Minoc Crafter Union (Atlantic)

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Minoc Crafter Union (Atlantic)

Postby Yosef1 » Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:21 am

Minoc is the craftsman capital of the world. Because of the incredible abundance of natural resources, they are very cheap, and a tradesman with even the most competent of abilities can improve his trade, perhaps only devoting half his time to menial labor to pay for his supper.

The Engineers of Minoc differ from those of Trinsic in that they specialize in mechanics and smaller work. Clockwork and machinery to perform common household tasks are very popular. Arms and weapons are also made, the steel made in Minoc is renowned for its high carbon content, making it stronger than other blades.

The idea of this Union is to bring back Minoc’s reputation to its formal glory. There by hosting craftsman themed events, such as mining computations, design, Trade Shows and Festivals. Such events will be open to anyone across the realm. The union would be the more core part of the events, festivities and role play within the city. To be part of this Union you don’t need to join any guild just a citizen of Minoc.

Knowing that this is a busy time for everyone, the union won’t have their first meeting till after the kings meeting (December 29, 2013). Right now it’s just a role call to see who would be interested in the Minoc Crafter Union and building back Minocs reputation to its formal glory.

All the best,
Governor Of Minoc
Minoc Mines, Atlas Mining Company

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