obtain recipes.

I messed up my crafters, so I sent an email to Mesanna with a few ideas that will help me and those in my situation. I think the need to change the way recipes are learned and/or having the flexibility to exchange recipes between characters on the same account is on par with the need for skill/stat locks and soulstones.

Here is the email I sent Mesanna on Feb 12, 2019.

Right now, when a character learns a recipe, that recipe is only
available to that character. As the game changes, as people learn more
about the game, so do the needs of the people who play the game.

People learn the game by trial and error; no one hits the bullseye and
makes the perfect crafter at their first attempt. I cannot revise my
crafters, because I no longer have the time to start from scratch and
learn all the recipes again; it took me several years of preparation
and work to obtain the truly rare recipes.

Please give us a way to exchange recipes between characters of the
same account, like a recipe exchange stone; or revise the way recipes
are learned—from per character to per account (like gold).

Thank You,


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