Beginner Guide (work in progress)

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Beginner Guide (work in progress)

Postby Christiannson » Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:06 pm

Hi there,

I recently came back to Ultima online, I used to play it around the year 2000 when it was very popular and you could hardly move anywhere without bumping into a player house. (There were player houses nearly everywhere, it was ridiculous.)

I like the game mechanics generally, it is very definitely a sandbox game which I liked even before sandbox games became stylish, and I thought I would start writing quick tips on how to play the game.

Kindly remember, I am effectively brand new at the game again, a significant amount has changed, however I am looking forward to playing this game again.

If you have any questions regarding how to play the game then ask. If I don't know, I am sure I could find it out. Remember, this is a new player guide. No high level player questions, also high level players are welcome to answer questions that players may ask.

Bear in mind, this is a very very basic guide as I'm discovering again how to play the game. So expect to see posts on how to walk, use the interface, etc.

How to walk around:
With your mouse, hold down the right click mouse button and drag it around your character in the direction you want to go. Keep the right mouse button held down and drag the mouse cursor. The further away your mouse cursor is from your character, the faster you will move.

When I'm walking, its like lag happens and my character moves back a bit and then forward:
Okay with walking in the game, a few things I've found.

a) you often cant move through mobs, so mobs can block your walking. Sometimes and I think its strength based, you can shove them out of the way, however often if you cant move in a particular direction, check a tree or mob isn't blocking your intended path.

b) On your portrait, (you have a small portrait of yourself and a much larger portrait which is called a paperdoll), so we are looking at the character portrait, a small picture showing your face) there are three bars next to it, these three bars are above each other and have different colors, red, blue and yellow.

The yellow bar represents your fatigue and if you are fighting a mob, if it goes down to zero, you wont be able to move, (such as if you are losing the fight) unless the yellow bars gains a point on it. When this yellow bar is at zero and we try to walk, it will look like lag is occurring and the character wont seem to move. Its not lag, its simply fatigue is at zero, which means the player cannot move. Wait a little, or keeping right clicking to move yet be aware of this.

How to activate war/peace mode:
Basically the player fights in war mode. When in war mode, if the mob is aggressive, we will start fighting it if it gets within striking range. If we want to initiate fighting the mob, then we can double left click it and walk towards it.

An easy way to set this war/peace toggle button to our hotbar is to click along the menu bar that appears along the bottom of the screen when playing the game, the item on that bar which says actions. Then when the actions menu appears, click right arrow until we get to menu items. Scroll down that until you find the war/peace button and left click hold down and drag that button to your F1 hotbar square. Now we can easily keypress F1 to activate war/peace mode without having to move cursor over the button on the bottom menu bar and clicking it.

How to use bandages:
Bandages in the game are very useful, so lets learn how to use them. And yes, we can use them while in battle.

Lets start by learning how to use them.

Open your backpack. This can be done by double left clicking your portrait. (small face of you with those three colored bars next to them.) Doing this will bring up a much larger portrait, which is called your paperdoll. On the lower right, near the feet of the character, there is a backpack symbol. Double left click on the backpack symbol to open your backpack.

In the backpack, you will see the bandages, mouse over them and it will say bandages.

To use a bandage, you double left click on the bandages and it will ask who do you want to heal? Then you left click once on your small portrait. It will start applying the bandages and depending on your skill will heal some hp on your character.

How to put bandages on the hotbar:
The hotbar is the bar that has F1 to F12 on it. We have already added the war/peace symbol to F1 to make it a keypress to move in and out of that mode for easy use.

Now we are going to add the bandages to another hotbar key, lets put the bandages in F10 slot on the hotbar. With the backpack open, left click hold down and drag the bandages into the F10 slot on the hotbar.

Now when we press F10 on the keyboard it will ask us who do we want to apply the bandages to. We can select ourselves or friends in our party, or our pets.

I personally like key shortcuts when doing common routines in the game, makes it much easier to play the game and still keep mouse cursor for targeting etc.

(This method can also be used to put any useable item from our backpack onto the hotbar.)

How to put self heal on the hotbar:
Even better than putting the bandages on the hotbar which is fine for healing others in our party or pets, is a hotkey button specifically for self bandage/healing.

So lets do that. Mouse to the bottom menu bar and click actions. This will bring up the actions menu. Click right arrow to items/ abilities and click and drag the button called bandage self into the hotbar menu. Lets put it in F9 hotbar key. Now whenever we press F9 it will automatically apply bandages to ourself without us having to self target. Wonderful eh?

How to make bandages:
I find bandages are quite useful and a yt video I was watching the player was using them very frequently. So we are going to look at making bandages, so we have a steady supply of them to use on us and our friends in party.

Basically we make them like this.
Skinning knife, skin a sheep, this gives wool

Take wool to tailor shop in town, double left click wool, select spinning wheel. This will put balls of yarn in backpack.

Double left click balls of yarn and select loom. Now a message will appear, which may seem enigmatic, however it basically means double left click more balls of yarn in our backpack, select loom until it places a bolt of cloth in our backpack.

Double left click the scissors in our backpack and then select bolts of cloth. (be careful, it will cut up all the bolts of cloth we have if they are in the selected stack). This will them give us cut cloth.

Now double left click the scissors again and select the cut cloth. This will then give us bandages. Viola, we now know how to make bandages for those healing situations.

(items required for making bandages, can be purchased from vendor npcs: scissors from tailor, skinning knife)

One of the hardest things I have found in coming back to this game is finding out this stuff I just mentioned.

I currently play on mugen shard if anyone is interested in partying as group and my character name is my forum name. I really like the game mechanics as I said so I will likely be playing here a while.

See you online.

God bless.

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Beginner Guide (work in progress) part 2

Postby Christiannson » Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:56 am

Dear friends,

Welcome back. I recently came back to ultima online after quite some time. I mentioned previously about player houses being almost in every free space on the map at the time and it seriously was that, there were so many houses I could hardly move around. Either that or trees, usually blocked a players path.

Well I started again just yesterday playing ultime online again and I am enjoying the game. This is the game that practically defined the genre known as sandbox. It is as far as Im concerned the original graphical sandbox game. It was also one of the very first large scale multi user graphical games at the time. Before that were textbased multi user games, but hardly anything with graphics. So ultima online could basically be also a game which defined graphics based mmorpgs.

I personally love tile based, sandbox mmos with lots of variety in gameplay so its no wonder I am liking this game once again. (I want to ask you, how many graphical tilebased, action combat (not turn-based), sandbox mmos have you played lately?) Likely not many as they are very few and scarce on the market at the moment.

Today, we will be looking at a few additional basics of playing the game.

How to use the minimap:
The minimap (termed map hereafter) appears in the right top corner of our game screen.

Here is basically how it works as I found it quite useful and it definitely has had a few enhancements since I used to play it a number of years ago. (enhancements for the better)

After having created our character, and clicked on the map in the top right corner, it may likely be zoomed out to maximum. This made it look confusing to me, so with your mouse cursor over the map, scroll the wheel on your mouse, (in between the left and right mouse buttons is sometimes a wheel, that's what my mouse has), rotating the wheel away from you.

Keep rotating that wheel until you are maxed zoomed in on the map. Congratulations, now all the jumble of symbols is recognisably less cluttered and you should see a green dot labelled You. This is where you are currently on the map.

If you cant see the green dot, left click the small square on the bottom left corner of the map, which says centre on player. Now we can definitely see ourself on the map.

When I first started playing the game, using the map was a big question. How do I use it? Looking a while on the internet brought very few results, so I assumed its too dumb a question for people to post on how to use. (basically its apparently assumed knowledge)

Well I worked out how to use the map a bit and here it is:

How to zoom in on map:
Rotate mouse wheel away from you.

How to zoom out on map:
Rotate mouse wheel towards you. (be mindful, we have to have the mouse cursor over the map to perform any of these actions.)

How to centre the map on the player, so our player symbol is in the middle of the map:
Click little tick box on bottom left corner of map that says centre on player. It will show 'You' and a green dot where you are.

Alternate zoom map keys:
If you don't have a wheel on your mouse between the left and right button, on the map it has a plus and minus symbol to zoom out and in.

I personally found the map nice to use at nearly zoomed completely in most of the time. In cities, quest givers will have a yellow exclamation mark appear on the map where they are located and when we are in a city, vendor shops like armour shop, weapons shop have symbols on the map as well. Both of these help us move around in the game more easily. I can zoom out on the map, find the general ingame destination, and then zoom in again to where I am positioned to help me look out for landmarks, roads, etc as I'm travelling there.

How do I quickly put items lying on the ground into my backpack:
This I began wondering how to do within around 10 minutes of playing the game. At the time, it was basically open backpack, click and drag item on ground into backpack, which is tedious.

Basically we can set up a hotbar key for this, which is what I did. Click on actions, select other, drag the drop into container into the hotbar, lets put it in slot F4. Now the first time we press F4, it will ask us for the container to place the item into. We can select the backpack button on our paperdoll, the game will accept this.

Now when we see a reagent on the ground, we can start to click and drag the reagent and while the item is attached to the mouse cursor, press F4 and the item will automatically go into our backpack. (This saves us having to drag the item all the way into our backpack manually. Its not as automated as I would like, I would prefer a double left click on an item on the ground and it would automatically go into our backpack, however this is fine for now.)

How to skin a sheep:
With a skinning knife, and in peace mode, double left click a sheep which has wool on it. An amount of wool will then be deposited into our backpack.

(this is for those people who are trying to make bandages as from the last post)

How to toggle foliage:
Whether you want this on your hotbar or to the right of it, where they are no function keys, (its handy to have here as we wont use it that often), if you click on the bottom menu bar, click actions, under one of the menus, there will be a button called toggle foliage.

Click and drag this button onto the hotbar to the right of the function keys hotkeys. As we wont be using it that often, I prefer to place this action here. If its combat related, or has to be used quickly, I would be placing the action button onto the function key hotbar area.

Now when we click the button toggle foliage, the trees don't show foliage as the action name suggests and I find it much easier when travelling and selecting items to have the foliage turned off. (at least until I have played the game more and are used to playing it.)

How to place skinning knife on hotbar
Its similar to how to put bandages onto the hotbar. Open our backpack, click and drag the skinning knife into the function key hotbar area, lets put it on slot F6.

Now when we want to skin a corpse, we simply press F6 and select the corpse to skin. This is much easier than having to manually double left click the skinning knife and then the target corpse.

I placed the skinning knife on my function key hotbar to make it easy to skin corpses without having to change weapons.

How to quickly loot corpses:
When we double left click the corpse, the lootbox will open for the dead monster. There is a bag symbol on the left near the top of the loot box, below the skull. If we click that, then all the items will gradually be placed into our backpack automatically. (saves us having to manually click and drag each item into our backpack)

How to chop wood:
Another resource which can be harvested in this sandbox mmo known as ultima online is wood. Go to a vendor npc in town, buy an axe, wield the axe and then we will be able to chop down trees and harvest logs of wood.

Even with the axe in our hand and wielded (on our paperdoll), we still have to double left click the axe and then select a tree. For ease of use, I clicked and dragged the axe in my backpack to the F2 hotbar slot. Then we simply press F2 and select the tree to chop. If we get a few fail messages initially, keep trying, as its skill based and if successful, we will get logs of wood in our backpack.

Our character wont move around, gives message that says we are too heavy:
On the paperdoll, at the top right, there is a button that says character sheet upon mouseover. Left click that and it will show us our character sheet. Look for the weight statistic and if it says our carrying weight is larger than our maximum weight to walk, yes, we wont be able to walk until we are carrying less. example, 300/211 means we are carrying 300 stones of weight, yet our character can only move with a maximum of 211 stone of weight. If this is the case, ie 300/211 in the character sheet, our character will be unable to move.

Once we place a few items on the ground or give to our friends in party to lessen our weight, then when the first number is less than the second, then we will be able to move again.

(this may happen if we cut a lot of trees and get many logs in our backpack.)

How to remove our paperdoll from the game screen
It may sound simple, however with any paperdoll, right click on the border or near the border of the paperdoll will remove the paperdoll from the screen.

If we want it back, we simply double left click our portrait icon and the paperdoll will appear again.

How to talk with an npc:
One left click on the npc and making sure to be fairly close to them, if they are a vendor, they will have a buy/sell buttons, or if a quest giver will have a talk button.

At the moment I seem to find that vendor npcs don't buy anything from players. Im not sure if this is working as intended, however I saw a forum post somewhere which said this, so it may be true. I personally think that's fine, as the economy on any shard should be player driven and governed, its simply curious they have a sell button but don't seem to buy anything. Oh well, nevermind. (maybe in future, the devs could remove the npc sell button)

How to tame animals:
I found an easy way to level up animal taming was to left click the bottom menu bar, clicking the item skills, to bring up the skillbook. Then select wild tab, then click and drag animal taming skill into a function key hotbar, I put mine in F5 slot. (if I have mentioned in a previous post to use the slot F5 or any other slot, simply select a function key slot that you prefer.)

Then I could press F5 and it would ask which animal do you want to tame. You can then left click the animal and it will start to tame it.

A few points of note regarding leveling animal taming.
a) you can follow the animal around while the taming function is activated and trying to tame the creature. It doesn't stop you taming if you move to follow the animal so it doesn't get out of range from you.

b) the taming will stop if the animal moves too far away. So press F5 select the animal and follow it around until the taming completes.

c) at the start, we will likely have very little skill, unless we chose a character start option that gave an amount of skill already in animal taming. Once the animal taming skill is bound to a function key shortcut (hotbar), I left clicked once on the animal to bring up its portrait symbol, then would press F5 and left click the portrait to start taming.

Doing this is much easier then pressing F5 and manually selecting the animal each time, without misselecting trees, rocks or other selectable items on the screen.

d) we don't need a taming stick to tame animals. Hmm, now where did that come from? :)

Usually when beginning taming, start taming cats, dogs, chickens, then move up to pigs and cows. If the skill level to tame is far to higher than our current animal skill, it will say there is no possibility of us taming that animal. Once we have levelled up our animal taming skill, then we can try that animal again.

I found having the animal portrait on the screen much easier to tame, if the taming failed, I would straight away press F5, click the animal portrait and start the taming over again. Then rinse and repeat until my skill was high enough to tame the animal.

Or if I had no possibility of taming the animal message, I would find an easier animal to tame and level up the skill.

I have tamed an animal, why isn't it following me?
Once we have tamed an animal, a menu bar for that animal appears on the top left of the screen. We can use that and click to access pet commands, or we can single left click the tamed animal to bring up its portrait.

Once tamed, the animal will have some commands under its portrait. Click the animal portrait, Click follow, then select our portrait and the animal will start following us. If we don't do this the animal will just sit here or move around a little, however one thing is sure, it wont be following us.

(in these posts, if click is mentioned by itself, you can assume its a left mouse click)

How to attack a mob:
Press F1 if you have the war/peace mode button on your function key shortcut area, then double left click the monster and move towards it. Make sure you have a weapon equipped in your hand/s and watch the red health bar on your portrait. If it starts going down faster than the monster portrait health bar is going down, then the monster is too difficult for us at the moment and we can start to move away from the monster.

Some monsters move quickly, so be prepared to move quickly as well if needed. Also remember if it looks like we aren't moving, it may be our fatigue bar (yellow bar on our portrait is at zero), shows us as fatigued. I simply kept right clicking to move, so as soon as I gained a point on the yellow bar, I moved a space or two.

How many pets can we have?
Even though it says on my screen pets 0/5, meaning I could have five pets, there is a stat called control slots, which affects this. More powerful pets take up more control slots, so on my character currently, I could have 5 animals which only take up 1 control slot, or a more powerful animal/tameable pet which takes up more control slots.

Can we stable pets?
Yes we can, I saw a stable in Britain and the current pet slots I was allowed was 10 slots. So potentially 10 animals could be stabled.

That's likely it for now, we have looked at a few basics of playing the game, such as concerning combat, taming, resource gathering, moving, and this should be enough to do basic actions and perform tasks in-game. (I tried once earlier to again start playing this game, yet the initial learning curve of how to do basics was too steep for me at that time vs time to spend playing.) I'm now trying again and it seems to be fine this time around. (This is partly a reason why I am posting here, on topics that some may regard as assumed knowledge.)

I currently play on mugen shard and my character name is my forum name. I usually play +10 UTC and am interested in looking for groups. (collecting resources, getting weapons/armour, guild, parties and house building.)

See you online.

God bless.

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Re: Beginner Guide (work in progress)

Postby Christiannson » Sat Jan 17, 2015 6:53 pm

Welcome all,

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been playing ultima online fairly regularly and I know more than I did previously about the game to the point where I now understand some of the basics of playing. Two weeks ago I was trying to understand the user interface and jump over that gameplay hurdle, for me that was difficult enough, yet I have moved through that canyon and learned how to basically move in the game and started to develop my character.

I’m currently playing on oceanic server, having moved away from mugen for the moment. There are a few reasons why I server moved, yet while there was a helpful person on that server, I found the restrictions like one character only and recall spell doesn’t work, along with other restrictions made the game too difficult to be enjoyable at my current player level. Maybe later, however oceanic for now and near future.


The oceanic server has an active player community with a very active Events manager (EM), just in case you were also wondering what EM meant. (I was reading post after post on forums, or forums would show EM this, EM that, I’m thinking what’s an EM? I know GM and assistant GM or something similar, however that was pre trammel days and its changed/refined a little these days.)

If you are starting to play ultima online again, then I would suggest oceanic server due to an active player community and active EM which brings the players together through events, etc. I have since found out that pvp is allowed on each non-siege and non-mugen server anyway, (through the feluccia facet(map), so pvp can flourish on each server if players travel through that map, build houses there, do guild runs there, etc). Some of the higher level rewards are found in the feluccia map as well. (risk vs reward). Having seen pre-trammel, I know why the devs added trammel, (there were too many pvp players trying to stop players enter towns and gms were allegedly creating supercharacters and walking in groups to break the player blockades) so I think trammel/feluccia maps was a reasonably compromise that was made. (the trammel/feluccia map concept is like Adventures of Zelda with the mirror world, that sort of style). Same maps within the same server, with a different pvp ruleset.

Over my last 2 posts I was talking about the user interface and both explaining and trying to work out for myself how to move in the game and do basic activities. If you have never played ultima online before, and have no idea of how to use the game interface, it can be daunting. Yet if you persevere, it becomes okay after a while.

Having played for two weeks now, I wanted to give a basic new player guide, just to get you started if you are wanting to return to playing ultima online. As before, any questions concerning the game, ask and I will find an answer for it, (usually searching forums, asking ingame).

Once you have created your new character to play on a server, (if you want too, oceanic,) then when you log into the game, place your cursor over the map and roll with your mouse wheel in order to zoom in and out the map view. Getting used to this is helpful in playing the game, we can zoom out fairly far and usually see the nearest moongate which I’m often interested in for travelling, or zoom in to see shop symbols if in a town.


New haven, new player starting town

New characters start at new haven, which is newer than old haven not surprisingly and old haven has been in ultima online for quite some time. New haven is where if you do quests relating to whatever skill you want to advance, assuming they have quests available for it, you get as a reward a fairly decent item related to that skill as well as 50% in the skill you completed the quest for. (I did the archery quest, received a blessed heartseeker bow and 50% skill (50% total, not 50% increase.)


Heartseeker bow, reward for archery quest

As soon as I created my character, I looked for the nearest moongate,


New haven moongate

(If your map doesn’t show it, mouse hover over the bottom toolbar (using enhanced client) and one of the buttons will say map. Left click that and the map will appear. Move it to upper right corner of your game screen) and travelled to Britain, which is where the majority of players used to gather. Back in pre trammel days (this meaning the feluccia map was the main or only game map along with its little to no rules), there was lots of players gathered around west Britain bank. It was the place to be in game, so I thought I would travel there as it was familiar to me.


Map showing Britain moongate

Once you have walked through the moongate to Britain, zoom out on the map again and you should be south west of Britain. Travel to Britain and I would suggest this, buy an axe from the blacksmith shop. Also buy a viking sword from the shop as well. Don’t forget a skinning knife to round out your equipment list.

(Visit the bank before choosing any of the below three options and deposit some of the starter gold in your bank chest in case you lose all your items and gold. If you happen to lose all your gold and items, wrestle sewer rats a little to obtain just enough gold to start over with weapons, etc.)

Now, I have two suggestions on how to make initial money and both are fairly easy.

One suggestion is to go into Britain sewers, on the map you will see a symbol that looks like a house symbol with a sloping roof on it. If you can’t see that on the map, de-click the centre on player tick box on the map and click/drag the map around Britain until you can see the symbol. If the map is too far zoomed out you won’t be able to see the Britain shop symbols on the map, so zoom in until you can see those. Then look for the Britain sewers symbol. When you mouse over the house symbol on the map it will also say Britain sewers.


Map showing Britain sewers

Once down there, having gone down the nearby ladders, you can farm sewer rats. They spawn quickly and since you may currently be the only person down there, it’s a fairly steady source of gold. Equip the viking sword, if you have bound war/peace to F1 key as I have, press F1 and double left click the rats. When they are defeated, double left click their corpse and move the gold over to your backpack. (make sure you take bandages with you for healing yourself)


Britain sewers

A second suggestion is to go and with the axe equipped, go to the forest north of Britain and start chopping trees. As we do this our lumberjack skill will go up and soon it will be high enough that we can get a reasonable amount of logs. You could sell those logs at an npc vendor, maybe the bowyer vendor in Britain, or another vendor that will buy that item, yet keep chopping wood from trees, put into your backpack and sell the wood.

For me, the quickest gold gain rate is with the sewer rats. They spawn quickly, give a decent amount of gold each rat, and the alligators don’t, or shouldn’t chase you by jumping onto the pathway (most of the time they don’t, however I had 4 jump onto the pathway fairly close together and start chasing.)

So likely go with sewer rat hunting in Britain sewers. Chop wood for arrow shafts and hunt birds for arrow feathers in the forest north of Britain when tired of rat hunting. This is what I did to earn initial income in the game. I farmed rats for gold, gathered wood and feathers for arrow making, discovered archery as being a reasonable skill for new player (can kite enemies), along with gathering wool from sheep in order to make bandages.


Turkey hunting for feathers in forest north of Britain

As you are saving gold, you can look at buying a horse, pack horse (holds more weight but cannot ride it) and basic weapons/armor from the blacksmith shop. Any pet needs to be stabled, and there is only a limited number of slots, so choose your pet carefully. If you have the pet stabled after you finish playing each time, and feed the pet when you bring it out from the stables, it will bond to you after 7 days rl time, and won’t disappear if you or it are defeated.

That’s what I have been doing ingame for the last 2 weeks, also I’ve advanced up from sewer rat hunting in Britain sewers to roaming around the Britain forest looking for wood and feathers to advance my archery, whilst shooting monsters inhabiting the northern forest, such as ettin, trolls. I’m gradually moving further away from Britain as I’m roaming in the forest, yet I’m keeping Britain as my main town for now due to its familiarity pre trammel days.

I have done the travel trip back to new haven and completed the archery quest so you may want to travel there sometime when you are confident of the basics of the game.

The new haven area is generally designed as a newbie area and the skillgains we receive here are higher than elsewhere in ultima online, so if you want a quicker skillgain rate, up to around 50% I think it is, then visit new haven and train some there.

A few last things I’ve learnt during the last 2 weeks playing the game.

A quest npc won’t give me a quest, why not?

Check your war/peace indicator and make sure its set to peace.

I can’t get onto my horse, I’m double left clicking it but it won’t work

Check your war/peace indicator and make sure its set to peace.

What is a large beetle and where can I obtain one?

A large beetle is a pet like a pack horse, except you can ride it. Quite useful, they are in a solen hive area, can be tamed with less than 50% taming skill and are better than a horse or packhorse I found. Basically a rideable walking backpack.


Large beetle mount

How do I create arrows?

Walk into a bowyer shop in Britain or the town you are currently in, buy fletchers tools, chop some wood and skin some birds, such as turkeys for their feathers. (the forest north of Britain is fairly safe and turkeys and other birds are reasonably easily found. Then with these three ingredients you can make arrows by double left clicking the fletchers tools and working through the menu options.

How do I know when I have run out of arrows? (such as when fighting monsters)

If you open your backpack and click drag the arrows symbol representing the arrows in your backpack to a spare space on your hotbar, the arrow symbol will show on the hotbar as well as a number indicating how many arrows you have left to shoot. I found this the easiest way to check, however there doesn’t seem to be any message given like ‘No arrows to shoot’ everytime you try to shoot and no arrows are present (this occurs often in later mmo games), so pay attention to your hotbar arrow icon.


Part of my hotbar, the rightmost icon is the arrow count.

What I like about ultima online

One of the aspects of ultima online that I really like is the depth of gameplay mechanics. These mechanics are quite deeper than a number of mmos developed in later years, some mmos seem to dumb down the mechanics a bit, some can be for better, yet some seem to be for worse.

I personally like mmos that have a huge amount of options/damage types/weapons/armor/items/ things to do ingame and this is why I like ultima online after so many years. (I would like at least twelve damage types though,  however maybe in a later patch. Overall gameplay in uo is still nice.)

That’s it for now, welcome back to ultima online and hope to see you on oceanic server.

My character name is the same as my forum name.

God bless.

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